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P age 68 • a NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS SU"DAY, APfllL 1th ... • " SAT. & SUN., APRIL 21 & 28th 8th ANNUAL SHAMROCK ENDURO, 125miler, Mojave Hospital Benefit. Start and finish at Old Ricardo's, limed from Red Rock Canyon, Hwy. 14, 20 miles north of Mojave, Cali!. No gas or foodat start, muffler, ....-a.terprooflng and license plate r ecommended. Fir st Lt. Wt-HvyWt. leaves at 8:0 1 a .m . , 1s t traUblke leaves 10:01 a.m . Trallblkes go 50 miles, others go 125 miles so bring extra gas can 1! you can't go 75 miles . Three riders to a number, tra1lblkes ride with own class only. Mall entry $4.00, dead11ne April 1s t . Drawing April 3, Sunland Park, 8:30 p.m , Mail entries to Tom Center, 7735 Kyle , Tujunga, Cal . 91042. Post entry $5.00. FI1\! NA TIONAL TRIALS CHAMP IONSHIP sponsored by Pan-American Racing Assoc . at Sedan, Kansas. 100 mil es eac h day , mud, r ocks , for est paths . For more info conta ct Bill Grapevine , 5326 E, Harry St., Wich ita, Kans. 672 18. Phone 1\! U 3- 6032. By California Mota-cross Club SUNDAY, APRIL 28th Eas t on Ch a p ma n Av e . o ff o f the Ne wpo rt Fre ew ay to Sa nt ia go C a ny on R oa d , Righ t to P e t ers Cany o n Ro ad , Left to gate. PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by Gr eyhounds M.C., 15 miles east of Lancaster, Calif. on Ave. J. 10 a.m, s tart, four lO-mile loops for al l classes . Trophies to 50% of entries . 1968 Dls t. 37 desert numbers only. I • a 1s t ANNUAL 100-MILE BONANZAHARE & HOUND presented by Nevada Tr all Blaz ers of Reno, Neva da . AMA sanc., first a rea Hare & Hound In years. Course 100 miles of roads, tral ls and sagebrush. Refreshments and food avallable but bring your own gas and mark It well. Race starts 11 a.m, s harp. Entrants may che ck In or enter on Sat., April 6 a t race headquarters, Ponderosa Hotel & Casino, 515 S. Virginia St., Reno, Nevada. Pre entry $4.00, $5.00 day of race. Call Doug Harrison a t 786-1906 In Reno, Nevada for more Info. Hwy. li med to course fr om U.S. 40 at U.S. 395 In downtown Reno. SUNDAY, APRIL 14th TIlREE STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT RACE at Trl-Clty Raceway, West Richland, Wash. Presented by the Hill & Gully M.C. For further info contact John Rector at (509) 943-3391 or write Hill & Gully M,C., c/o Jack Cameron, 3403 W. Imnaha, Kennewick, Wa sh. 99336. • '. · SUN. APRIL 21 & SUN. MAY 5th TT SCRAMBLES by Oregon Sidewinders M,C. AMA sane , 3 s tart Clas s C event. Race starts 1 p.rn.; riders en try $2.00, s pe c tators $2.00. Also special exhibition even ts in 100cc & 175cc classes ; Pit gate ope ns at noon. Race held a t Or egon Sidewinders track on SE Lawnfield Rd., so uth of Portland 'near Clackamas , Oregon. Wri te Diane Seif ert, Rt . 3, Box 290-C , Oregon Cit y, Or egon 97045 for more info. SUNDAY, APRIL 21st 5th ANNUAL 4ger ENDURO presented by Polka Dots M.C. Starts and finishes in Forest Hill, Cal., 21 miles northeast of Auburn. Entry fee $3.00 , team entry $3.00, post entry $5.00. First rider out at 8:01 a.m ., course less than 125 miles. (Nice, easy Sunday ride in the woods .) Spark arres tor s and helmets abs ol utely required. Classes: Expe rt Class A, 0125c c; 126- 25Occ; 251-0pen. Novice Class B, 0- 125cc; 126-2 5Occ; 251- 0 pe n. Sidehack class too, if you're crazy enuU. Perpetual Sweepstakes trophy. Numbers assigned as received af ter drawing on March 19 at 7 p.m., 4555 Auburn BlVd., Sacramento, Cal. Entries close April 14. Post entry charged thereafter. For ino, entry write Polka Dots M.C. , 86 Malone c i ., Sacramento, Cal. 95820 or call (9 16) 451-1845 or (9 16) 428-6110. SCRAMBLES presented by Mt. St. Helens M.C , at Castle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Roclc, Wash. Further info on this and other races In the area may be obtained by writing Mt. st. Helens M.C ., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash. 98611. SCRAMBLES at Sproc kets Park In Bakersfield, Calif. presented by the Bake r sfield Sprockets. Sign up closes a t 11:30 a. m, with fi r s t race at noon. HALF-MIL E AMA DIRT TRACK race at san Jose, Ca li f. Fai rgrounds . Promote d by Barkhim er Assoc . Pr ofes s ional xo v., Am. and Exp, r ider s . Fi r s t race at 2:15 p . rn , Pu rse $900 with 1\laln Event winner guaranteed ove rall winnings of $500. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACE at san Angelo, Texas. Presented by the Southwest M/ C Racing Assoc. For more Info on thi s and upcoming events, write Races , 2507 T .C.U. Ave ., san Angelo , Texas or call (915) 949-1030. SADDLEBACI AMA N OV I CE - O N LY HALF -MILE F LATTRA CK a t Oak landon , nea r Indian apolis , Indianapolis, Two-star Dls t. 9 Class C event. 