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. .- - - - - PROFESSIONAL MOTORCYCLES - - - - . C}lTCHLE55 • HODAKA ~ SALES' PARTS· SERVICE .EDDIE CROWELL 10427 Pro",~, Ingle-wood OR 3-9573 TRIALS & FIELD MEET, h.ld at Doullas Aircraft Rod & Gun Club at Lak. Isabella Lode.. Six traps, elam slalom, slow rae• • Ic., $2.00 enlry. SI.ak barbecue Sat. nlch~ br.akfasl avallabl. Sat. & Sun.'family affair, ladi.s class, reams of trophies. Tak. Hwy 178 10 Lake Isabella. Conlacl R.N.,4265 Petaluma, Lakewood, for more Informallon. SAT. & SUN., APRIL 29 & 30, 1961 CITY OF HOPE SPRING TOUR RRC polnls e...nt, AMA Tour Award. AI 29 ~alms, Calif. Parade starts al noon, downtown 29 Palms. ROADRACES @J I-"~" . fHIS April 16,1961 O~:q,O" SUNDAY, APRIL 30tb, 1961 TT SCRAMBLES, Four Aces II.C. pr.sents al Prado Park. Llghlwelibts practlc. 8 am. rac. 8:30. All ble blk.s practlc. 12:30, rac.1 pm. SId. Hacks w.lcome and Loners, AlIA sanctlon.d, DI st. 37 polms run. TROPHIES FOR PRODUCTION TT SCRAIIBLE5, 5/8·mll. drt course at Take Int.stat. 5 to lIaln St. In Chula VI sta, lIlen follow lIaln for 5 miles 10 Brown Field. Look for slens 10 track. Pracllc. 9:00 a.m., IIrst race al 12:00 noon. Tall AlIA sanctioned. THE TWO-WHEELER ~'67 Ready For IllII1ediate Delivery! 867 w. Colton Av.. San B.rnardlno, Cal. (714) TU 503445 HONDAS HARE SCRAMBLES at Calif. City, mark.d from eolf cours.. San Gabrl.1 Vall.y M.C. sponsored, Starl 10 am. Don'l park In lIle mlddl. of Ih. pits. FRIDAY, MAY 5th, 1961 AlIA SHORT TRACK, Vallejo Speedway, Val. Quarler·mll. track, novlc., amalau & expert prof.sslonal riders. First rac. 8:15 P.m., and .very Friday nlibt IIlrouehout Ill. summer momhs. MAY 6, 1, 13 and 14th LOWEST PRICES IN SO. CAL. Garlll.r Ent.rprl ses 2073 W. Pacillc Coast Hwy. Lomita, Calif. 326·3810 &775-1802 NOW!! HODAKA AT PLEASURE FAIRE at W.stlake Vlllae' In Thousand Oaks, Elizabethan Fair present.d by radio station KPFK. Dally proc.sslons and ceremonl.s on each day of Ill. fal r. Arl displays, crafts, happlllines, Admission free. Take Ventura Frwy. west from L.A. to D.cker Rd. turnoff. Tum rl cht (north) 10 Simi Rd. 1Il.0 left for two and a half mll.s to falreround. . SUNDAY, MAY lIh, 1961 AFII NATIONAL ROAD RACE, Cotati, Calif. 6th ANNUAL PROSPECTORS ENDURO, In Ill. Afton Canyon ar.a. Start 9:01 a.m. Appro.. 130 miles, muffl. and license not required. Start and IInl sh al lIartha's Caf. and Lak., 15 min••ast of Barstow Hwy. 15, at Harvard Rd. offramp. Food, ps, and free sWlmmlne for .veryon. al start. Camploe facilities, Follow-up by Barstow Jeep Rescu. Squad. lIall $3.00 to Prospectors M.C., 1651 Market St., Gardena;D.adlin. mldnleht Sat., April 29, post entry $4.00. Drawl ne for numbers May 2 al Thornbure Park In Gard..a al 8:30 p.m. TT STEEPLECHASE RACES, Capitol Speedway In Sacram.. to. Novlc., Amat.ur & Expert will run for 40% of Ill. eate, AlIA sane. Practlc. at3:3O p.m., 11m. trials at 5:00, IIrst rac. at 6:00. Admission $2.00 for adults, ae's 12·16 and uniformed servlc.m.n $1.00 and kids under 12 free... Free parklnetoo. TT racine at Capitol .v.ry oth.r Sunday .v..lne startlnellay 7. on LONG BEACH ~ HONDA ~ America's Largest Vol umeHondaDlr 5105 Atlantic Av.. - 431 W. Pac. Cst. Hwy 4328 E. Anah.lm St. - 11747 E. Carson SI Lone Beach, Calif. FLATTRACK RACING EVERY FRIDAY ., RACES ,p.m. PRACTICE 8'15pm START • SEASON OPENER MONDAY, MAY 8th, 1961 OPERATION 1I0TORCYCLE blood donations Call K.. at (213) 964-2674 or 333-1942 for Information. AMA SAN CT. At Ascot Pari 183rd & Vermont APRIL 7,h Off Harbor Freeway SATURDAY, MAY 13th, 1961 HALF-III LE FLATTRACK, TUlar. County Falrerounds, TUlare, Calif. AlIA Class C drt track, nlFt rac., n.w liFts hav. been In·stalled. Novice, Amateur, Exp.rt-rlde for 40% of Ill. eat•• Practlce starts at 5:30 p.m., 11m. trials at 7:00 P.m., first rac. al 8 o'clock. Referee Hank Gendusa of Fresno offIciating. Adml sslon $2.00 adults, $1.00 aees 12-16 & uniformed, under 12 free, and parkine free to all (wllll guard In all..dancej. SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1961 SECOND ANNUAL MOTHER'S DAY RUN by Norwalk Rockets, Call (213) 863-9106 for Information. TT SCRAMBLES al Speedway, AMA sanctlon.d. Silftup at 9 am, races al noon. Localed flv. miles .asl of EI Cajon, out Jamacha Rd. All class.s, trophl es award.d. $1.25 10 ride. ApprOl 3/8 mil. TT cours., erad.d surface. SUNDAY, MAY 21st, 1961 SALES-SERVICE - PARTS ...... "'.) ( LAWNDALE CYCLE 15324 HAWTHORNE BLVD. LAWNDALE, CAUFORNIA 676-0161 SP2-IB22 TT SCRAMBLES at Sprock.ts Park, located al foot of Chlna Grade near Olldal.. Spon. sor.d by Ill. Bakerslleld, AliA sanctlon.d. Race sllft up will clos. at 10:30 a.m. sharp with first .v'" at noon. TT STEEPLECHASE RACE, Capitol Speedway In Sacramento. Novlc., Amateur and Expert will run for 40% of Ill. eat•• AMA sanctlon.d. Practice at 3:30 pm, time trials at 5 pm.. first rae. al 6 pm. Admission $2.00 for adults, $1.00 aees 12-16 & uniformed s.rYl ....... under 12 free, Free park. SAT, & SUN. MAY 21, 28, 1961 MOTOR IIA1D RUN by Calif. 1I0tor lIalds. Call (213) 866-6522 for Infonnatlon. come to the DISTRICT 37 * 1967, * ANNUAL * TROPHY PRESEN-TATION F,idflY, APRIL 21 8 p./IJ. to 2 fI./IJ. ~ ALLINTERESTED PARTIES ARE INVITED at American Legion Pos' 153J4 Ra,en Ste, Sepul,eda, Calif.

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