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-..1 You'lI . . . . . . " . ' •• •1 ••, • • • ... II FIRST • • 'I I.. . 6471 N. Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, Calif. 90805 Or: Box 498, Long Beach, Calif. Phone: 423-0431 (Area Code 213) From L.A. Phones: 636-8844 VOICES OF THE WEST ENSENADA TOUR SET I would like to kno w If the r e Is an Ensenada Tour other than the Ensenada to La Paz Run put on by Norra, Inc . on Nove mber 4th-7th. ELLEN CLAR K Na pa, Calif. (" Th e re c e rtainly Is! Th e 3 rd Annu al Cy cle News Ensenada Tour bas now been definitely s cheduled for the we ekend oC Novem ber 2 and 3. Look e lsewhere In thi s Issue lor furth er details.· ) DlST. 31 SPORTS COMMITTEE CRACKS DOWN ON CLUBS The District 37 rule that clubs must have res ul ts of a run to the r ide r s and to the District stewards within two weeks following the event has been s trictly enforced recently. Clubs that are being assessed the full penalty , that of losing the r ight to throw Dis trict 37 point r uns In 1969, are th e Pasadena M.C., who host th e Gr eenhorn Enduro every year, the Jack Rabbits and the Hllltoppers. Pasadena got their r e s ul ts out to the r iders In time but di d not get the information In to the stewards until 73 days after the last Greenhorn. The Jack Rabbits were one day late to the riders and late the the stewards, and the H1lltoppers late to the stewards. Should the club at fault not ge t the results In with1n 31 days, their Individual members also lose 50 r iding po ints each along with the first penalty. ThIs rule was approved by the cl ubs of District 37 to prevent some of the more unorganized clubs from taIdng all the time In the world to get around to fi guring and sending out results. The District stewards In aprtlcular were bavlng a bad time with the slower clubs because they couldn' t keep the lnd11(1dual rider po ints up to date when results arrived weeks after a run. ThIs is however , the first time the rule has been enforced. BOYCOTTS BRANDS WHICH FAVOR RESTRICTIONS The SUbject of mandatory protective headgear (helmets) legislation may appear to be a strange one to di scus s at tb1s time s ince we in California have just defea ted legislation of tb1s type. Howe ver similar legislaUon may aga1n be proposed her e and cyclists In many other states are still oppressed by mandatory he 1 met (and other protective clothing) laws. It is not a w:ldely known fact, but two of the most prominent manufacture rs of motorcycles support mandatory helmet legislation. Some time ago 1 learned that the manufacturer (Honda) of the motorcycles I then owned supported mandatory helmet legislation. 1 informed them that If they did not change their position I would change brands of motorcycles and would personally boycott their products. As could be expected the actions of one customer did not excite them In the least and they have not changed their postion. In preparation to cbangtng brands 1 wrote other manufacturers to fi nd their positions on the question of mandatory helmet legislation. I received replies from representatives of all of the major manufacturers. Most encouraged the use of helmets as safety devices. However only Honda and Yamaha supported mandatory helmet legislation. The management of Triumph, BSA. and Suzuki support the position of the CalIrornts Motorcycle Safety Council which , opposes legislation making the wearing of helmets mandatory. Harley-Davidson s upports the position of the Motorcycle, Sc ooter and Allied Trades As s ociation which also opposes manda tory helme t laws. American Kawasaki replied that they did not have a stated position on the question but s tated " Th e consen sus of opinion among our knowledgable moto r cycl e people leads us to the following: We are opposed to mandato ry safety helmet." I be lieve the s tand taken by the major I ty ' of th e manufacturers ts the co rrect one. The manufa c ture rs do hav e the duty to advise their c usto m ers In the use of appropr iate safety equipment (such as he lmets), but they do not