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SUIIDAY, AUGUST_ MOTOCROSS, AIoIASportsmanalHel1onaII1ll Raceway, Cal. Hwy. 94 30 Mi. East of San Diego. Spee1al1ntsrDatlonal rider exb1b1tion. Practice ats a.m. Races al 11. A Word To The Wive. TT SCRAMBLES By SUDDY Valley Speedway 14 Mi. N. or Grants Pass, Ore. Third Annual CbampionsbtP. 1 p.m. start. Into: (503) 476-4018. By Betty Van Kirk o TT SCRAMBLES at Adelanto, Cal. on Hwy. 395. All Classes, sign-UP closes at 10 a.m. Info: (213) 927-3860. THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th SHORT TRACK AloIA 3-Star at Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, Lancaster, Cal. 12 events for Exp, Am. and Nov. riders. First race 8:30p.m.Flreworksfollowing the races. Info: (203) 321-5323. FRIDAY, AUGUST 2!th TT RACES; $600.00 (min.) purse, AMA sanct. at Sidewinders track in Clackamas, Oregon. South of Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/Diane Seifert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdays. (Rainout date - Sun., Aug. 31st- 6 p.m.) SATURDAY, AUGUST 30tb INOOOR SPEEDWAY At L.A. Sports Arena. by Great Bear EnterPrises. Into: (213) 473-6717. Here are some points fOI riders' wives or girl friends-whether it be Sportsman event. or Professional races. First, when your rider is signing in, try to be as inconspicuous as possible, The promoter and official. have set rules at every track concerning whether the girls will be allowed in Ute pit area. At the majority of the track., they are not, but, arrangements have been . made for them. So, when the rider signs up, he will either a5Ic or be told of the SHORT TRACK by Sacramento Trackers M,C, at Sacramento NaU. Raceway, Cal. Practice and sign-ups at 6 p.m. first race at 8. SUNDAY. AUGUST 31st arrangements. There are a lot of girls who tend to get very angry if not allowed in the pits, and they voice their thoughts very loudly. This only tends to get your rider upset, and there are reasons why this rule is enforced. Secondly, when .itting in the stands, it'. not alway. in good taste to voice objections to things you think are wrong with the races. At the rider', meeting some things are covered which you wouldn't know about, and spectators around you try to pick up everything said, and then it is repeated over and over-and, not alway. correctly. This doe. not mean that you shouldn't root for your rider, for that is only natural and good. Finally, when entering the pi IS after races, don't immediately start voicing all the things you thought were wrong with them and how bad the treatment was he has gotten. If he has gotten bad treatment, he knows what procedure should be taken and it is "his" job to take it, not yours. . Racers wives or girl friends can be a very big asset to them, but, usually, not while the races are in progress. To <;;hange a p.hrase from a top perfonner: "Keep the racing faith, Baby." Don't Miss Giant Road Test Issue Tbe Monster Bikes: BSA 3, Hlnda 4, Kawasaki 3, 4 and TrilD1lph 3 Harley-DavidsoDs for 1910 6 Trai I Bikes Yamalla :md Honda 350' s Greeves Griffons Trillllph 2511 and, for the love of it, more. Jo••·Hatele,··Ascot Upstart Class A Speedway Sport stories are loaded wilh recount1ngS of lhe doting falher who started b1s youngster swing1ng a baseball bat as . PROFESSIONAL MOTORCROSS. AMA prof. license required. Proceeds to U.S. M.X. Team. At Ascot Park, Gardena, Calif. Practice 10 a.m .. 1st moto 1 p.m. Entries and license from Amer1can Motorcycle Assn.. Box 231, Wortb1ngton, Ohio 43085. SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st MOTOCROSS Second in CMC Anniversary Series. Sadd1ebaclt Park, Cal. Six race series alternating eacb week between Saddleback Park and Carlsbad. Greeves Griffon to series winner. Post entry $10. Mail entry $5 to p.O. Box 1334 Huntington Beach, Cal. Info: (714) 5393328. L.A. Sports Arena - Aug. 30;Sept. 6, Sept. 13 TT SCRAMBLES by T.T. M.C. Dist. 37 point nm. On Talbert Ave. 1/2 m.L W. of .Beach Blvd. Info: (714) 897-4458. SIMI VALLEY M.C. PRESENTS FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 5th TT RACES; CHAMPIONSHIP: $900.00 (min.) purse, AMA sanct. atS1dewinders track in Clackamas, Oregon. South of PortJand. