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Regularly SCheduled Event. ATTENTION PrOlDoW. tnt•••ted In adv~I"., their event. ,. till. co..... Cantact: T_ CUI,l NatIOlUlI Advert...., Dlrectllr Crc" •••• (213) 427-7433 EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT NIGHT MOTOCROSS at Altamont Speedway, Livermore, Cal. Pits oP8II 6 p.m. - First race 7:30 p.m. Jr. '" Sr. Classes, Cash'" Trophies. For Info. call (415) 2'78-3154 or 447-772'7. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TTRA~, Ekmore~e~~ Gates oP8II 3 p.m., races start 7: 30 p.m., Off Hwy. 71 In Elstnore, Cal. AMA CLASS C INDOOR SHORT TRACK (Nov. 1 to Dec. 6). S¥ Jose FairgrOUDds, ElIPO Bldg. - Tully Road. $600 purse - TrIals 7 p.m ... Races 8:30 p.m. For Info. call CY 5-3050. list. 3r1l SUN. OF EVERY MO. Deec!TnaDs Point, Apple Valley, Cal. I- 1st Sun. European Scr.. 3 classes, 1 br. each - 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. - 3rd Sun., Motocrossall classes, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. Info: (714) 247-7473 (eves.). THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 21111 TT AND FLAT TRACK at TrojanSpeedway, South Gate, Cal. 50% ofpJeoffered as purse. Pre-entry before the 2'7th. Gates open at 4 p.m., first race at 6 p.m. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28111 MOTOCROSS Scrambles at Altamont Speedway, Cal. Tracy-Livermore on Hwy 50 at Junct. of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates oP8II at 6 p.m.. first race at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 2'76-9213 or 2769211. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29tII HARE AND HOUND by the San GUr1e1 Valley MoC. Barstow to Vegas run, awroz. 140 m1les, 50% new course. LImed off Vegas Frwy. 15 mi. north of Barstow at MInneola Rd. 9 a.m. Le Mans start, ". entry Includes Ambu1allc:e aDd Mojave Hospital fuDd. No mall entr1ell. SHORT TRACK Indoor on 1/10'mile aspbalt In ElIPO BulldfDc at the San Jose, Cal. FairgrouDds AMA Sanet. Flrstrace at 8:30 p.m. Adults $2.50. Info: 295-3050. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER ... I40T0CROSS. Los Angeles lntl. GP FIM Sanctioned Inter-Am event. Ventnra Frwy. north to Westlake off ramp. Internatlooal MX stars meet best A.meri- . C8II riders. 250 aDd 500 Jr.. 250 Sr. Sports aDd 500 lntl. classw. Info: (714) 460-4289 or 460-8751. ENDURO by the Slo-Poke M.C. at Lu- SAT. AND SUN., DECEMBER S• 1111 mostly dirt. Spark arrestors required. to: Slo-Pokes, 1107 Solano Ave.. Napp, Cal.94558.start1Dgnumbers asstcned according to postmark on entry• HARE SCRAMBLES by tile Greybounds M.C. at tile Ponderosa, Cal. 15 Mi. E.of Lancaster on Ave. J. 3 nine mile loops, all classes botll days, trophies to 50%. Contingency a~ds trom McHal 8Dd Bardahl, campinr. Info: (213) 367.2907. cerne, Cal. AMA SPDCt. 120 mi. course, $3 ~ entry OPEN PRACTICE, sport riding. HuntIngton Beach Cycle Par.k. 1/2 mi. W. of Beach on Talbert. $1.50 per rider.SPectator 50 cents. Info: 897-4458. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1111 HARE AND HOUND by the Lotios M.C. at Colton, Ore. Mar Portland. Sign-up at 8:30 a.m. Go at 10 a.m., $2 entrr. LImed from Colton. Info: (503) 252-5923. Forest. TT SCRAMBLES by Eastelde Cycle Inc. of Tucson, AriZ. on graded and oUed 3/8 mi. track w1t1l three jumps. Info: 327-6902. ENDURO by the Stump Jumpers MoC. of Euless, Tex. AMA Sanet. Info: (817) 283-6922. SCRAMBLES by the Greater 8eattle M.C. at the Jolly Roger M/C grounds, Kent, Wash. AMA Sanet. Info: 723-0964. TT SCRAMBLES at T1juPDP AntoDromo. AU classes, sign-up closes at 11:30, ftrst race at Nooo. Three m1les past Agua Caliente Track. HARE SCRAMBLES by the DrlflersM.C. 14 mt. north of Wblte Salmon, Wash. Matt to: P.O. Box 1033 WhIte Salmon, Wash. AMA Sanet. MOTOCROSS by the H1-Boot$ M.C. at Debesa Speedway, Cal. AMA Dtst. 38 Sanet. MOTOCROSS by the Vlsal1a Ramblers at Dunlap, Cal. Taylor's Dunlap M/C Center, Hwy 180 east from FreSllo, approx. 