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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS SATURDAY, APRIL6th SUNDAY. APRIL 1th AMA PROF ESSIONAL TT STEEPLECHASE a t the Ascot Park twist, turn and jump course, pr om ot ed by J .C . Agajanian. P racti c e a t 7 p .m .; fi rst race 8: 15 p. rn, Nov ., Arn., EXP. Class C riders . Track location l83r d & Vermon t , Gardena, Cali!., just ort the Harbor & San Diego F wys . AF M CHA MPI OJl.'SIU P ROAD RACE at Orange County Int'I Raceway. Tate Sand Canyon ort-ramp from Santa Ana F wy. (U. S. 101), 10 miles south of Santa Ana, Cal. $500 guaranteed p urse for G P classes, trophies to P roduction classes. For info write L.A. Chapter AFM, 3106 Gr iffi n Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 90031. En tries at track only. Pit gates open 7:3 0 a.m, APRIL 6 tlnugh APRIL 14th T EE N- TI ME USA - Motorcycles and othe r youngminded folderol at the Ana he i m Conve nti on Center fr om 3 ti l m idnight Saturda ys. P romoted by Radio s tation KE Z Y in Orange Co unty. Ca ll ( 714 ) 533- 3131 for more dop e . SAT. APRIL 6 & SUN. APRIL 1th 14th ANNUAL NORTHWEST AMA 6 STA R TT CHAMPIO NSHIP RAC E prese nted by Owyhe e M.C . at Boise, Idaho. All Novices must ti me In and qualify on Sat. for Sunda y' s event. All Amateurs & Expe r ts will time in and qua1l!y on Sunda y . $50 for Ex p , fast ti me, $ 50 Exp . Trophy Dash , $5.00 lap money for Exper ts. $1600 total purse. Gates ope n 9 a .m, Ra ce to be held at Owyhe e M.C . club grounds . Wr ite for entry blanks to Owyhee M.C. , Box 733, Boise, Idaho 83701. SAT. & SUN., APRIL 6 & 1th CLASSIC AND ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE RALLY in Visalia, Calif. P res e nte d by the Classic & Antique A ss oc .; the Conco urs de Elegance s how will be held a t the Visalia Fair Mall on Moon ey Blvd. Bike judging Sat., April 6 at 12 noon In the huge Indoor mall, may be set up 3nyti me between 8-10 a.m , Sa t. Also trade meet and r oped off parking a rea for use as r idin g and di splay area for unlice ns ed and r aci ng bike s . DInner at local banquet r oo m a t 8 p .rn , s un., April 7 an 80m ile poker r un through tw isty Sierra mountain foo th ills . Fir s t Classic & Antique Ra lly ever held on West Coast . F or mo r e info co ntact F r ank F. Co nley, secv., 808 S. C hurch St . , Visa li a, Calif. 93277 . SUtIDAY, APRIL 1111 8th ANNUAL SHAMROC K EN DURO, 125miler, Mo ja ve Hospital Be nefit. Start and fl nl s h at Old Ri cardo'S , limed fro m Red Rock Canyon, HwY. 14, 20 miles north of Mojave, Cali!. No gas or food at s tart, muffler, waterpr oof ing and license plate rec ommended. F irst Lt. Wt-HvyWt. le a ve s a t 8:01 a .m. , 1s t tr allblk e leave s 10:01 a .m, Trailbikes go 50 mlles , others go 125 miles s o bring extra gas can if you can't go 75 miles. Three r iders to a numbe r, traIlblkes ride with own class only. Mall e ntry $4 .00 , deadline April 1st. Drawing Apr il 3, Sunland P ark, 8:3 0 p.rn , Mail entries to Tom Cen te r , 773 5 Kyle, Tujunga, Cal. 91042 . Pos t e ntry $5 .00 . TraiIbikes can e nter as li ghtweights and go all th e way. EUROPEA N SC RAMBLES presented by Desert Challengers M.C. at Deadman's Point, Calif. Three separate I - hour race s, a pprox, 30 miles. Trophies to 40% of entries . $3 .25 entry, noartl1iatlon r e qui r ed, pi e plates OK. All trail bikes 10 a.m ., all small bikes 11: 15 a.m. , big bikes a t 12:30 p .m, Campgrounds, pl cnlx area, ol d we ste rn village , r e staurant, saloon, western band, course r e vised every month, 100% visible to spectato rs . Turn off Hwy. 66 at Lucerne Valley cutorr, head east to in te r s ection of Hwy . 18 in App le Valley , Cal. and you' re there. POKER RUN by Navy Ci ty M.C. a t Vallejo, Cali!. Annual event, AMA sane , Slgn- up ti me 9: 30- 11 a.m . at Bettencourt's MI C Shop, 420 Marin st., Vallejo, Calif . Coffee and donuts served a t s tart, entry fee $1. 