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CALENDAR lOth ANNUAL GRAND P RIX atHopetown by DIrtdlggers M.C. Dis t. 37 pts. Mall entry only, $8. Use oUl c1al entryblanks. For info call (213) 964-5076. Entries close Oct. 19. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER10th 22nd ANNUAL COWBE LL DER BY Enduro by Hayward M.C. Starts at Upper Lake, Calif. Call Robert Queen, (415) 538-3412. Mal l entries to Cowbell, 21077 San Miguel Ave ., Castro Valley, Calif. 9454 6. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16th INDOOR SHORT TRACK (pr of . ) at San J ose Fairgrounds. Starts 8:30 p .m . $600 purse'. (Also Nov. 23 & 30 an d Dec. 7). SAT. & S UN., NOV. 16 & 11th INTER- AMERI CAN MOTO- CROSS SERIES a t We s tlake Vlllage, Los Angeles, Cal. For inf o & entries contact internati onal Mota-Cross, 4790 Palm Ave., La Mesa, Cal. 92103. (714) 460-4289. SEE AD THIS ISSUE SAT. & SUN., NOV. 23 & 24th CATTLE CALL RUN by Mary' s Men M.C ., AMA sanc., SDRRA pt. run. Start finish at Cattle Call Arena, Brawl ey, Cal. 8 a.m, For info, Mary' S Men M.C ., 4588 50th, San Diego, Cal. 92115. The OQ .... . .,: ll> III INTER-AMERICAN MOTO-CROSS SER IES a t Guadalajara, Mexico. For info & entries contact International Moto-Cr oss 4790 Palm Ave ., La Mesa, Cal. 92103. ,(714) 460- 4289. ..Q e ll> ::. C <: CI) ~ r.J <: -mE PART [ LlKE BEST [S WHERE I GET CYCLE NEWS EVERY WEEK." r.J ...J U :>... U P.I.G.P. @JACI(As~r NOV. 24 tho ~ E"OOIlOI& SUNDAY, NOV. 3rd 7:0Ja.m. r~JE~I~iR START - NOON CHECK & A NISH AT SAME PLACE LIMED FROM RED MO UNTAIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ aWe the _I.. of l_n.... ry ,"....... Iolo p ....pecton". \ 1hla _ _ tv.- run thrDUllh tho hl.torl c o n" utlful _ _ of RAND MTS, & SUMMIT DIGGINS .... on "" .... ll. c...... ! SUND AY , NO VEM BE R2 4~ 13th ANNUAL T URKEY MUD SCRAMBL ES by Oregon Sidewinders M.C ., 100175-2 50-0 pen classes, a t Sidewinde r s track on SE Lawnfleld Rd., Clackamas, a r e.' near P or tland. Info write Rt, 3, Box 290- C, ' Or eg on Ci ty, are . 97045 . t'" t'" to,tho. . who ...... rlcIcIon po.t •••nta. Q ,h';Y;>'l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥9lO$5l!¥9l!$9l!¥9l!¥9l!¥91!¥9 * * Trail bikes go full. distance . IJrawing for starting position Oc t . 24t h at 503 Wh itt ie r Bl Vd., Montebello * Li cense & M uffler Optional * Approx. 100 mi. * AII Classes * Point Run *Club Teams ($1. 00 extra per rider) PACIFIC INT ERNATIONAL G RA N D PR IX ROAD RACE by FIM / AFM at Orange Co. Intt l . Raceway. F or entry info write P .O. Box 213 No. Hollywood, Cal. 91603 or call (213) 762-9875. Entries close Nov. 11. SEE AD THIS ISSUE • - MOTO-CROSS by Hi Boots M.C . at Dehesa Track near San Diego. AMA points . Call (71 4) 477-8024 or 449-0784. ''S(: Entry $4:~~ F ee Mai I & $5.00 Pos t Mail En tries Cl ose Postmarked before Mi dnight Oc t. 22, to Wayne Powel l, 4662 Wi ndsong Ave., La Pal ma, Cal i f . 90620 Bring your own Gas & Water - Food & Beverages will be available• INTER - AMERICAN MOTO-CROSS SERIES IN THE WEST NOV . 