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CALENDAR OF EVENTS Readers are advised that listing in this calendar is a free . . -Service. Cycle News disclaims any responsibility for callcellation or changing of events by promoters without notice. EYERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING und. lb. lip. . .t Elsln_ Roe. Trac,," Just orr Hlpw.y 71 East of Porrls barnofl. Sportsman tropbl.s lor .11 ~Iass ... Sp.dslors e)CDOIL SATURDAY, MARCH 18tll. 100 IIILE AllATEUR RACE, D.yton. Spoodwoy, Daytona, Florida. IfOAD RACING SCHOOL••1 llIIllomsn Air Park, 12930 PI.c. St.. PacOIN (com.r Plerca St. .. San F ndo Rd.). Stroot Illls, 9:00 start, $10 per stud..t. SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 19&1 GRAND PRI X. .Irport, IIO&I~. All Class.s: 4 oao hour rac... AlIA I_IIoned, OH 1111. pa...lII..t on 2 mil. cour., Graded .. w....d elrt, Llm.d from bor_ .t Toe.L 1Is11 "'ry $3.00 to Lions ll/C, 4918 Orchard. Ocun Bosch, C.IIf. 92106. HARE SCRAMBLE5,pr.sent.d byLastAne.11 Le. AlIA polnt run, IIm.d from HI Villa lIor.. Bam.r lIart 10:00 a.m. Iidohacki welcome (chock.n 100). Six blkos IlUIk. a, ..try $3.2S. For Info ull 768·1051. TT SCRAMBLES. Boy II..... AlIA saa~oa.d. Los Padros Le. Oft Hwy. UI. Soonl .. Small IIIk. 9:00 .01lio, lIIe blkos 12:00 noon. TrophI.s all, For turlber Informl II on. all (105) 642.1458. POKER RUN, santa lIarl. Sadd.. ll.s Le. Wrd _usl n ..t. SI.up 10:00011:00 ....., Santa Bar.... CoulllY F.lrerounds In Santa IIsrl .. TropllI.s and prlz donation of $2.00 lodadol mul at 111 d of lb. run. Rain dato _ch 26. SCRAMBLES, S.cramonlo Trackarl LC., AIIA·Ullctlon.d, loc.ted I mll.s north of Ros.vlli. at 111. Lln~ln Rodeo Ground.. N.w fast tr.", bluchors for spodalor.. practl~. starts at 9:30 ..m•• fl rll rac. al 12 I10OOo For furlber Info contad S.m Trackers, 5032 Whitney Av.., Carmichael, C.IIf. SCRAMBLES, pr._tlll IIJ Shalla !l.C. of RoddIne at H.JflIrk(Callf,j F.lrcr-ds, F.II lnIc:k, refNsh_t.. AlIA· uoclloood, Sipup 10:00 LIllo, fl rll rac. 1:00 ..... Adnlissioo $1.50 to rid. or I..... trapIII... SO. CAU F. TRIAU. at Ibo Lopez Food Control Basin of Pacoima, UlOOd froaI til. IlItorsKtlon of Foothill Blv'" and lIacl., AYL This II loc.ted n... til. San Fernando Or.e Strip so look on JOUr map for 10allon. Follow, to tho do.d ..d (Ful· ton St.) Turn I.ft two blocks to H.relnet-Tum rlpt .. flIl10w Ibo 11m.. Startlne limo 10:~.m, TT SCRAMBLES, F_ Aces 1I.e. .t Prado P.rk, LI.twolellts pr.~~. I 1m, raca .:30. All 811 blk.s "sctl~ 12:31 rac. 1 pm, SIde Hacks ••1 . - and Looors. AlIA san~ lIoMd. DI st. 37 points run. ACA CHALLENGER ROAD RACE. Natl. polal.. WIllow SprIo.. Ra~_,. All GrMd Prill aDd proda~. classo.. 