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40 '" '" . . ..... . ..... . ..... . . . . .. .. ................ ........... . . . . .. . . . . .. . . .. .. .. ... .. . . . ... ...... Q) ,0() eo Cl.. <-.. WORLD'S LEAST EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING (How can you beat It? R.ach 21,000 readers for only $1. JUST SEND IN YOUR LISTING with for $50 and w.'11 do the rest. CYCLE NEWS' Patronize CYCLE NEWS advertisers ~ .... .... .... 0) ... eo ::l;; CI) ~ RATES: $50 per year Hill issues) for each single business listing, payable in advance. r.J ~ r.J ..,J Q :>. Q ARIZONA BUDDY STUBBS-ARIZONA H-D.5.rvIng all of Ariz. Compl.t. stock of .verythlngfor H·D. Four factory-traln.d m.chanlc .. Open 9-6 Mon,·Sat. 2507 E. McDow.1I Rd., Pho.nlx, 85008. T.I: (602) 275-7677. BARSTOW Say ·HI· to Hank & Solo Suzuki at the DESERT CYCLE CENTER, 27117 W. Main St., Barstow. Th. frl.ndllest shop & only.CYcl. dlr.ln Barstow. If your name was In last Issu. g.t a free copy from us. Man thru Sat. 9 aom.6 p.m. T.I. 256-2489. CORONA FLOYD- BURK dbs CORONA M/C CENTER W. have Honda, Triumph. IIIIW Greeves & Hodak.. Centrally localed for Orang. & RI".s1d. Couo-' tI... Open 6 days. Halt-mll. N. of Rlversld. F~. 620 N. Main at Rlv.r Road (714) 735-5600. CIRCLE CITY CYCLE CENTER-Hon .. BSA & Bul. CODIpl.t. perls& IKIg. svc. dept. Speed tWllng specialists fqr Han. Take Corona tum off to Walnut (first street) across freeway to 525 Mapl. St. (714) 735-4101 Corona. JOE KOONS SALES & SERVICE-BSA, BMW, $liz. & Full parts & acces. for all mak... Larp qual. sve. fully statt.d with trained Bring In your blk. & s •• what we can do, 1350 E. Anah.lm, Long B.ach, NORM REEVES-PARAMOUNT. Honda, 591·7159 open Mon. thru Sat. 8-6. BSA BMW. Bul., Hod.. Los Ang.'es ar.a's BIGGEST deal.r. Mall ord.r Parts dept. Hug. Servlc. Dept. 15745 JENKIN5 SPORT CENTER. Yam. Dlr. Lak.wood Blvd. Call ME 0-4313. for Long B.ach Ar.a. Top of Signal HIli. W. s.rvlc. all. Open 7 days 9-6 In S&J HARLEY'DAVIDSON - 16211 S. Long Beac~l_ 2620 Eo Pacific Coast Lakewood BlVd.. B.Ilf1ow.r. T.I. ME Hwy. (213) 43.1-9987. 4-1222. Paul Las.. Larg. s.lee.of n.w & us.d motorcycles. Writ. for mall LONG BEACH TRIUMPH SALES, 624 ord.r parts n.w or us.d. W. Pacific 'Coast Hwy., Long Beach. 436~158.· servl c. avallabl., sP" clallzlng In tune-ups.' Trl.,Yam.,Duc. MARTY'S FOREIGN MOTORS - BMW SALES-SERVICE-PARTS EX PER T SERVICE FOR M/ C &. CARS 4235 S.. pulv.da Blvd. Culv.r City San DI.&O Freeway·Culv.r Blvd. off ramp Mon.· Fri. 9-7 Sat. 9·5 T.I. 391·5730. INGLEWOOD ONE STOP CYCLE SltOPPING - Authorl. d dlr. for Han., Trl., Gree. BMW. Mont. Sales, Svc. parts & Ins. Bill Kraus. Honda-Triumph, 1257 S. La Brea Blvd., Ingl.wood, 678·5035. ·Th. M/ C Dept. Stor••• INGLEWOOD HARLEY-DAVIDSON 901 N. La Brea Blvd. Authorized H·D dlr. for Ingl.wood area. Sp.clallzlng In Road rldersacc.s.. &parts for all mod. Fully eqpd. sve. dept. with fact. traln.d IDech .. Open Tu...·Sat. 9-6.671-7609. LODI STOVER'S CYCLE CENTER 840 So Cherokee Lan., Lodl. Sal.s, parts sve. for Trl., Nort., Due., Kawa. & Mont. m/c svc. shop In Lodl. Fram. stralght.nlng, alum.,arc. &gas w.ld ng. ·The II on Cent.r of Lodl!" T.I.