7-MILE AMA NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP DIRT TRACK RACE at Hampton Downs, Atlanta, Georgia. Promoted by Gr eat Southe rn Deve lopment, 1446 Tully Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga . Entries close Apr il 7; entries from AMA or Dis trict Refe ree. 90-MILE AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN presented by Tompkins County M.C" RFD 2, Route 13, Newfi eld, New York. Entries from AMA or promoting club . PAil . MOTO-CIOSS ~"""" .. March 24th Gates Op en i: 30 a. rn , pr ac tic e 10 a. rn , Firs t Ra ce 10:4,; a.rn, AFM or FIM affiliate POST ENTRY $5.00 KAWASAII Ju s t Arri ve d New Headquarters 350 &115 SCRAMBLEIS BEACH aTIES CYCLES 525 II. EI Cimino R..I s.. ClllIIlntl. Caillornil Long Beach Honda 014> 492-6141 . (213) 423-1433 SUNDAY, MAY 5th 2nd ANNUAL RAWHIDE ENDURO by the Wassuk Scra mble rs 1\I/C. AMA Sanc ti oned. Star, noon chec k and fi nish a t Hawthorne , Nevada . Fir s t r ider out a t 8 a .m, Sunday, May 5, 1968. No spark arrestors or mufflers r eq uired. Co ur se Is approx, 100 miles long. (Not as rough as last yea r .) 1\!all entries $4.00, close April 29th . Post entrie s $5.00, slgnup headquarters at the Wolf ' s Lai r, Highw::.y 95 East, Hawthorne. Fo r 1\lail en tries or further informa ti on wr ite Wass uk Sc r amble rs l\I/C, Box 872, Hawthorne, Nev . 89415, or cal l Cha r ll e 'Jone s at (702) 945-2988, THINKING ABOUT SUBSCRIBING TO CYCLE NEWS ,t' SUNDAY, MAY 12th AMA SHORT TRACK RACE at Dixon May Fair near sacramento, Cal if . 3/8-mlle dirt track, purse $600. Time trtals 7 p.m., fi rst r a ce 8 p .rn , Program must run of! fast on Sun. night, last" night of the fai r. (hint hint) FRIDAY, MAY 11th CLASS C A1\IA TT SCRAMBL ES presented by Oregon Sidewinders M,C , a t their track on SE Lawnfield Rd., s outh of Por tland, Oregon near Clac ka ma s , Ore. Three s tar event, r ider entry $2.00, pit gate opens 6:30 p.m , 8 p .rn , s tart. Spe ctators $2.00 . Also s pe cial exhibition events In 100cc & 175cc classes . For more Info conta ct Sidewinder s M.C" Rt. 3, Box 290- C, Oregon City, Or e. 97045. Every Friday night until Sept . 6 except May 31, July 5, J uly 19& Aug. 30. SUNDAY, MAY 19th A1\IA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HARE & HOUND RACE, presented by the Salt Lake M.C. at Cherry Creek, just southwest of Eureka, Utah. 8th annual event, extre mel y varied terraln - soft dirt, trees, Sahara-type sand dunes, sage brush, steep grades , mountain passes, et c. Trophies , !1nishers pins, merchandise a wards. Five-foot perpetual trophy. Cour se well marked, covered by radio and first-aid equipped jeeps. Entry $3.00 mail entry (closes May 15) or S5.oopost entry (closes at 9 a. rn, on race day ). Mall s tandard entry to Sal t Lake M.C" P .O, Box 1711, Salt' Lake City, Utah 84101 or wr ite the m for more info. SUB BLANK ••••••••••••••••••••••••Ii •• i = = = = • Via 1st cl~ss mail for ODe year S18. Via Air Mail for ODe Year $26. • (plllSl cIIlek "I fill tile Il1o") .• • NrSONGER PRIZE MONEY TO MOTORCYCLE RACE WINNERS Victorious rn ot o r c y c Le competition riders In the 1968 AMA Na tio nal Championship Races at Daytona International Speedway will be awarded with prize money exc eeding $1000, announced Mr. Ea r l G. Nisonger. The Nlsonger Cor por a tion of New Rochelle, N.Y. and Los Angeles , Cali!. Impo r t and distribute Smiths speedometers, ta chometer s and KLG spark plugs to motorcycle dealer s throughout the United States. The posted KLG- Nisonger prize money w1ll be awarded contingent on the use of KLG spark pl ugs and display of the KLG dec al. The 1968 Nis onger- KLG prize money award s che dule is as follows: (In ea ch of the three races , Novice, Amateur and Expe rt events) First place $100.0 0, Second place $50.00, Third pla ce to Tenth place $25. 00. • (VIA 2nd CLASS MAIL) D $7.50 FOR 1 YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARS D 0 D I enclese check or moDey order please bill me later • N~ • STATE • (dul to posta l 111\11111.." or an • D D ADDRESS • 5 = = • = • = • • 'l'Ilis is a new SUbSCriptiOD This is a reaewll • • • • D D = • • • • • • • ZIP .a must hive zip codes on I II ,ubscrlpll..,s) • • = MAIL TO: = 5 CYCLE NEWS,BOX 498,· = LONG' BEACH, CALIF. 90801 = PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS fOR • NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO START. ~ .

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