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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ Rladlrs.1 advlsld thaI IIsll ng In this cal- Indar Is a free Silvie.. Cycll Nlws discl aims any responsibility for cancilla tlon or ~ c1iangtng of I ..nls by promollrs wlthoul e-, notice. _ :; .... ~ t.l AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SANCTION SCHEDULE JUNE 3lI -10 MILE NATIONAL Z CHA.\IP IONSm p DIR T TRAC K, CbarilJ' I Ne wsies, 2986 Neil Ave ., Columbus, Oh io - Ohio State Fairgrounds - Entries ::... from AMA or Dis trict Re fe re e. Entries U Close June 9 . t.l c3 JULY 14-20MILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP DIRT T RACK Jack L ei gh, c / o Mo rt Becke r , 41 18 S.E. Maiden St., PorUand , O re. E ntries lrom AMA or Dis tri c t Re feree. Entries close Jun e 23. JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATI ONAL CHAM P IONSHI P Mt. St. Hele ns MC, P .O. ~ ox 51 , CasUe Rock , Wash . -Entries from AMA or Dis tri ct Re fe re e . E ntries close J une 29. JULY 21 - 50 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP J .C . Agajania n Enterp rises, P .O. Box 98 , Gardena, Call1.-Ascot-Entries lrom AMA o r Distric t Re fere e. Entries close July 6 . JULY 28 -10 MILE N,ATIONAL Cha mpionship Dirt Track ( I mile) Bob Barkhlmer Associates, Inc,; SO Mt. He rman Rd., santa Cruz, Calif. - Sa nta Rosa Fairgrounds, santa Rosa, Ca l . $6000 purSe. - En tries from AMA or District Rer~ee; «rsc AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIONAL RILLCLIMB NATI ONAL CHAMP IONs m p Muskegon MC, Muskego n, Micb.Mt. Garfield-Entcants notilled IlY AMA . EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGIfT SATURDAY. JUNE 29111 ACASPORTSMAN SHORT TRAC K RACES at Trojan Raceway, corne r Long Beach F wy. &. Fir es tone Blvd, Firestone to Garfield, south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. For infocall (714) 528-429O. Any at fil. okay. SPE EDWAY RACING at Whiteman Stadium, 12850 P ierce St. &. San F e r nando ae., ~oima, Cal. Benefit s ho", tor Am eriCan Cancer Society, practice a t 7 p.m ., races start at 8 p.m , Team racing, adm, $2.50 adults, $1.50 unde r 12, tree under 5. For further into contact Criswell Enterprises, 1213 0 Sherman Way , No. Hollywood , Cal ( 213) 983-1617. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT ACA SPORTSMA N TT RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Long Beach Fwy. &. Firestone IDvd. F ires tone to Garfield, south on Garfield, west on Southe rn to track. For info call (714) 528-4290 . Any att11. okay. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA P R O FESSIO NA L FLATTRACK HALF-MIL E RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, Call!., pr omoted by J .C . Agajan1an. For info call ( 213) DA 3-5055. QUARTER-MILE SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK co-sponsored by Fort Sutter &. Sacramento Trackers M.C .'s at Eldorado Raceway, Sacramento, CaI1t . Take Jacks on Rd. or Hwy. 16 to Excelsior Rd., no.l/2 mile. 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL T T RACE by Oregon Side wind ers M.C. s o. at P or tland, Ore. on SE Lawntield Rd. r near Clacka mas, Or e . For int o contact.Sidewinders , Rt. 3, Box 290-C, Oregon City, Or e. No race July 5, 19 & Aug . 30 . I -- CLA SS A PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACK, ACA sanc .. Orange Co . SpeedWay . santa Ana , Fwy., to Laguna Cyn. orrrarnp, make lett a t first s treet, Valencia, 2 mi . to track. For info call (714) 528-42 90. .AUG T 4 -110 MILE NATIONAL US EVERY OTHER SATURDAY CHAMP IONsm p ROAD RACE. F loy d C1ymer ,222 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, CaIif. Indianapol is Ra ce way Park, Indianapolis, Ind. Entries from AMA or District Referee. ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 1203 0 Pierce St., Pacoima (corner P ierce St. and san Fernando Rd .l .,street bike preterably, 9 a .m , start, $1 per s tudent. For Into call Bob Braverman at (2 13) 785-2421. AUGUST 11 - 25 LAP TT NATI ONAL CHAMP IONSHIP Midwest Speedway s, 4600 N. 27 th, L incol n, Ne br. -Entries from AMA or Di s tri c t Re fe ree. Entries Close July .21 . AUGUST 25 - 15 Mil E NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHI P DIRT TRA CK (1 mile) scanlan's Promo tions , Inc. , 3001 N. 9 th St. , St. Joseph, Mo. - State Fairgrou nds -Entcles from AM.4- or Dis tri c t Refe re e. E ntries Close Aug . 4. EVERY SATURDAY fliGHT ( TT RACING unde r the lights a t Elsinore Race Track. J ust ott Hwy. 71 , east at Perris, Ca11t. turnott. SportslIll1lktrophies t or all classes . SEPTEMBER1-14MILE NATIONAL .. , 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Mt . Baker M,C . at Be1llngbam, Wash. AMA sane, For info contact Mt . Baker M.C., 600 DuPont, Be1llngbam, Wash . 98225. CHA.\IP10NSH IP DIRT T RACK Bo b Barkblmer Associates, Inc . , 50 Mt. B erman Rd., santa Cruz, CallC. - san J ose tcack - En tri e s from AMA or Dis trict Refe re e . En tries·Close Aug. 11 . TT SCRAMBLES RACING eacb and every sat. night through th e summer. Umited am ount at riders Is 150. Perris M.C . Recreation Center, P e rris, canr, SEPTE!ABER8-11MILE N .ATIONAL SPORTSMA N SHORT TRACK RACI NG at Cycle- Land Speedway, 14 mUes south at Chico, Call!" presented by the Valley M.C. For info call Dick McAtee a t 877-3395 in Paradise, Call!. CHAMP IONSHI P DIRT TRACK Ro bert M. Day , 277 Paul Ave .. Salinas, Call1. - California Rod eo grounds-Entries from A.'ItA or Dis trict Referee. Entries Close Aug. 18 . 2nd ANNUAL SAT, NIGHT TT SCRAMBLES by Gr ips te rs M.C . a t Elsinore, caur. Raceway. AMA sanc. , D1st. 37 pts, F or into contact Grips te r s ; Box 272 , P lace ntia, Cal. TT SCRAMBLES at Josephine Co , Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, ore., by Rogue Valley Ride r s M.C . Signup 2: 30-7 p.m., practice 5: 30-6:30 p.m., race a t 7 p.m, AMA sane., ioo-aoo-aso-osee, plus Beginners l 00cc. Entry $2,00 , ( or Into call (503) 476- 1820 or (503) 476-401 8. THREE STAR AMA P ROFESSIONAL TT at Cas tle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Roc k, Was h. Contact Mt. St. Helens M.C ., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wasb. 98611 tor mor e into. TT SCRAMBLES by Oasis Scramble rs & F allon Uons Club at Fallon, Nev . F airgrounds on Hwy. 50-95. SAT. & SUN" JUNE 29111 & 30111 2nd ANNUAL HUALAPAI MT. ROAD TO UR by Copper State M.C. at Kingman, Ariz. For info call 943- 1529 in P hoenix, Ar iz., or write Hualapai Mt. Road Tour comm., 222 3 W. Sunnyside Dr., PhoeniX, Ariz . 850?9 . SI NGING WHEELS OVERNIGHTER a t Stalllon oaks, Call!. F ollow the lime an d s igns t r om HwY. 80 & Descanso J unc ti on, Callt. Mall entry $3.00 til June 2, post entry to Singing Wheels M.C ., 1508 satinwood Ct., Chula Vista, Cal. 920 11. Phone 420~1I702 In Chula Vista. SUNDAY, JUNE 30111 SPORTSMAN HILLCLIMB by Salinas Ra mbl ers at Rlanda Ranch, Gonzales, Calv, 13 mi. so. at Salinas . AMA sane., tor info contact Salinas Ramblers, 321 N. MaID St., Salinas, Cal. 93901 . 21s1 BI-MONTHLY HARE SCRAMBLES by Desert Challengers M,C.,limednortil at Adelanto, Cal. on Hwy. 395 . AMA sanc .; Dis t. 37 pt . r un. Le Man s start. TROPHY PRESENTATION by Invader s. Desert CbaIlengers -Hare Scrambles June 30. Look' !or) Invaders camp , For into call (2 13) 3~-3 69 1. MOTO-CROSS by Antelope Rambler s M.C . a t saddl e back Park, Call!. AMA sanc. , Dis t. 37 pt. run . F or Into co ntact cl ub a t 17832 Sier r a Hwy., saugus , Cal. , • POKER RUN by Valley Council of M.C , Clubs at Sonora, Cal. Signup a t Foster F r eeze 10-11 a .m, AMA sane, ............................................. TT SCRAMBLES at Sunny Valley Speedway, 14 mi . no. of Grants Pass, Ore. Signup 10 a.m, to 12:3 0 p.m . ,prac. 11: 30 a.m, to 12: 30 p.m.; race at I p.rn, Entry $2.00, 1OQ-2OQ-250-0 pe n & Beginne rs class. For into phone (503) 476-4018. SCRAMBLES by Sierra M,C . a t LIncoln , Cal. AMA sanc., t or more info contact Bill Cordery, Ret., (91 6) 885-5491. 