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CJ • H.,. Is Rick Woods 'IPI ..... you .... Id .Ipect to see hili: olll In "eMIt And back ther. Is $-.)' T _ . . . . be Is usually f_d: Illlb, wid. and fast. Rick Woods and tbe bike ,ace,'s drum: _ trophy and !be oth. arm fu II ton. .. wra'" __ d a tall bealltlflll Riel Woods Is Tops As Speedway Goes To The Half- ile By MlIce Capa11te Photos by Dennis Greene GARDENA, CAL. November 14 - WUh a night that was tIDed with Movte stars, WbeeUe Contests, Speedway RaclDg, MoYie crews, SI.decar Races, M1nI.btkes and even Sprint Cars, the tans who came to see the e%travaganza promoted by Sammy Tanner received a tull night's entertainment for tbe1r mooey. Although a number of the riders bad decUned to ride the loog track as they felt it too dangerollf: and thus just 0bserved from the safety of the grandstands, the turoout 01 formJdabl.e riders was more than sutttcieot. III addition to the regular Speedway entries, a number 01 the regular halt-mile riders decided to give it a go. in atteadance and ~ a good showtn& foe themselves were toP riders such as Dllvld Aldana, Tom Rockwood, Keith Mashburn and John Bateley. The HandIcap Heats were tlrst ont with ...,,-"''--AII~IIWr'' 1l'1ns going to Bruee Haserot, Rid< oods. Sammy Tanner and lUke Koale wbJch put them not oaly in the Ma1n Event but also in the Tropby DIlsb too. '!be Scra.IclI beats were the crowd pleasers as the action ~ed to be a llttle closer than in the Ranc11cap. Topping these beats were BtU Cody, Sammy Tanner, Rick Woods and Paul Conserrlere. With his arm still taped up from his accident at the Costa Mesa cmli, Rick Woods was rapidly sbowlnc blmself to be the man to beat as be took oter the lead in the trophy dash. Be was given a fe'll anxious moments by big lolike Koale 1l'IIo was pressing blm all the _y. Rick's pleasure was doubled s be not 0111,. received the tropby but it was presented by Miss LaDe Bradbury, the lovely movie star who, was at the track on l0cation with TV Star VInce Edwardsdolng a pUot tum tor ABC. In the BaDdicap .Main Event, Woods again put it 00 the troops, but Mike Konle was right there pushing blm all the way with Tanner, Haserot and Mulder not tar beblnd. In the ScraJcb MaIn. Woods made it apparent tbat lhls was going to be his night a1l the way as be took the lead. 'Ibis time it was Tanner who was pushing blm. As Rick came oat to receive his tr0Phy, it was preseniled by Miss Sue Burnett, (starrtDg in moYie 'Bell's Outcasts) and VInce· Edwards. '!be tans seemed to enjoy It all, the sidecars even put OIl a race on the haltmUe for the first time so the entertainment was varied and plentiful. It you wish to coogratulate Sam Tanner, you One of t1. __ to au. .' 1U1IJ q_stlCllls about tyPeS of ,xlnl bikes but mayb. It .111 pon as many new ones. will find blm at the tranqul1lzer counter 01 his favorite drug store. Woods I.d tbls .. aeb '.x. for a .ays on his Jawa Speed.ay bl. b.- TOlII Rock.ood cam. f,om behind on his BSA half-A1iler to .in it (Results on page 21) U) ... >== == -e U)

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