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/DlaneSelfert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon City, Ore. 97045. 632-3857 alter 7 p.m. or 2347388 (weekdays). Rainout date - Sun., Sept. 7th - 6 p.m. Nigbttime TT Racing at Elsinore RaceTrack S~~ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th TRAILBlKE RACE, ZUNI 100. By the Professional Trail Racing Assn. at Znni, New Mexico. $25 Entry. Write to P.T. R.A., P.O. Box 18385 Wichita, Kansas 67218 for entry and license. Entrydeadline: Aw;ust 26th. AttfJitu 2SIf,d Gates Open••• 3 p.m. PraCllce... 5 p.m. Race Starts.. ,6 p.m. Alhission S1.00 - Entry $2.50 Children under 12 FREE SAT., SUN., SEPTEMBER 20-21st CAMPOUT by Golden Banner M.C., 4937 Marysville BlVd., Sacramento, Cal. 95838. Info: 9?2-6448. soon as he could stand UP. Such ls the story of Jolin Hate1ey, currently juSt about the hottest rider in lhe Ascot Park motorcycle wars and winDer of four of lhe Jastftve novice main events at lhe course. Jolin's father d1dn't exactly start b1s r1d1Dg a motorcycle as soon as he was able to walk, buttt wasn't too much later. Although he is only 18, lhe young Van NuYs rider ls a well-experienced teenager. He began ott-road racing at the tender age of 12 and showed plenty at talent right from the start. TIlen he graduated into speedway racing and also was an immediate hit there. So it is hardly a surprise to veteran Ascot observers tbat Hateley currently is "blowing off" many of the naltoo's finest Novice riders in his year on the pro American Motorcycle Association circuit. Hateley ls equally at home on the flattrack action at Ascot Friday or lhe oncea-month steeplechase wars the first· Saturday of each month at the 183rd and Vermont Avenue layout. He lsespec1ally smooth, well-coordinated, almost never gets into trouble, according to Rox;y Rockwood, one of the nation's foremost cycle racing experts. A sligbt, slender rider, Hateley took a while to get going this year because of a series of mechanical fallures. But since he's been able to mate lhe machinery's abilities to his own talents, the combination has been almost unbeatable. ..,•..."' "' "'' ' ' ' ... See'e. Ride a' SADDLfBA CK PARK' Rnlers M.C. & So. Cal. M.C. TROPHY PARTY Friday - 8:11 p.m. AUGUST lSt' Knllbts of Coli_bus Hall 14450 Valerio 51. Van Nu,s (corner of V. Nu,s ~Ivd.) For Desert Runs of June 1 & June 22 AUG. 10 - SCTA State English Trails Champ. AUG. 11 - ACA Motocross AUG. 24 - Mini Bikes & Go Karts, FREE BEER DANCE BAND SCTA Riding School ..*************************************.**,,. ,.,. :~~::~I ~~ ~ .. : : "" ~ o.,,\)- ~&JI' 'C.\ ~ .. .. '"\)V- : po .. .. .. ~ BIB ONl.:S ~ ~\\.J. C . .i.....' . Trophies to Juniors: $5.00 C"sIIad Raceway Gal•• op.n 4 p.m. - racine 7 p.m. Road Race ,. : No cash aw.d. - lots of trophl.. for all cia.... Aug 17'" ,. ,. FOIl1.a Raceway : (CIIC member.hlp required) ,. ,. ,. .*******.* ••••• ****.***.******** •••••• **, Open Weekdays 9 - 7, Weekends 8 - 7 National Championship Point : 3 lare. readabl. # plat.. post entr, 13444 Footblll Blvd. Fontana, Cal. (5.. Bem.d1no F., to Etlwand...a.t) * • li"e'e. 'o.rself at SADDlflACI PAIII •• *.*** •• *.*.** •• l1li'" f.e Gat.. op. 1:00 a.m. lst Race 12:00 n_ All cl..... $5.00 Mall IIIItrl.. to C.lsbad Raceway, P.O. BOl 26, C.I.bad Admission S2.50; Juniors & Minis SUO Mi'es of Trai's Acres of f •• (0)

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