50 per person, 7 trophies. SCRAM BL ES sponsored by th e South County M.C . of Gilroy at 7800 Clenl e ga ae. , Hollister , caur. AMA sanc.; r id e rs or spe ctators $ 1.50, children unde r 12 fr ee . Open to all classes. P ractice 9 a .m ., race at 12 noon. Beautiful trophies . 50-MILE SCRAMBLES by Sage-Hoppers M.C. a t Encinltas, Cal. P r actice 9 a .m., r ider s meeting 9:45 a.m. Fir s t race 10 a .m ., Am . & EXP.. all engine s izes. Second race 12 noon, Nov . , all e ngine s izes. L imed fr om F wY. #5 and En cinitas Blvd. National & Dis t . 38 sporting poln~ . F a c ilities, in te resting course, fr iendly club. $3 .00 entry fee, no a dmlttance charge . Cher ry pic ke rs and litterbugs will be walled . For Info call Bob Gooding ( 714) 753-2907. T T RACE by Shasta M.C ., AMA sane., s m ooth TT track, all classes. Track locati on: take Business Loop , Interstate #5, between Redding and Anderson, Call!. Turn wes t on Happy Valley Rd . and follow s ign s to track. Practice and signup 10 a.m, to noon, race s tarts a t 1 p .m. In case of in clement weather or for further Info call (916) 241 - 4008 In Redding. HARE SCRAMBLES pr esented by Cy c1iers of Bakersfield, Cali!. Starts 12 noo n, rain or s hi ne. Six bikes a class. AMA sane., plenty of trophies, r efres hm e nts available. Entry fee $3.00 Place: N. C hester Ave.. limed from Bakersfield Speedway . make ENGLISH TRIALS by Southern caur, Trtals Assn. to be held in the Mi ramar area of San Diego . 10 a.m . start, signup starts at 8:3 0 a.m , U med t rom the Genessee Ave . t urnoff of Interstate 5 and MIramar Rd . Consult local map for di r ections. overnight cam pin g not r ecommended; locati on Is near a housing trac t. PONDEROSA HA R E SCRAMBLES by Greyhoun ds M.C., 15 miles east or Lancaster, Cali!. on Ave. J. 10 a .m. start, four Io- mile loops for all classes. Trophies to 50% or entries. 1968 Dlst. 37 desert numbers only. 1st A NNUAL l oo -MILE BONANZA HARE & HOUND pr esented by , ·e vada Tra11 Blazers of Reno, Nevada. AMA sanc., fi r s t area Hare & Hound in years . Course 100 miles of r oads, trails and sagebrush. Re fr e shments and food available but bring your own gas and mark it well. Ra ce s tarts 11 a .m, sharp . En trants may check in or enter on Sat., April 6 at race headquar te rs, Ponde rosa Hotel & Casino, 515 S. Virginia St ., Reno, Ne vada. Pre entry $4 .00, $5.00 da y of race. Call Doug Harrison at 78 6-1906 in Reno, Ne vada fo r more Info. Hwy. limed to course from U.S. 40 at U.S. 395 In downtown Reno. 4th ANNUAL POKER RUN presented by the Oxnard M.C . Starts a t San F e r nando H- D, 16113 She rman Way, Van Nuys, Cal. Sign up 8 to 9:30 a.m , Cortee and donuts a t start. Ple nty of good food at finis h. Donation of $2 .25 includes m eal. Fie ld events and plenty of trophies. 3-ft. Sweepstakes trophy . For further info call (8 05) 487-4080. SUNDAY, APRIL 14tb THREE STAR AMA P ROFESSIONAL TT RACE a t Trl-Clty Raceway, West Richland, Wasb. Presented by the mn & Gully M.C . For further info contactJolm Re ctor at (5 09) 943-3391 or write mn &< Gully M.C. , cl o Jack C:une ron, 3403 W. Imnaha, Kennewick, Wash. 99336. HARE SCRAMBLES by Marin County MlC Assoc . at San Rafael, Cali!. Road will be limed from San Pedro turnoff or F wy. 101 just nor th of San Ra!ael. Lett at s top sign. Signup 9-11 a .m. , race at noon, $1.00 to walch, $2.00 to r ide. Rain or shine. Classes: 0- 125 Nov.; 0-125 Am/Exp.; 126-250 Nov.; 126-250 AmI Exp.; 25l-0pen Nov .; 251-0penAm/ EXP. For further Info contact ( 41 5) 897 -5901. ARIZONA CHAMPIONSHIP TT at Easts ide Cycle Park, Tucson, Ariz. Haltm ile graded and oiled course with 3 jumps In tip- top c on di ti on . F r ee "I 'l"r'd In Tucson" T-shirts to out or state r iders . Practice 9 til noon. Ri de r s from Texas , 1'1.1.1., Ariz., Cal. & maybe