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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS Readars ara advlsad Ibat IIsllnl In this ealandar. Is a fraa Sarvlc.. Cycla Naws disclaims any responsibility for cancallallon Of etIanllnl of a.. nts by promotars wllbout hollca. AMA NATIONAL CH AMPIO NS HIP SANCTI ON SCHEDULE APRIL 28 - 1 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSWP DIRT TRACK. (ireat SoulJlem Development, IH6TulIy Road, N.E .. Atlanta, Ga.-HamplDn Downs-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries close April 7. APRIL 28 - 90 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPENDURANCER UNTompkins, County MC. RFD 2, Route 13, Newfield, N.Y.-Entries from AMA or pl'llllXltlng club. M 5 -115 MILE NATIONAL AY CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN MidWest National Enduro Rider s Assn., c/o Wm. Baird, Rt. 3, 1815 4lJ1 Ave., Ste rUnl,I\I.-l\Ilana Speedway, Sche rervl1le, Ind.- E ntries from AMA or promoti ng club. M 19 -13 M AY ILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK RicRnond MC. Inc .. c/o Eddie Boomhower , 2226 Cha mbe rlayne Ave. , Richmond , Va.-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entde s clo se April 28. MAY 19 - HA RE & HOUND NATIONr\L CHAMPIONSWP Sal t Lak e M Bo. 1711, salt Lak e City, Uta h-EnC, tries from AM or promotin g club. .\ MAY 26 - 12 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT T RACK Jack vanino, 611 N. W yomis s in g Ave. ; W yomiss ing. P a. -Readin g fa ir grounds-Entries from .-\M or Dis tri c t Refe ree. Entries .-\ clo s es M a~' 5. MAY 26 - 250 MILE NATIONAL CH.-\MP IONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN Enduro Riders Assn., 792 Fran ci s Ave., Coh.mbus , Ohio 43209- Entries from AMA or promotin g club. AUG T 4 - PROFESSIONAL US HILL CLIMB NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP Muskegon M Muskegon, Mich.C, Mt. Garfield-Entrants notified b:Y AMA. AUGUST 11 - 25 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Midwest Speedways, 4600 N. 27lJ1,Lincoln, Nebr. -Entries from AMAo or District Referee. Entries Close July 21. EVERY W EDNES DAY NI G HT ACA PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner LOlli Beach FwY. & Firestone Blvd, Take Firestone to Ga rfield, go south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance . 100cc & 250cc classes, points, trophies & 40% of lJIe gate purse. Three no. plates required. Starts 8 p.m , every Wed. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT ACA SPORTSMAN T T RACES at Trojan Raceway, loca ted corner Long Beach FwY. & Firestone BlVd. Trophies and points . Take Fir es tone to Garfield, go sou th on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. 100cc & 250cc classes, 3 no. plates required. Starts 8 p.m , every Thurs . EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA FL ATTRA CK HALF- MILE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont , Gardena, Calif., promoted by J .C. Aga janl an . Novice , Amat eur and Expert riders . $2, 100 guaran teed pur se. Practice 7 p.m, fir st race 8: 15, t 8-race program. INOOOR SHOHT TRACK at Por tland, Or egon Expos ition Ce nter . Pa ved track, clas s es 0- 250cc, Clas s A & C. Tim e trials at 8p.m., first hea t a t 8:30 p.m , Regu la r short track pro g ram plus handi ca p eve nt, fast time atiempts, ma tch r aces, etc. WIll run every Friday night for rest of winter. EVERY SATURDAY SUNDAY, APRIL 28th 2nd ANNUAL SILVER STATE CLASSIC TT SCRAMBLES at Sunrise Speedway, Las Vegas, Nev. by Sliver City Scramblers.' AMA sane. Dist. 37 point run. Practice starts 9 a.m ., race time 10 a .m ., sidebacks welcome. From Showboat Hotel take Boulder HwY. to Vegas Valley Dr., left to track. DIS T . 37 C HAM P ION S HI P HARE SCRAMBLES presenied by the Foothill Hawks M.C . Sta r t time 10 a.m.; three 32-mile loops. Entry fee $4.25. Limed from Wagon Wheel Caf e, HwY. 14 and Johanasburg Rd. Finis her pins , Le Mans start, bring prop. A ~I A NO VICE -O:-l L Y HALF-MILE FLATTflA CK at Oa klandon, near Indianapolis, India napoli s , Two-star Dist . 