(209) 368-4997 op.n Tu.s. ·Wed. 9 to 9, Thur.. thru Sat. 9 to 6. DALE BROWN M/Cs, 2441 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, 427-8941. Due., Nor.. Bul., Mustang & $liz. Compl.t. parts & svc. Ask about our dscount club. HARLEY·DAVIDSON OF LONG BEACH 3654 Long Beach Blvd•• 426-7101. H·D dealer for Long Beach Area. Full lin. of parts &acees. for both Road & Compo rid. . . Top quality sve., fully equlppad sve. dept. Open Tues-Frl.8-6, Sat. til 5. NORTHERN L.A. Area AWARD MOTORS INC. Triumph, Honda, Bultaco, Suzuki & Ducatl. Speed tuning & complet. engln. work. Beach racing hdqlr .. Op.n 6 days a week. 1680 N.wport BlVd., Costa (714) 642-4343. BELLFLOWER M/C SHOP INC. 9135 Eo Compton Blvd. (2 blks. E. of Lak.. wood), B.llflow.r. 925·5093. ·W••mphaslz.• Trl., Yam., Rabbit. ROBERT M. LAW M/C SALES & SVC. 239 N. Anah.lm Blvd. Anah.lm, (714) 533-1309. ·W. speclallz. In aft.-sal.s s.vlc••" Triumph, Yamaha, Greeve.. LE BARD & UNDERWOOD, 221 Eo 1m....Ial Hwy.. La Habra, phon. 714/ 879<1252 or 213/691-3104, .·S.rvlc. Is our mlddl. nam.". BSA. ttonda, III•• Also now at 18351 Imp.lal Hwy.. Yorba Linda. ORANGE COUNTY'S TWO STROKE HDQTRS.·SaI.s & Servlc., Whit. Sport! Cycl. C.nt.r, 2707 W. First St., Santa Ana, Calif. (714) 547-8783. Excl. Whit. Sport!Cycl. Dlrshlp. S.rv. all makes. NORM REEVES'ANAHEIM, 224 N.Anah.lm Blvd., 535-3647. Orang. County's blUest Honda-BSA-Hodaka-Bultaco dlr. Campi et. parts & s.rvl c. ROY'S M/C SHOP, 12461 Westmlnst.r, Santa Ana. ·Orang. County's oldest es· tabllsh.d Honda· Honda, Triumph, Montesa. (714) 531~742. IRV SEAVERM/Cs-BSA BMW,Suzukl, Vespa, Cushman trucks. 2402 N. Main, Santa Ana. T.I. 542-8691_ SOUTHERN L.A. TELL THEM YOU SAW IT IN CYCLE NEWS ARTESIA CYCLE CENTER-Suz.,hodo sal.s-Svc. all makes, sp.d tuning, 12539 Eo Carson Blvd., (213) 860-1314CUSTOM CITY SPO RTS CENTER Rental-Sal.s & Svc. Yam., Mlnloblkes, Tot.gots, mlc, cust. acc... See us b.for. you, buy, s.lI. trade 15721 S. Atlantic, Compton, NE 6·1957. CROWELL CYCLE SHOP,10427 Pralrl. Av.., Ingl.wood. OR 3-9573. Match•• Hod., Bul. Campi. parts & Sve. for all makes. Op.. 6 days 9-7. LAWNDALE CYCLE-Yam, BSA,•• Ducatl •• Best d.aler In town!" Sp•• dy l-day s.rvlc. Is our standard. 15324 Hawthorn. Blvd. T.lephon.: SP 2·1822 - 67~161. NORM REEVES-DOWNEY. Honda, BSA, IIIIW, Bul.& Hodaka. Largest selection of n.w and used M/Cs anywh.r.. Mod.m parts and servlc. dept. ·W. Irado for anything of value'. 9536 Eo Flr.ston. Blvd. 869-0600. SOUTH BAY HONDAL 1212 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., R.dondo ach., Self-18m c. narts dept., bank financing. Open 9-9 Man. thru Sat. T.I. 378-9257. PACI FIC HONDA-Montesa ·No.Cal Hq. for the Spanish m/c of Int.rnallonaI pr.stlp.· F.aturlng Pacific TT spec. svc.-parts-access. & Teeh. comp.titlon tuning avail. Mon..Sat. 9·7. Pae. Hon.. 630 Palm.tto, Pacifica. Cal. 359~167. DUDLEY PERKINS CO. H-D M/c .. Sal.s, sve., .xp. r.palr. of all makes, KOLBE CYCLE SHOP 22420 D.IVall., genuln. H·D part.. ·W. ship anywhere Woodland Hili .. DI8·7865. Yourfrl.ndly via mall order.' & all mlc n.lghborhood dul.r for BSA, Honda & enthusiasts welcome. 