Nev. SUN DAY, AP RIL 21st 5th ANNUAL 4ger ENDURO presented by Polka Dots M.C. Starts and finishes in Forest Hill, Cal., 21 m il es no rtheas t or Auburn. En try fee $3 .00, team entry $3.00, post entry $5 .00 . First rider out at 8: 0 1 a .m., course less than 125 miles . (Nice, easy Sunday ride in the woods.) Spark arrestors and helmets absolutely r equi r ed. Class es: E>:per t Class A, 0l25c c ; 126-25Occ ; 251-Open. Jl.'ovice Class B, 0- 125cc; 126-25Occ ; asi-oeen. Sideback class too , if you ' r e crazy enurr, Per petual Sweepslakes trophy . Numbe rs assigned as received afte r draw ing on • larch 19 at 7 p.m., 4555 Aubu rn Blvd., Sacramento, Cal. Entries clos e Apr il 14. Post entry charged thereafter . For ino, entry " Tite Polka Dots M.C., 86 Malone Ct.. sacramento, Cal. 95820 or call (916) 4 51-184 5 o r ( 916) 42 8-6110. 3rd Amo"UAL BENE F IT RUN by Sin gi ng Wheels M.C . of San Diego fo r the Home of Gui ditC Hands for mentally retarded children in Lakeside, Cal. Donation #$2 .00 per person. Start a t Chuck Holenda's !/C shop in EI Cajon, Cal. Coffee and donnts, time 9-11 a .m. Los Angeles r iders sign in 9-12 at check po in t , Hwy. 395 and Sunset, about 2 miles oulslde Escondido, Cal. DeadlIne 2:30 p.m , F i eld events, trophies, r efreshments, fun . All proceeds go to the bome. For Infor ma ti on call 42 0-9702 in Chula Vista, Cal, HALF - IILE A.lA DIRT T RACK race at San J ose, CaliC. Fai rgr ounds. P romoted by Barkhi mer Assoc. Professional Nov .; Am . and E xp; r ide r s. First r ace a t 2: 15 p .m, Purse :5900 with Ma in Ev enl winner gua rante ed overall winnings of $500. TT SCRA MBLES by Exper ts M.C. of San Diego a t Mesa sPeedway. Graded and surfaced 5/ B- m ll e TT cours e , Class C traction. Gear high. Practice a t 10 a.m.. firs t race a t noon. So uth on Inte rstate 5 to Malo St. turnort south of Chula VISta, Cal. Follow Otay Mesa Rd . and li me to track. For Inf o contact Earl Rolort at 479-3209 or 23 9- 6119 In San Diego. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACE at San Angelo, TeD.S. Presented by the South west M/c Racing Assoc . For more Info on this and upcoming events, write Races , 25111 T .C .U. Ave . , San Angel o, TelCIS or call (915) 949-1030. PA CIFIC SOUTHWEST CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES by Sidehack Assn. Second annual Trl- Wheel TraIls eve nt . All classes ( e xcep t hacks). Pick up lime or markers at Intersection of Hwys. 395 and 58 . Leave early fo r start at 10:3 0 a .m, Trail bikes 10: 45 a .m , This Is a snap course as it was laid out with sidecars and you know they're lazy . D1s t . 37 points It you finish. We dare yo u, soles! Watclt fo r poster. TT SCRAMBLES presented by Or ange Co unty M.C. AMA poi nt run . Big b ike s only. Firs t race ever at the new Saddleback Park track. Plenty of lap s for each class. Spectators can view entire track tro m on e point. Expert s ignup c loses 8:30 a.m., practice 9 a .m.Ama teur slgnup closes 10:30 a.m., p rac ti ce 11 a .m, Novi ce s ign up closes 12:3 0 p .m., practice 1 p .m, $3.00 entry, $1.25 gate donation MOTO-CROSS at Phelan, Cali!. by 100's M.C. Umed fr om Hwy. 395 and P he lan Rd . Limited to 100cc and under; e ntry Is $3 .00. There will be th ree halt-hour races. SCRA IBL ES pr esented by Mt . St . Helens I.C . at castle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Wasb. F urther Info on this and other races in the area may be ob tained by writing Jol t. St. Helens M.C ., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash. 986 11. MOTO-CROSS p r e s en ted by Bushmasters M. C. near Beaumont, canr, All classes; 5 bikes make a class. First race 10 a .m , Classes combined - O- lOOcc; 101-25Occ; 251-5oo/501-l0oocc. Three races each class, ambulance s tandby , great for spectators. Take US 60- 70- 99 to Bea.nm on t, Cal., take Beaum ont Ave . otframp and follow the lime 2 m il es south. Trophies to 20% of r ide r s. SCRAMBLES at Spr ocke ts Park in Bakersfield, Cali!. p r es en ted by th e Bake rsfield Sp rockets . Signup c l ose s a t 11:3 0 a .rn, with first race at noon. AFM NATI ONA L MOTa- C ROSS a t carlsbad, CalU. Jr . & Exp . 