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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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.'- ADS OFFERING ANYTHING TO GIVE AWAY OR TRADE - FREE ~ CYCLE MAN WANTED Experienced all 'round parts, service & sales. Salary plus and company benefits. Large volume motorcycle deale r . Permanent. Outstanding luture for r ight man, age 25 to 40. (213 ) 392-3066. MECHANIC NEEDED Perlect working conditions, good pay. Call Barry, (213) 591-1301. FREE SAMPLE: British magazine; Detailed photos , illustrating repairing, preventative maintenance, tuning, touring, competing, cus tomi zi ng, all European, Japanese cycles. MOTORCYC LE MECHANICS, 3388 Modoc, Kerman, Calif. 93630 . NPG Is here - So. Cal. dis tributor C. B. Moto r s . (2 13) PL 6- 1669. MACHn~E SHOP SERVICE All types of custom or production machine shop work - Skrip & Crews Machine Shop, 9045 Artesia Blvd ., in rear, Bellflower , c snr. Phone (2 13) 925-5914 or 633- 0964. MAICO - 360 Square Barr el X4 MotoCross $685.00. Eso 500 Scrambler, set up lor TT or ? Xlent condition $675.00. 1965 JaWa 360 Mota-Cross - desert ready, magneto & extras, 'motor [ust rebuilt-big rod, e tc . $375 .00. Call during day (714) 746-3456. '67 TRIUMPH TI00 FC $775 .00. 1205 E. Artesia mve., Compton, Calif. Call (2 13) 639-5648 befor e 6. 67' LA CROSS. Never rated, lresh engin e $595.00. 451-1477 or 399- 41 87. DICK' S M/C SALVAGE 9061 E. Ar te sia Blvd. (213) 925-9054 . Junk bikes bought. MOT OR CYC L E Fl1ECHANIC Experlened only. Tri umph- Yamaha prelerred. Top money to top man , San Fernando Valley (213) 346-3700. HONDA MECHA!'<1CS.lmmediate open ing lor two. 5- 1/2 day week. All company be nefi ts. Bea ch area. Call service manager at 392- 4105. SELBY MOTORS Northern California's Greeves Headquarters . All models In stock. B.S.A. Suzuki, Kawas aki , Gr eev es , sachs. (415) 369-4112. '67 BULTACO Sherpa, 200cc, like new, never raced, Riverside (714) 688-9309. ATTENTION: CYCLE r~EWS CONTRI BUTORS We do not have the addresses ol the contributors listed here. it you willcontact us we will s end you a check lor your published work; SUSAN CLARK, ROGER EVANS, HARRY LAWRIE , Con tact CYCLE NEWS, P ,O. Box 498, Long Bea ch, canr. (213 ) 423-0431. Price s _ 10 words or less, pIus address _ $1.00 ._ 25 words or less, plus address _. $2,00 Picture (s upplied by you) _. $3.00 extra HEADLINE IN BOLD TYPE-Sl.OO extra. KIDS WANTED Ages 10-1 6 to sell Cycl e Ne ws at races you a ttend in Calif., Washin gton, Or egon, Ar izo na & Neva da . Ea rn $2 to $10 per day. Write lo r Information to Cycle News boy Ser vi ce " Box 498, Long Bea ch. BOOK: eHOW TO RIDE'& WIN" Expe r t r iders In Ameri can spor ts competition te ll the techni ques of track and trail. Chuck " F ee ts " Minert on TTSc r am bles, Bud Ekins on Moto -C r os s . East Coas t' s Don Pt nk tells how to r ide End uros a nd woods . John McLaug hlin on Grand Prix Scr ambles. Helpful tips on setup ol motorcycles, car ds & li cens es an d much o more . Hardbound. $4 . pos tpaid. Send chec k or money order to _ How to Ride & Win , c/o C&S Pub lishing Co., Box 498, Long Beach, Calil. 90801. TRI UMPH DESERT BI KES t:i~ V BRAND NEW TRIUMPH TR6C wi th Cerianl front end. All exlras. Race ready. Cu ~ tom built lor 1IIe serious rider. Best dea l. Van Nuys Cycle, 7630 Van Noys Blvd. Ph (213) 989-2230. BLUE PIPE for Monte sa 25OCc. Works grea t on the Sco rpion $20.00-$35.00 new . (2 13) 784- 5001. 1966 TR6 FENDERS, ta ch, s pe edo, mufflers, et c ., xlnt, Make ofter. (213 ) 3614262. SERVICE WRITER lor nations largest and most successlul motorcycle de aler . Requires an agressive young man 18-30 with mecnanlcal background and knowledge ol motorcycles. A sales type individ ual Is prererr'ed, ThI s position Is the first step In service manager training In this store's network. Contact Don McGee at GA 3-1433. Long Beach Honda, 5105 Atlantic, Long Beach, Calil. too. Call Jim Woolwine a t (213) 352-3241 or 353- 3226• . MATCHLESS '59 s ingle, r ebuilt throughout, many goodies, BSA gearbox $495.00. San Jose, Calif. (40 8) 252-7374. IMMACULATE-Dirt, trail, street, 1965 Honda 150, 3000 mi ., cleanest in town, s ell lo r cash or trade lo r wr ecked V.W. Come s ee It. (213) 566-7618. RICKMAN MEliSSE Handl ebar, street-racing, sole U,S. t rnpr ter and distributor. House of SuzukiTriumph, 16112 Harbor Blvd., Fountain Valley, Calil . 92708. ON INSU A R NCE Dealer garage liability 15% savings on Dealer's bonds. JOHN W. MAYNARD INSURANCE, 3447 Motor Ave ., Los Angeles, Calif. Phone: 836- 5211. GREEVES 250cc T, T. SCRAMBLERS IN STOCK. SAVE $150 il you buy nowl HNICllholsood°n MC°aliftos'(211136)297Y~8067we4n , North r •

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