9 Clas s C event . T.T . SCRAMBLES, by Oasis Scramblers M.C. in Fallon, Nevada atlJlefalrgrounds on HwY. 50-95. Signup & prado 10:00 a. m, to 12:00 noon. Admission $2.00, riders $3.00 . Race starts at 1:30 p.m , AMA sane, No knobbies. 6lJ1 ANNUAL CHICKEN ENDURO presented by Explorer Post 305. Starts and finishes at Big Cedar Springs, 4 miles north of Oakhurst, Cal. on HwY. 41. AMA sanc., eniry fee $3.00, post entry $4.00, team entry $3.00 , lots of trophies. About 100 miles, all dirt. First bike out at 10:01 a.m , Spec ial cla ss for unde r 125cc mac hine s & " B" endur o r iders . All olJler bikes in the same class . No dr awing, s tarting numbers determined by receipt of ent ry. Send to Explorer Pos t 305, 424 " A" si ., Mad er a, Calif. 93637. Ph: 673- 3146 in Madera for more info . ENGLISH TRIALS by SCTA a t Big Bear, Ca l. Lim ed fr om Stan dard Sta. In Fawnskin. Sta r ts at 10 a .m ., signup a t 9 a .m , Fr l. & sat. night carnpout at Big Pine Fla ts campground . Spa r k a rrestors mandatory . . EVERY OTHER S ATU RDAY HILLCLIMB by Cam pbell M.C. at Hall s Ranc h at Uva s Darn near Morgan HlII, Cal. New, neve r conque red 350- ft. hlll. Practice 9 a. m., 11:30 a. m, s ta r t. $1.50 ride or watch, kids under 12 free . Refresbments, fa clIl tl es . Li med fr om HwY. 101 at Watsonvllle turno ff. For info ca ll BlII Lan dsborough ( 408) 241- 6443. CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE New En alan d Motorcycl e Dealers Assn., 20 Brewster St., PlymoulJl, Mass.-Loudon, N.H. -Entries from AM or Distri ct Referee. A Entries close May 26. ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whitem an Air park, 12030 Pierce se., Pa coi ma(cor ner Pierce st. and San Fe r nan do Rd. L. Street bike preferably , 9 a.m, start, $10 per student. Fo r info call Bob Braverman at (213) 785-2421. JU NE 23 - MINIATURE NATIO NAL ADELANTO TT by De s e r t Phantoms M.C. AMA sane, point run. Lightweight practice 8:30 a .m, Big bikes app rox, noon. (Clos ed til April 27 for impr overnents.) On HwY. 395 In Adelanto, Ca lif. For info call (213) 861-5189. EVERY SATURDAY rli G HT 32nd ANNUAL CROSS COUNTRY RACE by Fort Sutter M.C. at Forest HlII, near Auburn, Cal. AMA sanc ., approx, a-mi. course, 5 loops. No pr a cti ce, signup 8-11 a .m., race at noon. Entry $3, $1 to watch. All cla ss es, bring own food & drink. Take HwY. 41 east fro m Auburn to Baker Ranch , li med from For es t Hill. JUNE 2 - 5 M E NATIONAL IL CHAMP IO;liSHI P DIRT TRACK De troit Area Associated Motorcycl e Cl ubs, Detroit Mich.-Race course Li vonia, M ich. -Enl ries from AMA or District Refere e. Ent rie s close May 12. JUN E 16 - 100 MILE NATI ONAL CHAMPIONSHIPROAD RACE Pittsburgh Racing Assn., 718 Hope Hollo w Rd., Pittsburgh , Pa.-Heidelberg RacewayEn lries from AMA or District Referee. Entries close June 2. JULY 14-20 MI LE NATION AL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK Jack Le igh, c/o Mort Becker, 4118 S.E. Malden St., PorUand , Ore. Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries close June 23. JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATIONAL CH.-\MPIONSHIP Mt. St. Helens M P.O.Ho. 51, Castle Rock, Wash. C, -Entries rrom AMA or District Referee . Entries close June 29. JULY 21 - 50 LAP TT NATIONAL CH.-\MPIONSIIIP J. C• .- \gajanian Enterprises, P.O . Bo. 98, Gardena , Callf.-Ascot-Entries from AMA or Dis trict Referee. Entries close July 6. ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES TRACK, practice at Redding' S 8/10-mlle cour se on HwY. 395 nea r Adelan to, Calif. $1.00 per r ider , spectators $1.00 pe r carload. Call (213) 861-5189 for more info. TT RACING under lJIe lights at Elsinore Race Track. Just off HwY. 71, east or Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman tr ophies for al l class es. Spectators welcome . EVERY SUNDAY ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES at Redding's 8/1 0-mlle on HwY . 395 near Adelanto, Calif. 