have the duty nor the r ight to try to enforce their use. Both Honda and Yam aha lost profitable sales to me . I w1lI continue to boyco tt th eir produc ts as long a s the ir post 'Ion on man da tory safety helmet legis1A ~on r e mains unchanged. Na turally th ey w1lI be forced to pay a ttenti on If enough riders do this. The posttton of a manufacturer Is likely to carry much more weight with legislators than that of an Individual but both Honda and Yamaha would have to yi eld th eir positions und er the economic pressure of an effective boycott. We are righ t In our fight against mandatory safety helmet (and other protective clotb1ng) legislation as has been s hown In s om e courts, but continued s uppor t of the legislation by Honda and Yamaha w1lI cause the battle to end such l egislati on to be longer, harder and m ore costly. F or tb1s r eason 1 hereby request Yamaha, and aga1n Honda, to change their pos1t1on an d oppose mandato ry safety helmet legislation. KENNETH J . R U~ EL L 1000 Oaks, Calif. STATE WILL HOLD ANAHEIM HEARING ON RIDING LAND An open meeting to discuss public land use by horsemen, dunebuggy and motorc ycle riders will be held Thursday and F r iday, Octobe r 24 and 25 at the Ci ty Hall In Anahei m. Conve ned by the Callfornla State Riding and H1kIng Trails Advis ory Committee. the hearing Is a chance for all off-road enthusiasts to vo ice their needs, problems and des ir es r egarding the public lands. Moto r cycle enthusiasts are urged to turn out In great numbers to p r es e nt their vi ews, as the Com mittee wants to kno w something of the numbers of enthusiasts Inte r es ted In the respective sports. Be prepared to te ll th e Committee whe re yo u like to r ide, how much of your riding Is for r elaxati on and how much Is . for s port, etc. and what s ort of fa c1li tles y ou would like the state to pr ovide. VANDALS DOUSE BIKES WITH ACID In a sensel ess display of vandalism, per s ons unkn own c ompl e te ly destroyed about 45 m otorcycles - new shop bikes, mini - bi kes and customers' machines at CH Mot or c ycles , tnc., 4020 Tyler Ave•• Arlington, Cal. The shocking occurrence took place over th e Labor Day weekend. and according to Mgr. Ted Douth e t, the vandals apparently poured muriatic acid over all the bikes. wip ing out the seats, chrom e. etc., and got to a supply ofpar1sas well. All the machines were enclosed by a chalnlink fence topped with barbed wire, Area of CH Motors that wa. hit by acid "America's Only Weekly Motorcycle NewspaperPublisber ••••Charles C. Clayton Business Manager • .sharon Cl ay to n E elitor. • •• • • • • • • • .Carol Sims NaUonal Adv. Director. ;rom Culp Photo E di to r ••••••Dennis Greene Lab Technician ••••BIII Pettigrew Bookkeeper ••••• .susan Wbltelaw Staff ArUst •••• Cbarles La Greca Circulation Dept•• .Jenny McDonald Eelitorial& Adv. Ass!. Sandra Purdy Published weekly exce pt the n rs t a nd las t wee k o f the cale nda r yea r by c&:S P ublishin g Co. , P ost Offi c e Box ~ 98 . L on g Bea ch , Cali forn ia . Se cond Cla ss pos tage paid a t L ong Bea ch. Calif. and the fe nce itsel! was badly damaged as well. It Is particularly Ironic that a shop s uc h as CH l'oVC, owned by Ken Conover. !;hould be the target for such an .assault, Se cond In Kawasaki sales in the 11 Wes te rn Sta tes , the shop and its personnel hav e always gone ou t of their way to s tres s good public r elations in the two years they'v e be e n doing business in the Rive r s ide area. Cycle Ne ws and all friends and customers of the shop deeply regret tb1s incident, agreeing completely wi th Manage r Dou the t's observati on that anyone who would perpetrate s uch an a c t " had to be s ic k." COOLEY'S COLUMN RETURNS WITH 2WAY NEWSPAPER Ne xt wee k, a new regular weekly column will begin appearing In Cycle News . Written by Wes Coo ley, Pr e sident of Moto rcycle international Compe ti tion In the U.S. (MICUS) and the American Cyc le As soclation (ACA), the column ts bound to be not only controver s ail, but will di still comments wr itten In by readers