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SCRAMBLES by Blue Barons M.C . at clubgrounds In Tacoma, Wash., AMA sane. Into fr om club, 1606 S. Madison, Tacoma, Wash. 98405 or (2 06)SK2-7524 '. INTER -AMERICAN ~IOTO-CROSS SER IES at Sadd leback Pa rk, Irvine , Cal . For info & entries conta c t Inter na tional MotoCr os s , 4790 Palm Ave •• La Mes a , Ca l . 92103 . (714) 46074289 . SEE AD THIS ISSUE • 5-PORTING AND POLISHING FOR HODAKAS SOUTHERN NEVADA TT CILO\MPIO:"SHIP by Vegas Val ley M.C ., Las Vegas, Nev. For into contact Tom' s Cyc le Cen ter , 1030 S. Main, Las Vegas, Nev . (702 ) 382 - 6600. Solve your Christmas gift problems (see page 2) FRIDAY , DEC. 13, 21 , FEB. 1, 14th INDOOR MOTORC YCLE SHORT TRACK by Bob Barkhimer As soc. Inc. a t the Cow Palace, san F ranc isco, Cal. Pit gate 6 p.m., trials or warm-ups, 7 p. m ., races start 8:3 0 p.m , SUNDAY. DECEMBER 15th INTER-A MERICAN MOTO-CROSS SERIES a t Guadalajara, Mexico. For Into & entrIes contact Inte r na ti onal Mota- Cross 4790 Palm Ave ., La Mes a , Cal. 92103. (714) 460-4289 . MOT O- CR OSS, by P lacervill e M.C . Li med on Hwy #50 4 mi . west of P lacerville , Cal. AMA sane. MaIl entry til Dec . I , $2.50, P .O. Box 311 , P lacerville, Calif. 95667 . P os t $3.50, for Into call 622-0549. Porting, poli s hing , an d five-por ting avaIlable for Hodakas at To m Turner Expan s io n Chambers in Huntin gton P ark, California . Besides the ex cellent barrel wor k, Mr , Turner is exper t in head wor k, porting of cases , seat beefing and ex pan s ion chambers. The " Turner Barrell" is not an "R" barr etl , Th e main characteris ti c is Its broad powe r band with a great amount of good usuable lo w-end torque . Comple te por ting, poli shing, and tiveporting of your barrell is avaIlabl e for a reasonable $40. Call (213) 589-7717 or s end your letter to Tom Turner, 460 1- 1/ 2 Li ve Oak, Cudah y, California. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22nd MOTa-CROSS a t c arls bad , Cal. by C MC. Mall entries $5, clos e Dec . 17. Mall to P .O . Box 124, Reseda, Cal. 91335. Int o (213) 886- 311 6. SUNDAY, JANUARY 5th . I O.C.'.I. "C. preselfs 1st ANNUAL SAW. MILL ENDURO by Nor th Bay M.C . at ~ta Rosa, car., AMA san e . F or Into wr ite Nor th Bay M.C ., 415 Davis Stree t, santa Ros a, Cal• AMA OKAYS 750'S , COMPRESSION RELEASES, PRO MOTo-X By Paul Cosner Representatives from every AMA District in the -country met in Columbus, 0 ., October 28, 29 and 30 for t1ie first annual Competition Congress and made progress in the process. Some of the most revolutionary changes to come about in years was passed at this meeting which was chaired by AMA Director Bill Berry . The biggest change is a new 7SOcc displacement limit for dirt track machines. Formerly Harley-Davidson's !lathead KR machine was the only bike runnin g at 7SOCC, whilc the overhead valve competi tors were limited to SOOc This rule will probably c. mean that the new BSA and Triumph 7SOCC threes, the Norton Commando and Royal Enfield and possibly even the soon-to-be-introduced Honda 7SQ-4's will be running in National Championship races. This will make next season the most exciting in recent history . The controversial mid-season ban on compression releases for two-cycle engines was also reversed by the congress. The new ruling states that one braking device, except a front wheel brake, will be allowed on each machine. Thus a compression release may be used on a two or four-cycle engine in either Professional or Sport sman competition. Also passed was the use of 5-speed transmissions in racing machines. This will undoubtedly be an aid to the high-revvin g two-strokes which formerly had to block out fifth gears on their machines causing clutch and gearing problems. Claiming price for all professional events raised to $2500.00 in consideration of the added expense of the new 7S0cc machines. The congress also too k steps to enable moto-cross racing to go professional. Minimum purses will be $600.00' and equipment need not be approved. This opens the door to home-builts and factory -special machinery. Motos will be 30 minutes long and classes are o-25Occ's and All starts will be live engine, gearbox in neutral and clutch hand on helmet . Before they adjourned the Congressmen also managed to edit, recodify and modify the entire AMA Sport sman rulebook, sa.cfio.e" CALIFORNIA INTERNA TIONAL ROAD GRAND P.I.G.P. PRIX RACE formerly SUNDAY See f'e Wesf's besf (al " we f'inl f'e u.s's besf) fig'f f'e c'allenge of sfars fro. - Souf'wesf·Easf - Cala"a - Scof'an" - Eng'a.'" NOVEMBER THE CAST: [us] < .'" C '" You've seen International stars in Moto-Cross Speedway - Trials Now see the Road Racers! (them) full famil, facilifies af W Fulton III - Kawasaki Factory alt Art Baumann - Yamaha Factory Ron Grant - Suzuki Fa ctory Jack S immons - Norton Reg Pridmore - Norton Tom RO~ k WOOd - Yamaha Don Hanns - Har-Dav - Har-Dav Jerry WInter Keith Mashburn - Yam aha Mike Lane - Yamaha ('68 Western 250 Champ) Don Vesco - Bridgestone Factory - BSA - Yamaha R' n Pierce - Yam aha Don Emde - Suzuki B}l'On Black - Honda (Mad Bombed Rusty B ey radl the "Texas Terror" on Triumph Doug Libby DETROIT scourge of the 250 cia ss in the east. Bill Canfield ALBUQUERQUE Another Southwest wailer on a Suzuki. Dave Sco" Fonner Champion of SCOTLAND Mike Duff CANADA Two times runner-up in World 250 C hampionship s ' and Factory Wor~s rider for Yamaha. Will ride Daytona (150 mph) Yamahas in 250 & 350 class as well asa Triumph-Metisse in the 1000cc event. OA 6ECOUNTY RN INTERNATIONAL RACE IY OTH ER STARS EXPE CTED FROM OVERSEAS SEE NEXT W EEK' SAD!!! D C N TO T IIE TIO S IACI: Take Santa Ana Freeway to S and Canyon turnoff. Follow signs to Orange County International Raceway.

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