5O~c lin l000cc plus sldo _ OllIIIMtlon. Pra~ca 9 .m, to 12. First noat 12:30 Plllo Track lo~ed welt of til. towa of Rosa_d, Calif. Tum west at onl, slp.1 In town. riii'OOOLUiiCif I f . & ,rizes 'or fire I W'. fa_, I I AP~}L 2 ICalco GIIos' Town I"ere's a I.if", s.,pI, I01 ••ffalo _eat I •• I 9 ("rKllons) IlItorllat. H", 15 from San Bera.relno to GIIost ToWII R'" (5 mi. E. III Barstow) p ea1y! (all tickets _Sf 111,__•• II amaeel IrlCiets lOW 01 feN at A.. '''''''0 .Ie I... 'tlowi", loeatills: 1Ia- 1I01ors, 3360 E. 795-0267 Ed Krotz .. Son. IIonterey P.rk CU 3-4277 Skip FordJc., RI_:.J sldoOV .....747 1 ----- I SCRAMBLES, pr.sonted b, th. Sportsmen. AlIA sanel., DIll, 37 points, Perris, Calif. Sip In for 50"... 100cc closol at 1:15 am. 175cc .. 250" clos.s .t 9:15 am. pr.cllc. followlth. 100cc Export 1I.1n. Ble bikes Am. .. E~ praellc. follows 250" Export 1I.ln. SI. In closol 12:30. Novice II. In CIoS.1 1:30 pracllc. followlne Op.. Exp.rt IIlln. SIc blk.1 .r. cuarant.d more than a two·lap main. L.A. HOI1Ild Eumln., will cover t1111 • _t. POKER RUN. IIJ ... d.luslll.C.AIIA UllCo SI 9 am. to 11 am. Stir! .. fI nl sh at 0_ dJ s DrI v..ln, 2195 Contra Costa Blvd., PI.a· sant Hili. C.IIf. Entry too $1.00. NIIW club address P.O. Box 23501. Plusant HIli. Calif. 94523. r.up 200 IIILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. AliA. Dartona Sp.dwa,. Dartona. Flortda, MOTORCYCLE SCRAIIBLES. sponsor.d bY So. Count, II.C. of Gllro,. H.ld at n.w localion .nd aow tr.c,," Harris Ranch,7100 Clen.. ea Road, H0111 II•• Calif. Slenup 9 am 10 11 am, ral. at 12 noon. Open to all class... Boautlful trophlos. watch or rldo $1.50. Children undor 12 fr••' SATUIIIAY, MARCH 25tb. 30th ANNUAL TRAIL BLAZERS IIEETING .. Banctuo! Hid .tlllo Rod.., Youne Aueltorlum, 936 •••ashl.eton Blvd" Los Ane".s. T.I 749-1291. Rocoptloo .. vlsllIne will start at 6 PISo ..........d .t 7:30 P'Do $6.00. Lael.s Invltod, as well al an, IIIltor~. rid., or an, on. with past motorc,cl••xp.rlenc•• BILL BOYD BENEFIT DANCE, Verdi Club. 2424 lI.rlposa St., San Francl KG. Co"t.lI .. rofroshments, dIlulIon $2.50 p.r p.rson. II .. kets avallabl ••t door. Door prlz.1 Includ. Y.mlha Twin J.t100 don.ted bY AI Forcods Sport C~I.s, Sponsored IIJ S.F. Chapt.r, AFII. For tlck.ts or IlIfo writ. AFII, 703 2nd AYL. San lIateo; phoao 342·3712. TT SCRAMBLES, .t Sprock.ts Park, loatod at foot of China Grad. "ar OlidalL s,_ed bY lb. Bak.sfI.,d Sprockllt.. AlIA san~oaodo SI.... will .t 10:30 LIII. ....rp wltII til. first rac••t n _ SUIDAY, MARCH 2&tII. SCRAIIBLES, a1I-now Plllsbure. CIIIf. track. on Hwy.4, lmod from \4-mll. ossl of Bailey Ro.... AlIA sanellon.d, Olst. 36 rules, $1.50 to rid. or w.ld. Prosented IIJ HI-Hats LC. of lIartlnez, pits open 9:00 a..... pr.cllc•. 