0- 250cc practice at 8:30 a .m., big bikes approx, 11:30 a .m, Admission $1.25 each person, $2.00 entry fee. Cla ss C rubber. Call (213) 861-5189 for further info . SAT. & S UN., AP RIL 21 & 28th FIM NA TIONAL Tll IAJ.S CHAMP IONSHIP sp ons or ed by r~ , Amartcan'Raciog Assoc. at ~~\ 'o sas, 100 mil es each day , I"~"'~~.:i ~, fores t pa ths . Fo r mor e Info I ..f..f...• c . BlII Grapevine , 5326 E. Harr y ~ t. , Wichita, Kans . 67218. . .. KEARNEY BOWL NIGHT SCRAMBLES, Fresno, Calif. Presented by Pathfinders M/C Cl U Gate opens at 5 p.m , 1st race b. at 8 p.m , Admission $1.25. FRIDAY . M 3rd AY TROP HY PRESENTATION for the Fo ur Aces Moose Run hel d Feb, 18th, & The Four Aces T.T . Scrambles held Mar ch l Oth, 1968. F r ee beer & Pretzels, soda for the kids. Live Entertainment, plenty of parking space . Sign up 8 p .m., start 8:30 p.m , Finishing pin s for lJIe trophy winners. Limed from Victory Blvd. & Buena Vista Sis. Destination Mac hinis ts Hall , 2600 Vict or y Blvd., Burbank, Cal if. DIRT DIGGERS H O P ET OW N GP & MOTO- CROSS, fina l s egment to be shown orld of Sports" TV on ABC's " Wide W show. Don't mi ss your self at the world's largest race - 32,.782 spectators, 826 riders. Cons ult local TV guide for fur ther info. SATURI)AY, MAY 4th SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK RACINGat Cycle- Land Spee dway, 14 miles south of Chico , Cal if ., presented by the Valley M.C. Starts May 4, continues every saturday night throughout the summer.-For into call Dick McAfee at 877- 3395 in Paradise, Calif. SAT•• SUN. MAY 4 & 5th PAN AMERICAN TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP (American Round), sanctioned by PARA/FIM, sponsored by Kelsey Tr ad Ing co., In Zuni , New Mexico. Two- day event, 6 hr s , of r iding each day . Rough varied terrain, numerous observed sections. Trophies to first 5. Zuni tribal danc es sat . night, motels, camping available . Mail entries $10.00, limited to 100 riders . Deadilne April 29. Send to Kelsey Trading ce ., P .O. Box 265, Zuni, N.M. 87327. If entries open, riders may sign at meeting, May 4 at 9:30 2.m. SU NDAY, MAY 5th ~lO TO - C RO SS, 1st a nnual China Beach Or pha nage Benertt. Tenta ti ve location: Dodge r Stadium, Los Angele s. ACA sanctioned with cooperation of Ma ri ne Cor ps Reserve Olflcer s Assn. & Kavy League . AL L pr oceeds io be used to bulld or phana ge at China Beach , Oln ang, Viet !-lim. Deadlin e for pr e- entr ies: April ' 22. Entry $3. Pos t Entry $25. Write A.C.A. , Box 247, Fulle r ton, Cali f. or call (213) 786-9113 or (714) 528- 4290. AFM CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE a t Va ca Va lley Race....-ay, just east of v ac avllle, Calif. on U.S. 80, be tween San Fr ancisco and sacramento. All National classes wlll run. $1000 In prizes; ca s h to GP , trophies to production, Plus $200 bonus from Honda of San Fr anc is co for production class wlnner(s). Fr ee admiss ion and reduced entry for r iders entered by April 27. For info write AFM , 4810 Daisy . Apt. B, Oa kla nd, Cal. 94619 or phone (415) 535-1 549, (213) 762-9 875 or (805) 967- 8919. Pa ill pra ctice Sat. May 4, Sunday registration & tech. 8- 11 a.m, Practice at 10 a.m ., first heat a t noon, Can also call (714) 442-3338. 2nd ANNUAL RAWHI DE ENDURO by the W s uk Scr amble rs Mi c . AMA sancas tioned. Star, noon chec k a nd finis h at Hawthor ne, Neva da . First r ide r out at 8 a.m, Sunday , ~ lay 5, 19G8. No s par k arres tors or muffle rs r equi red. Cour s e Is approx, 100 miles long. ( 'ot as r ough as last year.) ~I ail entries $4.00, clo se April 29th. Post en tr ies $5.00, s ignup head quarters at the Wolf 's Lair, Highway 95 Eas t, Hawthor ne. Fo r Ma il entries or fur ther Information wr ite Wassu k Sc r amble rs xr/ c, Box 872, HawlJIorne, ~ev . 89415, or call Cha r li e Jon es at (702) 945- 2988. 28lJ1 ANNUAL SPORTSMANHILLCLIMB Presented by Modesto Motorcycle Club at Ospltal Canyon, south east of Tracy, Calif. Take HwY 132 wes t out of Modesto or HwY 33 south out of Tracy lJIenfollow the lime and arrows . Admission $1.50Children under 12 free - racing starts at noon. 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