125-2505OO-Open classes. Organized by Calif. Molo-Cross Cl ub. F or info write P .O . Box 391, Harbor City, Cal. 9071 0. P rize m ooey In 2 50 & 500 Exp . classes . Signup opens 7:30 a.m .. practice 10 a .m, Point e vent. SUN. APRIL 21 & SUN, M 5th AY TT SCRA MBLES by Oregon Sidewinders !>I.C . AIIL\ sanc . 3 s tart Class C e vent. Race s tarts I p.m ., rider s entry $2 .00, spectators $2 .00. Also special exhibition events in l OOcc & 175cc c1:lsses . P it gate opens a t noo n . Ra ce held at Oregon Sidewinders track on SE La wnfi eld Rd . , south of Portland near Clacka ma s, Or e gon . Write Diane Seifert, Rt . 3, Bo x 290 - C, Oregon Cit}', Or egon 97045 for mor e info . SAT. & SUN., AP RIL 21 & 28th r[ M NAT IONAL T RIALS CHAMP IONSHIP spons ored by Pan-American Racing Assoc . at Sedan, Kansas. 100 miles each da y , m ud, r ocks , forest pa ths . For mor e info c onta ct Bill Grape vine , 5326 E . Ha r r y s t., Wichi ta, Kans . 67218. Phone ~IU 3-6032 . SU ND AY APRIL 28111 , D I S T . 37 C H AM PIO:-i S H I P HARE SCRA MBL ES p r esen ted by the Foothill Hawks M. C . Start ti me 10 a .m., three 32-mile loops . Entry fee $4 .25. Ume d fr om Wago n Wheel Cafe, Hwy . 14 and Johanasburg Rd . Finis he r pi ns, Le Mans start, bring p r op . AMA N OV ICE- ONLY HAL F-MILE FLA TTRAC K at oaklandon, near Indiana polls , Indianapolis, Two-s tar Dis t . 9 Class C event . SU NDAY, M 5th AY MOT O-CROSS, 1st ann ual China Beach Or phanage Benertt. Te ntative location: Dodge r Stadi um , Los Angeles . ACA Sanc ti one d with c ooperati on of Marine Cor ps Reser ve Offi cer s As s n. & Na vy League. ALL proceeds to be us e d to build orphanage at Chi na Beach, Danang, Viet Narn , Deadli ne for pre-entries: Apr il 22. En try $3. Pos t En try $25 . Write A.C.A ., Box 247 , F ull e r ton, Calif. or call (213) 78 6- 9113 or (7 14) 528-4290. TWO PROfESSIONAL AfM ROAD RACES COMING UP Marc" 3J April 7 The Amer ican Federation of Moto r cyclists has Is s ue d sanctions for two championship road races to be he ld on March 31 and Apr il 7. Th e first, with a purse of $1000, will be held on Sunday, Mar ch 31 at Vaca Valle y Raceway , Vacaville , c ai., s ite of the fi r s tAFM National road rac e In 1967. The event, paying cash to all GP classes, is bei ng promoted by Spo rt-Cycle, tnc ., under the dir ection of Mr . J ohn Renesch, P r eentry Info can be ha d by writing toA FM SF Chap te r , 4810 DaIsy #b, oakland, Calif. 946 19 . The s e cond event will kick off the AFM s eason In So . Calif., and will be he ld a t Or ange County Int 'l Raceway , site of the fi nal AF M National road race in 1967. A guaranteed purse of $500 will be paid by OClR to all AFlIl GP classes having a minlm um entry of three. Payoffs will be ma de on the ba s is of number of entrie s and displacement. Information can be ha d from th e Los Angeles Cha pte r of th e AFM at 3106 Griffin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 900 31 or by phonlng (213) 222 - 1303 after 6 p .rn , . . APRIL 7, 1968 , ,.,............... 8th ANNUAL SHA CK • . .. r-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . u - ... . , • •1 a.-- 8001 a.-- 10.01 lot UPI • •...I. H Iot .TraiI T. . . . . . . . SO ·_ _ L ..ftA_ ~ ma.o.-.. ~_ .. 1"0 CooWf_" _ & as .... 'I'I __ . . 's.oo JIail hlzy ' 4.00 PM _ --. _,- h ky ~ CI:IIfta. rna -- ... Kn8, fttJ1IIIU, CAUr. _ ' ••, ••••••••••••••••••, . . . . . I I . . I I ' Dirtdiggers Scrambles HOPETOWN -.lULV& AN D7 We' re gonna sock it to ya. .. ': ~ c.. ~ ~ -.:: 00 ~ ~ ~ Col tl ;.., U

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