9:30-12:00, racine at noon. Contael Tom An· derson .t 685-9141 lor more Info. TT SCRAMBLES, at Bay IIsro, orr Hwy. 111, Soml .. SIIISII bikes 9:00 ...... ble blk.s 12:00 - . Trophl.s .11 ClalsoSo For further Info all (105) 642-71sa. No club am lIallon noe.ssary. AFII ROAO RACE, Colatl Racaw." sp_ _III IIJ th. S.F. Chapt. of tho AFII. All class.s GP and produellon .1 so sldoear.. National Points Race. Entry f . froo 10 rldarl tr.v.llne 0_ 200 mil ... GP $1.00, Pro'" $3.00 so. CAU F. TRIALS, .t tho 77111 Stro.t 10ull0ll of Ultlorock. Starllae tl... will be 1O:3O .... Umod frolllb.77th,Strollt ofUIII.. rock, C.IIf. FUN RIDE" POKER RUN, sanell_d IIJ II. AlIA, p.-tlll IIJ tho Dolt. F.lcaas II/C. All pav.... DO froowoy, ao bo,sepower roltrl.. II. . . If ,our lII.chl•• Is for Itroot uso, It Is .-. for ibis ._t. Slpup ..d ltart at HI.wIY 4, .. HIIICNd In Antioch .t 10 to 11 am. Entry $1.00. EASTER SUNDAY POKER RUN. Run for Fun. All pa...d, no froowa,. lpoclal troph, for Boll D_rat.d H.lmot. SI.up 10 am, 10 11 am. Anlloch Clubhouso, Hwy 4 .. HIII~rolt. If JOG an lind Antioch, can find us, Entry $1.00, lIan mll.1 plus poker prl~s plul IUrprlcas. AlIA sancllon.d. ,OU SCRAMBLES, AlIA sanctioned, Entry f. $2.50,10 mil.. north of k_.N.vada, Sipup 1-10 .... Rac. 10:30 ..... pro...led bY N.vada Trail 330 Ch• ., Ch..., R..o. Nov. Rae. hold .t Gold.. V.lley Speedwa, on Hwy U.s. 395. Ealt. Eg Hunt for tho Children. U.S. Auto Club III&l1t, IIlde.t Rac. 2:30 palo BI._.. HARE SCRAMBLES, pr._t.d IIJ Ross at Poodorosa. 2-13 mil. loop.. all class... Start 10 am. Rldor....... 9:45 .... 15 mll.1 East of L. . .st. 011 Av.. aJ". Trophl.1 to ~of .try.NIIW _ _ Irplns to.1I ..trios. No .ff1l1ollon r.... lro~Entry $3.00. PI. plato number 0-. TlllpIIy pro_tallon aft. r.c. at 12:30 Palo For Information all ('05) 942-0131 RaIn. shin. or snow. SATURDAY, AP.L 1, 1911 TT STEEPLECHASE. Ascat pan, U3rd v..... .. G..... I"Ir. ".,.......1 AlIA lII.t TT raca III tile - - . ...-till IIJ t_. J.C. Appal. . Nowle., A... ftrst race ':15 P" ~Ift ... SAT•• SUN. APRIL 1 • 2••• 13111 ANNUAL NORTHWEST TT CHAMPION· SH IP IIJ lb. 0.,_ lIIIto~cl. Club of Bolso, Idaho. Salurdoy: Novlc. qu.llty and limo trials 9 .aIo, Suadoy: Elo .. Am, 11m. trl.11 11 .m, r.c. 1 pm, Owyho. LC•• Box 733. Bolso, Idaho 13701. APRIL &, 1, 8, lItll. MOTOR CYCLE SJ;tOW, at SbrIn. An'" FRIDAY, APRIL 1111, 19&1 AMA CLASS C HALF...ILE, As~t Park ..ason oponer. 