655 Ellis St., Bultaco. Complet. parts & SYe. dept. San Francl sco. T.I. PRosp.ct 5-5323. Los Ani.l.s, 26~544. Complet. machin. shop.· If you want It sp.clal, w. make It sp.clal.· Triumph & Yamaha. HONDA 0 F GARDENA I 15515 S. Western Av••, Gardena. Pn: 770~603 or 323-8314. B.gln. prl. train. cours•• fr•• rldlnglnst.Com. In or call for full Info. LONG BEACH SAN fRANCISCO SUZUKI MONROVIA. Monrovta's onl) Hustl.r outl.t! Drop by for a cup of cott•• In our al ...cond. showrooms.8am ·9pm Mon· Fri., Sat. 9-6. Clos.d Sun. 147 Eo FoothllI Blvd.,Monrvta. 358·2511. A.J. LEWl5-48oo S. Atlantic Blvd., E. ORANGE COUNTY SAN DIEGO GUY URQUHART - Triumph, YamahaCRE5CENTA VALLEY SPORTS CY- sal.s. Triumph, Yamaha, Indian, Arl.1 CLES. 3629 Foothill Blvd•• La Cr.s- & Cushman parts-1 day mall ord.r ser· c.nta. 248·2291. Yam., Hod., Mon., vtc.. 1041 Columbia St., San DI.go. Kawa. Sal.s & Svc. Speed eqplt co... ----IIIIII~II-IIIIIIIIIIIIIi!I~-pl.t. Insuranc., 100% financing. EASTERN L.A. Area CULVER aTY HONDA CULVER aTY - Han., BSA, Hod. ·Se. Johnny DISlmon.· sales, svc., parts 28 yrs. of motorcycl ••xperfenc•• 4421 Sepulveda, Culv.r City. (1 b1k. off San DI.go Fwy.,) 391-6217. , to 9 Mon..Frl., Sat. 9-6. NORTHEASTERN L.A. SOUTHEASTERN L.A. SAN JOSE s.E. CHUBBUCK ·W. Sp.clallz. In the Road Rid...H-D SALE5-Home of _ P.rsonallzed Servtc.." 1361 E. Walnut St., Pasadena. (213) $V 2·1300. WHEN TRAVELING NEAR SAN JOSE, L L • STOP & VISIT SAM SR. & SAM JR'Olf uISl.SS ROEHR BROS. (Sports Lite) 341 N. Compl.t. parts & all for H-D mod.l .. ...&._ •• • GI_aks Blvd., Burbank 842-4848 or Fine svc. dept. VIsitors w.lcome. Sam It IS 849-4921 U.s. DI strlbo for Van Tech. Atena, H-D Products Mont.rey Rd. Due., Nort., Match"!.Hod., R-Eo, Kawa., .San_.J_os~••~22~7~~~1~23~.~~ • _ V.lo., Ya~ OSSA.& _te... 9-9 Man. CITY CYCLE CENTER - Complet. lin. of Yamaha & Trlumph. Full lin. of parts &. Fri. 9-6 Tu...·lhor.. & CClllp. servlc. dept. sfock.d for .very .ntbuslast. HOCKIES MOTORCYCLES - Sal.s & ·Come In & take a free rlde.· 1421· sve., 22025 S. Figueroa St., Torranc.. 23 Ros.mead, Plco Rivera 861-4139. Harbor Fwy.-car..n St. Iumoff. (213) 321-1242. BSA, Gr... Ossa, Hod., Also HAPCO MOTORS • Han., Hod., ED KRETZ & SON CYCLE SHOP, 417 used blk... Best parts supply In lowtt. Kaw. Sales-Sve-Parts-lns.-Rental .. Eo Garv.y Ave., Monterey Park. AT 0W. svc. what w. sell. CampI" mach. Porting for all 4oslrok. brand.. Our 8244. Trl.. Hon., IIIW & Suz. Campi. shop-Expo luning & mech. work. Hours reputation I s built on Servlc.. parts & sve. Ex. tuning & mech. work. 10-7 Open Sun., closed Mon. 11637 Pica Blvd.,W.L..A. GRS-0984. STEVE HURD MOTORCYCLES-Klwa. Op.. 7 day •• 8:30-7. T a.e appreell Ied WUCre 2921 TORUNCf WESTERN L.A. BMW, Match., Nor., Gr••, Due., Mon., MISSION HILLS M/C SALES & SER· VICE 8730 Sepulveda. BSA & Duc. ·W. stock the spa res for what we s.II.· Se. our n.w star•• 785-4289. parts plor•• S.rvlc. & parts for what w. s.lI. 1405 Olympic Blvd., Mont.bello (213) 72~466. HONDA OF TEMPLE CITY, 9228 E. Las Tunas, Tempi. City. AT 7·5949. Hon. & Gree. for North.ast ar.a. Parts galor. &sve. too. Show room open Man. ·Sat. 9-6. Shop open Tu....Sat. 9-6. TED'S Imports-Trl. Sal.s & Svc. Competition des.rt blk.s ready·ta-win In stock. ·W. will take cars In trad••" 11726 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Los Ang.l.s, GR 3-1101-open 7 days. CENTRAL Los Angeles SANTA MONICA HARLEY·DAVIIlSOJl IN LDS AllGELES (1I1ch lludoll. !