who wis h to express opinions about motorcycling, who do not care to have their names associated with the comme nts or are not capable of expr essing themselves In pr int. ThIs columnist w1lI s olicit the ir opinions and view and try to express them In such a way that their thoughts and views can be heard. " ThIs Is the general formatI am going to use, " writes Columni s t Cooley. " I tb1nk tb1s can really build Into a very interesting tb1ng for your readers and add sometb1ng to Cycle News. Besides all that, I tb1nk It will be fun." The view expressed In tb1s column are those of the columnist and his sources and are not necessarily the opinions of tb1s newspaper or even the truth. Equal space w1lI be provided to those who wish to take Issue with any or all of the statements In Cooley's Column...the Publishers. EnsenadaTour Spins Nov2 &3 Mark the weekend of November 2 & 3 In yo ur r iding calendar, for these are the da ys that the 3rd Annual Cyc l e Ne ws sponsored EI Tour Grande spins do wn to Ensenada. Motorcyc ling to the Baja California town Is always a joy , but Imagine the e xtra fun when you go with 400 fellow en th us iasts for a weeke nd poker run, parade, contes t judging, camping out (or resting In your motel) and s ightseeing in 8 E ditorial s to ri es. ca rtoo ns . photos, e tc , ar e we- lc omed and wi II be paid for up on publicati on (exce pt (lU' S S re lea s e s a nd · Vo ic p" letter s .) Addres s ed . s tampe d en ve lope assu res re tu rn, Si nde COP,\' prier • • • • • • • • . . 2;' ( Su bscri p tion: On" ~'"ar 2nd cla ss Mail ••••••••••••••••• ~7 . ;'0 Adv erri sin g ra tes a nd ci rcu lation information " ill be se nt upon request, the loveliest spot south of the Border. The poker run w1lI be the fi ve- card variety, where you get to SE E your cards, so you' ll have the e xtra excite ment of adding to that winning hand. Contest judging for the best looking motorcycles on the tour w1lI be .done as usual by the Ensenada Police Chief and Director of Tourism, with an assist by the Ace of Cl ubs M.C. I! you ever rode tb1s run, you' ll be back. If you haven't come along yet, you won 't want to miss It. Entrie s are li mited to 400 r iders, so send In your entry early and reserve a solid s ilver participant's pin. MatI $2.5 0 for each e ntry to "Cycle News El Tour Grande ," Box 498 , Long Beach , Calif. 9080 5 with name, address and motor make of each entrant. F ul l information w1lI be sent to you, and we 'll see you at Che ck #1 on th e San Diego Borderl Crescenl Cify's 2nd MoloCross Scores 8ig H!I By Linda Bigham CRESCE NT CIT Y, Cal•• Sept. 1 - " Man I tb1nk that mud puddle Is th e craziest. " says be ginner Tommy Earl. During the complete Sunday Moio-Cr os s , which 44 riders and quite a fe w enthusiasts attended, the same remarks were made throughout the day. , A beginners class was again held for the little guys to test their skill. Tom Earl did quite well on his 90 Honda and Ri ck Matthews riding a Honda cla1med 2nd. The l OOcc class bad two trophy winners who were churning their wheels at a great pace - Orange County rider Bob Duncan and young Randy Bigham on his Kawasaki. In the 200 class It was a tight race with the finish making Jean Ramsey on a Bultaco, Steve Bigham on a Honda. and tb1rd place Gary Shaddox very happy. The 250Cc class had several riders participating. which goes to show the value of a big bike as well as the smaller cc bikes. Brian O. Lee riding a Yamaha, John Tepper on a C Z Moio-Cross, Darrell SParks riding a 250 Kawasaki. and Jean Ramsey aga1n on his Bultaco proved their great skill in rough r iding. The big bikes were then to sbow their vitality and Tim Tepper di d just that on a Trium ph. But Rich M1ller on a Mal co didn' t wind up far be hind. As trophy queen Sandy LaMunyanpresented trophies she was somewhat e m barrassed bul happy to leave with her own trophy for her hard work, jus t as the r iders were happy to leave after their hard work. ' With no in juries It was a happy day for an.

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