40 miles to C1I.npn Jet. Limed from the Jct. AMA Dlst. 35 PoInts. Pract. at 8 a.m. first race at 10:30 a.m. $4 post entry. $3 mall entry to: 718 E. Roosevelt St_ VlsalIa, Cal. 932'77. TRIALS by tile S.C.T.A. at Saddleb8ck Park, Cal. Sign-up at 8:30 a.m. Trlals at 10:30 a.m. Info: (213) 697-9441. SCRAMBLES by West Stde Eagle Knobys M.C., LaGrange, Cal. Lime from La Grange. Sign up 9:00 to 11:00, race at 1:00. AMA Sanet. Info: (209) 632-1173. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5111 MOTOCROSS at Altamont Speedway, Tracy-Ltvermore OIl Hwy 50 at Junction of 580. Jr~ aDd Sr. rider classes. !lifo: (415) 278-9213 or 276-9211. SATURDAY, DECEMBER sa SHORT mACK Indoor OIl 1/10 mile aspbalt In ElIPO BlIllcUnr at the San Jose, Cal. FatreroundS. AMA Sanet. First race at 8:30 p.m. Adulta $2.50. Info: 295-3050. . . . . . . ...... . . . . ... . . . . . .... . . .. . . . . . . . . ... CROSS COUNTRY by the TraIl RtdersClt Houston M.C. Houston, Tex. NatIonal ENDURO Last Cbance Enduro by the CalUornla Enduro Assn. Two 45 mi. loops, Start, lunch 8Dd nntsb at Red Mounta.lna, Cal. on Hwy. 395. AMA otst. 37 sanct. $5 mall entry (closes New. 22) to: CEA Inc., 105 Armijo St., MoorovIa, Cal. 91016. Add $1 for eacb team rider. PoSt entry $7. LIm1ted to 500 riders. First man out at 7:01 a.m. PACIFIC COAST CHAMPION TT by Aggie promoters. AMA sanct. at Ascot, 8:15 p.m. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by the Desert Cballengers M.C. Limed trom Hwy. 395 '" 66 In tile Pbelan area. 10 a.m. for 100cc, 11:15 for 125 &I 25OCc, 12:30 for Open class all comers. $3.50 entry fee. Trophies to 40% of entries. SCRAMBLES by the Texas Travelers M.C. of San Antonio, Tex. AMA Dlst. 19 Sanct. Info: 333-8598. SHORT TRACK by the Texas Travelers M.C. of San Antoolo, Tex. AMA Dlst.. 19 Sanet. Into: 333-8598. HARE SCRAMBLES by Cycllers M.C. OUdale, Cal. Dlst. 35 Sanct. . • SCRAMBLES ·by the SalInas Ramblers, SalInas, Cal. AMA Dlst. 35 Sanct. Sand» track. OPEN PRACTICE, sport r1dIng. HuntIncton Beacb Cycle Park. 1/2 mi. W. of Beacb on Talbert. $1.50 per rider. Spectators 50 cents. FRlDAY,DECEMBER1~ MOTOCROSS at Altamont SPeedway, Tracy-Livermore on Hwy. 50atJunctton of 580. Jr. aDd Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m.. first race at 8 p,m. Info: (415) 276-9213. SATURDAY,DECEMBER11l CHRISTMAS PARTY 8Dd new officers Inaugural ball by tile S.C.M.A. Info: 429-3557. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th TRIALS 'by Pactnc Intl. Trlals Soc1et;y at Cycle HUls near Uvas Dam, Morgan HIll, Cal. Matt entry to: PITS Reetstrar, p.O. Box 2272, Menlo Par~ Cal 94025. Info: (415) 992-3657. MOTOCROSS by the Feather RiVer M.C Road limed tin MarysvUle, Cal. AMA Sanct. SIgn-up and pract. 9 to 11 a.m. ~e at Noon. AU classes. 