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c4~~ ~rsJY ..: a; .Q ~ Q O!: ~ l&:l O!: l&:l ..:l ~ U CAUTIO A U TS .A T PLA Y tIDE 0 BIKE CCO THE MIGHTY BRO CCO CYCLES &ACCESSO IES DIG E SPECIALTIES. INC. P.e. 801600 BELMONT, CAL. 9400' ATTENTION DEPT. LS 1!!!lI~:'-"" ESl - East P.e. BOl26O Cor nweUs HeIghts, Pa. 19020 DEA tERS"WANTED" A SO GAREl.Ll CYCLES"" PARTS NOWAVAIL· ABLE FROM ENGINE SPECIALTI ES, INC. • Gra d fiX FOUND Will the Shamrock who dropped his shorts In the middle of the Antt.;epe Valley Freeway SUDday 10 /13/ f.:' contact J im DaviS. P.S. I also have your toothbrush, sweat sl11rt, alarm c1Dck, jacket , and other things I bes1tate to mention. Jim Davis (213) 848-4859. r--EX--us------- 1. 8y 8111 p~tticre" By Bill P ettigrew A " Free Formula" world champtonsbip road race class will receive some serious tbought at the F lM Autumn Con gress in Madrid, Spain this month. This class would albw all tbe great riders In championshiP competition to compete In one class together. What makes this particularly Interesting is that Cal Rayborn and his 750cc HarleY would be allo wed to compete, and that would make for some intere sting racing. Ivy Retires . Word bas It that International road racer Bill Ivy is retiring from the twowheeled sport. Bill claims that he can't take !he bi ckering any more . Bill and teammate Phil Read haven't got along since Pbil said " to bell" with team orders. Both men ride Yamaba on th e circuit. Ivan Mauger Is the World Champion of the Speedway realm. Mauger, wbo bas just taken the world championship, rode with a frame designed by an Australian by the name of Dave Heinz who by the way, works for Milne Bros. In Pasadena . and produces these uni que frames for sale to the Dewasp1r1ng speedway racers In America. ' HUon N1lDI rOe Agai Gary NI%OIl bas managed to keep his national title In one of !he closest points races In many a year. Nixon copped 11. f ourth place In tbe Ascot 8-m1le decider w1!h close contender Fred NiX back In seventh. Nine points separated the two ride rs after tb eoft1clal results were posted. "!be real racing going on atAscot was Mert Laww1ll way out In the lead an d the win. But tile real mind-blower was tbe fantastic power drive of DeWayne Keeter aboard the DIck KeIrn BSA. It there bad been another 5 lap s Keeter would have caught Laww1ll and passed him. He was really coming In hot and heavy, falling up high, and then d1amondIng the corner and ge tting a terrific drive down the straight, Word from Europe bas It that American Al Rogers and a Checkers M.C. member; has taken a gold medal in the International Six Days T rial• .. .. ... ~ 1st PIleI 100cc Class Riders ,H P S O I EI Monte T • With th is add we wil l pay the ta x an d li cence on any mot orc ycle i n OUT store. Dale Brown M rs 2441 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, C f. oto ali ..

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