=o.) 2S31 S. lIaln Street, LoA. III 9-&235. ", Il-D service and h...."'..... In U.s.A." Call lor pl,ckup Of d.llvery ....Ic•. Used MCs & Parts JIM'S CYCLE SHOP ·Us.d parts Hdq. In the· W. buy & s.1I us.d M/C parts, CUlt. tanks & wheels. Chrom. 8Ich. Used M/C' .. Sales & Repair.. Batt.rles & Ifr... 15 yrs. sam. loca. 11155 Atlantic Av.Lynwood NE 2-4298. SERVICES POSSMAN SCOOTER & CYCLE CO New & used. Parts & sve. for BrId.. Kawa., Gil., Ossa, V.sp.. Lambo, & Rabbit. 2701 Plco Blvd. Santa Monl ca 392·1723. p',,,. See Tn Bryant - CROWELL CYCLE SHOP for, Hodaka, Bultaco. 10427 P.rry Ave.,lngl.wood. OR 3-9573 PASADENA MASON MOTO R5, Tri.. Yam. Campi. In .. program for all. Campi. sal.sopartsCoB MOTORS-Bultaco sal... W. svc. svc. Open 9-6. Tue.., Wed., TIlur.. & all makes. VII II ers spar... Trail. Sat. 9-9 Fri. 3360 E. Colorado St., or sports; we n II the blll.Charll. Hockl. Pasadena, (213) 79~267. & Bill Thorwal dson.1149 W. EI S.gWldo Blvd., Gardena. (213) 756·1669. RIVERSIDE NORTHWESTERN L.A. SKIP FORDYCEM/C CENTER. ·W.·v. been told Its Am.lca's most compl.t. & modem m/c c.nt.r.· Hon:;it·D., Trl. Main atl4th St .. Rlversld. OV 4-4747. BUD EKINS M/Cs In Sh.rman Oak .. 14460 V.ntura Blvd., Call 872·2110. 'Buy from Bud." Trl. & Hondas. INTERNATIONAL M/C CO•• 7233 Ca' noga Av••, Canoga Park. Ph: 346·3700. THE TWO'WHEELER M/C City. Suz., 1000's ofus.d parts~ Cyllnd.r r.Dorlne Bultaco Hug. parts Inventory. Ar.a's #l Bultaco 1655 W. La Trl., Yam., Hod.,, Rlversld. (714) 68~604. CASEY'S CYC LE REPAI R-BSA-Bul. Svc. for most. Compl. machln. shop. Open Tues. thru Sat. 9-6. 1029 San F.... nando Rd., Pacoima. 896-1046. HARRISON RENo-Honda-BMW·Sales& HONDAROSA·Sal.s and ·S.rvlc. Svc. Parts & Low cost In .. for Honda, Brt dg.ston., for all. Our 30th In the m/c busl· and Tot ..Got•• Rac. tuning for 2 n.s.. Open Moo-Frl 9-6, Sat. 8:30-5. and 4-cycl. engln.s. Expansion 208 East Bas. Lin.. TU ~04. chambers, racing pip... Phone: (213) 360-6101. • 17733 Chats· THE TWO WHEELER-Triumph, Suzuki, worth Blvd., Granada Hili .. Bultaco. Hom. of Champion .. Full parts, ~I111!11~~~~---_ rvtc. and Acces.. On. block west of nland C.nter, 867 W. Colton Av.., San 1:1 3ernanlno. Phon. TU 5-3445. SAN BERNARDINO _ .................... . Gl rlDAU HONDA OF GLENDALE. ·Wher. you me.tth. nlc••t peopl..• Larg. stockof parts. Finest mech. & courtenus personn.l. Sur. would Ilk. to meet you at 905 Eo Colorado St. In GJendale, Just across from Bob's Big Boy. 246-2461. . Write or phone INSURANCE' Lif. & Health Insuranc. for Motorcycl. Rac.n (& friends). • ••·r. the flrst to Insur. rac.s without penalty or r.. structlons.· Jim Manning (M.O.N.Y.) 530 W.6th St. (D_towo LA) Los Angel.s, Calif. 90014 T.I. 627~5. "TH EMOTORCYCLE INSURANCE WRITER" slnc.1937. Fire, th.ft, colllp.. P.D. &. II. 10 Individual motorcycl. Insuranc. ad Dealer Insuranc..JOHNMAYNARDINSURANCE. 3447 Motor Ave., Los ...s, Calif. 836-5211. Aa,.

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