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~. By Chuc k Clayton a; t- all classes . Finishes at Colorado R1ver, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18th WEST TEXAS CHAMP IONSIDP DESERT SCRAMBLES pr es ented by the R1mtwisters M.C. of EI Paso, Texas. Time 1:30 p .rn , Location: 3 mil es east of EI Paso city limits on Hwy. 62- 180. This event will be run rain or shine on a 2- 1/2 mile course. Three heats, 6 la ps per heat. $2.00 entry fee, spectators admitted free. Novice and Expert classes, lots of nice big trophies. • THE NEW IMAGE NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS TT SCRAMBLES presented by Stumpjumpers M.C. at Els inor e Race Track, just off Hwy. 71, east of Perris tur noff. Signup closes for 0- 200cc at 8:30 a.m ., 250cc at 10 a. m., big bor e at noon. Gate donation $1.00, ride for $2.00. Trophy presentation at track. PROFESSIONAL ROAD RACES, at Vaca Valley Raceway, Vacavllle, Calif., s outh of sacramento, just off Interstate Hwy, 80. Clas ses for all bikes IncI. Production. Purse: 40% of gate less $300. $100 min. to sidecars If there are 6 enti res or mor e. Regis tration 8 a. m. ; pr actice 10 a.m., fir s t race at 1 p .rn , Advanc e entries to IntI. Sp: Cycl e Expo., Box 5945, San Fr ancisco, Calif. 94101. TT 'SCRAMBLES by Stumpjumpers M.C. at Elsinore, Calif. AMA point run. Trophies presented at track. First day race of the year at Elsinore. There wlll be waiting in line (we hope). $2.00 to ride, $1.25 to watch. Follow Hwy. 91 to Hwy. 71, then follow Hwy. 71 to sign on left side of road. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACES at Carls bad Rac ew ay, Carls bad, Calif. Sponsored by the Playboys M.C. All riders , both pro ,and sportsman, welcome ; Class es fro m 100cc to Open. Also production class for under-25Occ machines. Pits open at 9 a.m .; practice until 1 p.m, First race at 1:30 p.m, Everybody r ides both heat race and !Ina! in both classes. 18th ANNUAL HI MOUNTAIN ENDURO by Penguins M.C. Start-finish at Rin- conada Ghost Town. Limed from Santa Margarita turnoff, 7 mi. north of San Luis Obispo, Calif. Spark arrestors r equired. First r ider out at 8 a.rn , Sunday. .Riders meeting on Cal POl'y campus, 7:30 p.rn , saturday. Entry $3 through Feb. 3; post entry $5 Feb . 3 through Feb. 17. Minors need notarized consent for m from parent or tuardian. Mail to Cal Poly Pen guins , A.S.!. Box lll, Cal Poly , San Luis Obispo, Calif. 93401. modern camp grounds , new restaurant, cocktai l lounge, swimming, boating, fishing. For motel reservations, write Lake Mojave Resort, Bullbead City, Ariz. 86430. Destination is Katharine Wash, 7 mi. north of Bullbead City at Lake Mojave . Donation $3.00, post entries $3.25, children $1.25, !le1d meet entry 50~. Mail entries to Isabel Hetrick, 22119 Hansom Ave., Torrance, Cal. 90502, deadline Feb . 12. Call (213) 835-7872 for complete directions. No oUlcial start, pick up ticket and souvenir pin at check 1, Davis Dam (Hwy. 77) Check opens at 9 a .m .. closes 5 p.m , sat. Ham dinner served to all entrants starting at 4 p .m, SUNDAY, FEB RUARY 25th TT SCRAMBLES by Perris Val ley M.C. at Perris M/ C Recreation Center, 11/2 mil es so uthwes t of Perris, Calif., off Hwy. 74. No engines started before 8 a.m , AMA point run , donation $1.25, entry fee $2.00, childr en under 12 fr ee. All lightweights 9 a .rn, to 12 noon. All heavyweights 12 noon til ? Six entries make a class . HARE SCRAMBLES bySl dewindersM :C. Trona, Calif. AMA Point run , all classes. s tarting time 10 a .rn., entry fee $3.25. Li med north of Red Mountain . of SUNDAY, MARCH Jrd ANNUA L 100-LA P PROFESSIONAL TT RACE at Ascot Park, Gardena , Callf. Race starts at 2 p.m.; all the stars will be tbere. Track located at 183rd 8i Vermont in Gardena , Callf., just off the Harbor & San Diego Fwys. MOTO-CROSS ru n in Crescent, City, Calif. Sponsored by the RedwoodScram bIers M.C. All riders invit ed . MONDAY, MARCH 11th-SUNDAY, MARCH 11th 200-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSIDP ROAD RACES at Daytona Beach, Flor ida. HALF-MILE DIRT TRACK race at San Jose, Cal if. Fa irg r ounds . Pr omoted by Barkhlmer Assoc. AMA pr ofessional Nov., Am. and Exp , r iders. Fi rst race at 2; 15 p.rn. . by Motor Maid s of So. Calif. Souvenir INSTALL';· TIONS, see the machinists listed under SERVICES in the Cycle News Dealer III Services Directory. pins, merchandise awards, trophies for ................. ....... ......... .t'• •••••••.t'.t'•••• ~ SAT. & SUN., FEBRU ARY 17 & 18th 5th ANNUAL COLORADO RIVER RUN Pro-fes-si on-al adi Cha racterized bY or conforming to the technica l or ethic al standards of a professi on 2a: participating for gain or livelih ood in an acti vi ty or field of endea vor often enga ged in by ama te urs b: engaged in by pers ons recei ving financial return. P ro-mot-e r noun 1:o ne tha t promot es; esp: one who as sumes the financial respons ibil it ie s of a spo rting event including contracting with the principals , renting the site , and coll ecti ng gate receipts. Pro-mo-ti on noun 1: the act or fact of being rai s ed in positio n or rank; 2: the act offurthering the growth or development of something . - W ter' s Dictionary ebs A t th e ve ry ti p top of th e Ame ri can motorcycle mountain is th e

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