3r d ANNUAL MOTa-CROSS by Marin Co . M.C. Assoc. a t China Camp, Cal. AMA sane. Last eve nt at China camp. Take U.S. 101 no . tram san Ratael, Cal. to san Pedro Rd ., turn r igh t to track. For into call Jim Howland ( 425) 8975901. MOTO -CROSS at Carlsbad, Call!. Or- , ganized by CaI1t. Moto-Cr oss Cl ub. Mall Entry: $5.00, Post Entry; $10. 00. Mall en trie s to: P .O . Box 124, R eseda, Cal. 91335. Close J une 2 1, '68. AFM Nat 'l. points. AFM NAT'L ROAD RACE , Orange Co . Int' l Raceway, 10 mi. so. at DIsneyland on santa Ana Fwy., sand Canyon otlramP. Fo r info call ( 415) 535- 154 9, (213) 762987 5, ( 805) 967- 8919 or (714) 442- 3338. THURSDAY, JULY 4111 1st ANNUAL F IRECRACKER GRAND PRIX pr esented by International MotoCros s, P .O , Box 3571, san Diego, Cal. 92103. Entries $10, pos t entries no ex tra c harge . Location CHANGED to sadd1eback Park, Irvine, Cal. FIM &. ACA sanc . HALF-MILE DIRT TRACK at Calis toga Fairgrounds, Calistoga, CaI.AMA san c., $900 . For into con tact Bob Barkh1mer Assoc., 14 Camp Evers Lane , santa Cr uz , Cal. 30-MlLE PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by Greyhounds M.C. For turther Into call ( 213) 367-2907 . FIR ECRACKER FIESTA SCRAMBLES by Jackrabbits M,C. at P e rris, Call!• • AMA sane. pt. run. For mo re info call (2 13) 923- 8898. , . 2nd ANNUAL "ATHE NA NATI.0 r:uu-", I t oocc F lattraclt Race at the Athena High." School grounds in A thena, Oregon (20. . mUes north at Pendleton, Or egon) . $250 guar . For into or entries contact; Athena Cbambe r at Commerce, Athena, Ore. 978 13. Phone: (503) 566-3462 . 5th ANNUAL AFM NAT'L CHAMP . 2 50Mile P roduc ti on Road Race. Va ca Valle y Raceway, Vacaville, Cal. For info & entry forms, write AFM, 4810 Daisy, Oa1dand, Cal. 94619 or call (4 15) 5351549, (21 3) 762-9875, ( 805) 967-8919 or (71 4) 442 -3338. FRIDAY, JULY 5111 SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by Sprockets M.C , at Bakers tleld Speedway, Bakerstield Sp eedw ay, Balter stleld, Cal. Night race. SATURDAY, JULY 6111 NIGHT SCRAMBL ES RACES at Madera Fairgrounds, Madera, Cal. Signup closes 7 p.m . , race at 7: 45. Write Exp l or er Post 305 , 424 S. " A" se. Madera, Cal. t or , i nto or call 673- 3146 In Madera. PROFESSIONAL AMA TH R E E STAR NIGHT RACE a t Benton Lane Speedway near J unc ti on City, Ore. F or info contact Or egon S p o r ts c y cl e , 144 0 So. " A", Spr ongfield, Ore. SAT, & SUN., JULY 6 & 1111 • • • • • • • • NAME _ _ (please chick one ollhe above) This is a new subscription This is a renewal I enclose check or mo ney order lease bill me later D -==~~~~~ ADDRESS _ CITY _ STATE ZIP _ (due 10 posta l rlcu latlons we musl have zip codes on all subscriptions) •• •• • • • • • • • • • AL L STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLES by the Dirt Diggers M.C . at Hopetown, Cal. Tow mone y to top out at state r ide rs. Sa t. 0- 25OCc &. Powd er Putl, 9 a.m. start. Sun . 251-0pen &. Side hacks, 10 a .m. start. F or details call (213) 964- 507 6. 5th ANNUAL BIG BEAFi SCE NIC TOUR by Topper s M.C . RRC run, call (213) 338-3070 tor info. SUNDAY, JULY 1111 TT SCRAMBLES by Experts M.C, at san Diego at Mesa Speedway. For info contact Earl Roloff at 479 -3209 or 2396119 in san Diego. EUROP EAN S CRA MBLES by Desert Challe nge r s at Deadman's Point, Call!. For Info write club a t Box 741, Apple Valley, Cal. 92307. 5th ANNUAL ACA " SP IRIT OF '76" ROAD RAC E, Will ow Spr ings Int'I Ra ceway, Ro samond, Cal. ACA sanc., t or into call (714) 528-4290. T .T , RACE & WHE ELI E CONTES T at Adelanto , Calif. Fo r furthe r info call ( 213) 927 -1977 . ,", 'i, ., • . " ." ~ ,

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