10th and 11th - DALLAS, TEXAS TOYS F OR TOTS POKER RUN- Admiss ion, one toy. Starts 8 a .m , at Eagles Lodge, 4684 S. Savi er s a e ., Oxnard, U.S. Marine Corps charity. Spans. by Oxnard M.C . ca. S C RA MB L E S by spr ockets M.C. a t sprockets Park, Bakersfield, cai., signup closes 11:30 a .m., race at noo n. NOV, NOV. DEC, DE C. DEC. SATURDAY,NOVEMBER30th SAT., NOV. 30 & SUN., DEC. 1st Q., SU NDAY, DECEM BER 15th INTER-AMERICAN MO:r O-CR OSS SERIES at De Lave ga Park, Santa Cruz , Cal. For info & entries con tact International Moto-Cr oss, 4790 Palm Ave., La Mesa. Cal. 92103. (714) 460-4289. SEE AD THIS ISSUE INTER-A MER ICAN MOTe-CROSS SERIES at Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, Cal. F or Info & entries contact International Mota-Cross, 4790 P alm 'Ave . , La Mesa, Cal. 92103. (714) 460-4289. as INDOOR SHORT TRACK RACES at Cow Palace, San F ranci sco, Cal. AMA sanc.,' 10-ml. co ncrete track, promoted by Bob Barkhimer Assoc •• John soaras Track & P r omotion Mgr. For info write 1114 Camp Evers Lane, Santa Cruz, Cal. 95060 . . 2nd ANNUAL BARSTOW TQ-LASVEGAS PACIFIC SOUTH WEST CHAMPIONSHIP HARE & HOUND by San Gabriel Valley M.C . Dlst. 37 pts., 185 m1. desert terrain . Li med fr om Minneola Rd . oUramp approx. 12 mi . no ; of Barstow, Cal. on Vegas Fwy . For info contact SGVMC, P. O. Box 813, EI Monte, Cal. 91734. C':l ll> Oll FRI., DEC. 13 & 21, FEB. 1 & 14th · Confollllll.l1:. I:r'Uon! 'When a Olatoll.!!!' • • • the 41t t er ence btf tv. . n oW" 1350 -.odd . and oW" .cd. la, 70U 4o n't N7 '11jO!· tsoo 17th and 18th - WESTLAKE VILLAGE, LOS ANGELES 24th - DE LAVEGA PARK, SANTA CRUZ 1st- CARLSBAD RACEWAY , CARLSBAD 8th - SA DDLE BA CK PA RK, I RVI NE I.\FOR,\1A T IO. 1i 15th - GUADALAJARA , MEXICO and E.\'TRIE S li, TERNA TIO NA L :,;OTO· CR ~ : , o Paln Ave., La nesa, Ca !r f. 92103- Tel. ,714, 460·428; OSS ~ u.s:afjRjiOPRii ~~~~~~, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACE All CI~ sses plus S idec~rs 1968 and Production SUNDAY. DE CEMBER 1st INT ER NATIONAL MOTO-X Carl sbad Raceway, Carlsbad, Calif. , also AFM Na ti onal class es. SEE AD THIS ISSUE Da~ld 0 amr~ SU:ZUKI " SCRAMBLES by Feather Ri ver M.C . a t Triple M Speedway, Marysville , Cal., s tarts 1 p .m , Ron Grant SUN DAY, DECEMBER 8th, 1968 TT SCRAMBLES by HI Boots M.C . at Dehesa track near San Diego. AMA points . Call (71 4) 477-8024 or 449 -0784. SCRAMBLES by Blue Barons M.C . a t clubgrounds In Tacoma, ' Wash., AMA sane, Info fr om club, 1606 S. Madi s on, Tacoma, Wash . 98405 or (206) SK 2-7524 SOUTHERN NEVADA TT CHAMPIONSHIP by Vegas Valley M.C., Las Vegas, Nev . Fo r info conta ct Tom' 5 Cycle Center , 1030 S. MaIn, Las Vegas, Nev . (702) 382 - 6600. INT ER-AMERICAN MOTa-CROSS SERIES at Saddleback Park, Irvine , Cal. For info & entries con tac t Internati onal MotoCr os s , 4790 Palm Ave.. La Mesa, Cal. 92103. (714) 460-4289.SEE AD T HIS ISS UE WITH THIS AD 50¢ ADM ISSION DI SCOUNT ACEWAY WILL0W S PRINGS INTERNATIONAL R Fint bent 10:30 a.m. GEN AD. $2.50 Practice at 9:00 a.m. Children Free with Adults Servicemen $1.00

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