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• .. • • .. .. • • • • • • • • • ., 25 CENTS rile On', Wed', Newspaper in . . • November 21, 1968 Amer ica That Gins a Damn About Motorc,cles Dan Haaby (22) tries the Insid e tr ac k to fend off Kellh Mashburn (101). It didn 't work. Terry Don. ahe r (201) foll ows Ha aby. GARDENA, c at., Oct. 25 - For the thi rd straight week Exper tandAmateur riders played second fiddle to firs t year Novice r iders In the 14- event program Fr iday night at Asco t Par k. Gr een pla tes won nine , Including the T rophy Dash and Main. Keith Mashburn (Yamaha) again led the upset-minded beginners as he rode home first In thr ee or the four events. Keith was upset In the Dash by fello w Novice, Don Castro. Mas hburn now has won 10 of 12 races the past thr ee F r iday nights and was again an easy winner In the 10- lap final . Amateur riders , shut out two weeks ago, ca me up wtth two wins. Experts managed thr ee first during the foggy evenin g. Friday Norv. 8 Finale F riday night, Nov. 8th the half- mile riders .r etur n for the final cycl e ra ce of the year at Ascot. Experts. Amateur s and Novices will ride In Individual clas s es probably a r elief rot the Experts. In the final, Cas tr o was too eager and spilled onto the fr ont stralghlaway.Along ca me Ellio tt Schultz. the las t rid er to make the featu re. Elliott had no place to go. Rath er than run over the fallen machine he head ed for the Infield and the TT Jump. Mark Brel sford lead s Donaher and Baker (58). Da llas DeWayne Keeter (115) and Da.e Aldana II gilt It out . But that aimed him stratght at the parked ambulance so Schultz la id the mac hine down at speed , spll1tng over the side In a cloud of dus t. Schultz and his Bullaco were unscathed . Checkered Flag For Steve Local Short Track r acing suffered Its first fatali ty Friday night. Amateur Steve Pederson fell off on the backstretch in a Semi-final and was hit by another r ide r . Steve s uffered a br oken neck and died later that night. Peder son was a second yea r rider who ca me fr om sportsman road racing. He was one of the top five Novice finishers at Daytona In ' 67 and among the top ten Novice half - mllers last season at Ascot. Thi s year he won one Matn event as an Amateur and finis hed second in the Amateur final at the Ascot national last month. Steve was sin gle and employed by Amer ican Kawasaki In Gar de na. (Results on page 16) • Inlernatlonl' Moto-CrolS IIcln, CI" to Americi lasl wllkend, be,lnnln, Ihl 1968 Inllmltlonll .. ssen, Rider - Photo by Jlck Mercer. In foro,round herl, al Mld-Ohlo Rlclway, II Czech. Vlasdmll VaIlk. • •

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