0 HARE sCRAMBLES State Cbampionshlp HARE SCRAMBLES Llmedfrom Bakersfte1d Speedway on N. Cbester, BakersfleJd, Cal. Ra1n or shine, refresbm8llts, lote of trophies, sanitary facll1t1es. Nooo start. Info: (805) 832-0506. INTER-AM MOTOCROSS San Diego international at Carlsbad, Cal.lnternatlonal class starts at Noon.. INTER-AM MOTOCROSS SalInas International at SalInas. Cal. Interna Hona J class starts at Noon. POKER RUN by Oxnard M.C. 6t1l AIIIIUlI1 "Toys For Tote" Benent. Sign In 8 to 9:30 at clubbouse, Eac1e's Lodge, 80-. SBvlers Rd., OXll8l'd, CalU. AU stze bUtes, DO freeway. Call (L.A. area)8fter 5 p.m. 860-2055, Oxnard area 485-2339. Donation $1 plus toy. CAL. STATE CHAMPIONSIDP TT at Ascot Park. Day race. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Nevada TraIlblazers M.C. of Reno, Nev. LImed from Interstate 80 at Hwy 395. Approz. 80 m1les, noon start. AMA SPDCt. p.O. Box 6075, Reno, Nev. 89503. MOTOCROSS by the Bay Mare Cycle Assn. at Bay Mare Rancb, Cal. AMA Dlst. 37 PoInt MX. 9: 30 a.m. start. $5 post entry, $3 mall entry to BCA, 13902 Ham11n St., Van NQYs, Cal. 91401. Class split If over 50 rtders. ENGLISH TRIALS at Dunlap, Cal. approx. 40 mi. east of Fresno. 3classes,10a.m. start, spark arresters required. $3 entry, plenty of trophies. Take Hwy 180 east trom Fresno to C1I.npn Jet. Limed from Jct. MOTOCROSS by C.M.A. at Salt Lake City, Utab. Sign In at 10 a.m., rac1Dg begins at noon. Info: 1097 Garnette Circle, Salt Lake City, Utab, 84116; (801) 355-0316. MOTOCROSS by the R1cbmondRamb1ers MoC. at Richmond, Cal. Write to: p.O. Box 484 StB. A, Richmond, Cal. AMA Dtst. 36 Sanet. MOTOCROSS at Daroga Par~ Wasb. 6 mlles north of Orondo, Wasb. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Nevada TraIlblazers M.C, at Reno, Nev. AMA Dlst. 21 Sanet. Info: 323-6075. SCRAMBLES by tile Blue Barons M.C. at Grabam, Wasb. AMA Dlst.. 22 Sanet. Info: 474-1594. . by the Pathnnders M.C. AMA Dlst. 35 SPDCt. Fresno, Cal. INTER-AM MOTOCROSS Saddleback Interna"onal at Orange Count;y, Cal. (SPddlebBck Park) InternaHllD!Il class starts at Noon. ROAD RUN by Honda LIm1ted. Kam1kaze Run: RaIn, Snow, wbatever. Into: Dick Scbandoney (213) 894-9218. SCRAMBLES by the Greater SeattleM.C. at the Jolly Roger M/C ground, Kent, Wasb. Info: 720-0964. AMA Sanet. HARE AND HOUND by-the Lobo8 Inc. M.C. at Oregon Clt;y, Ore. AMA Sanet. Info: 252-5923. TRIALS by the Blue BarOllB M.C. at Olympia, Wasb. AMA Dtst. 22 Sanet. Info: 474-1591. HARE AND HOUND by the 1mper1al Valley M.C. In the Yuba Desert area. WrllA to: Box 127, Impertal, Cal. AMA Dtst. 38 Sanct. DESERT M.OTOCROSS El Lobo Run by the Active 20-30 Club of Tucson #82. CorOI& Speedway Tucson, Ariz. at 10 a.m. SPectator ac!Tnlss. $2.50. Proceeds to bandlcapped chUdren of Tucson. TT SCRAMBLES by tbe Lost Angels M.C. at Bay Mare, Cal. AMA D1st. 37 SPDCt. Small bore 8 a.m. BIg bore 1p.m. Into: 768-1058. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1JtIl MOTOCROSS at Altamont Speedway, Tracy-Livermore on Hwy. 50atJunct1oo of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates oP8II at 6 p.m., first race at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 276-9213 or 276-9211. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21st MINI-BIKE FINALE at Sadd1ebackPar~ Cal. Races on spec1al mlnl-bike scrambles course. Info: (714) 639-5832. MOTOCROSS by K.C. Trallblazers at Paso Par~ CalU. 18 miles nortll CIt Bakersfteld on east side of Famoso Junct. Hwys. 99 and 46. Practice at 8:00 a.m., first race at 10:00 a.m. AMA Dlst. 35 points, all classes. Mall entry $2.00 to: 240 Ash, Shafter, CalU. 93263, closes Dec. 18th. $4.00 post entry. Info: (805) 746-4058. TV SCRAMBLES by Coachella Valley M.C. at Perris, CalU. AIdA Dlst. 37 PoInts. Small bikes 8:30 a.m .. big bikes 1IOOIl. Entry $2, admtsslon $1.25.

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