113rd .. Vermont, G.rdona. E...ry Frida, nllht throuell Novemb.; Novlc.. Amatour. Exp.rt; first riC. 1:15 p,m. SUIIDAY, APRIL 2, 19&1 SATURDAY, APRIL 8tll, U&1 AlIA SHORT TRACK 250ec IIIScbln.l, procr.sslve procr.m ~mblnl.. Novlc... A_ tours and Exports. J.e. Ae.lanl_promoted, AKGt P.rk, lUrd .. VOf1IIOlIt, Gardona. R... Inc pnlOlJltly at 2:00 Poalo TT CYCLE RACE, at San G.brl.1 Valley Spoodway, AIIA-sanclloned, two IUllps, pt.s op. 6:00 Pollio, first rac. llOCI p..... Rlvercr.d• Road, 3 mllos north 01 San Bomsrclno Fwy. Admission $2.50, Juniors $1.00, under I .... FrH p.kI... Call 962-6217 for I ....... Info. BUFFALO FEED, C.II~ Ghost TOWII, tI~k· ets .vallabl.' from Dav. 1I._-P...dolIa, Ed Park, Skip FonIJ~RI"'" sI .... All tl".ts purchased prior to _t, limited amount of moat. Orop In to Ibo d.aler ...,.st ,ou .nd . .I sol for a da, of fun. Calico d1rKt1ons: Int.stat. 15 from Sao Bomarllno to C.II~ Gholt To... Road (lip on mt.). 5 mil. . .ast of Barstow. EUROPEAN SCRAIIBLES. 3 soparat. on.. hour rac.s .t Deadman'l Point. Tr.1I bikes 10:00 a.m.. small blk•• 11:15 ...... ble blk.s 12:30 Pollio Tum off Hwy. " at Lucorno Val· I., cutoft. hoad .ast to Intorso~on of H",. 11 In Appl. V.lley. G..uln. old ••stom villa.., r..ta....t. saloon, clac. to ••stom band .11 Iflornoon. Entry 53.00, pl. pl.tos oIlay. troplll.s to 4K of _trl... no assoclalion afflll.llon requlrod. Exc.lI.t c_... aroundl and picnic . . . ~urs.10OS vlslbl. to spectators. TT SCRAMBLES, at 5/S-mil. dirt courso. T.k. IIIWstalo 5 to IIalo St., Chula Vista, CO 5 l1li1.. on lIa1n to Br_ FI.ld. follow th. sI.~,to til. courSL Practlca 9:00 ....... lIrll ,ac.12:00 noon. Gear 1111. SCRAMBLES, .1 Salinas Rambl.1 club crou.d.. AlIA sanctl_d, no machlnos uodsr 200". 01 st. 36 ral... practlc... slpup 9:00 sl.up clos.s 11:00 ..aIo R.ln or shin.. $1.50 to rid. or w.k.. lIan III1.s trophy. For more Info, contact IloII • .,...•• 324 No IIsln St.. Salin... .0lil., 2nd ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT. IIodonI Cy~l. ..pzIn. pro_ts lIIIl f.lI, tuo n.,. Grand PrJ P ftIII be $lOOO. 0ttI0r prlzes IKI~G ~"'lI" accassorl.s sod COO".r 0':1", 1I aareh lor ~a tal_s" ~~~ ... droppod on Il1o desort from •• ,'10_... Thoro will b. SIIIltary f.~ 11111... Insoranc., _lllIanc.s and pollc. on h.ndo •• t~ for furth.r dlltall .. «" TT SCRAMBLES, sponsorod b, th. Sliver City kr.mblers II.C••t Sunrls. Rac.w., In Las Pick up limo at til. Showboat Hot.1 and follow south to V.lley Dr. Tum ••st to track. Practlc. 10:00 ...... rac. at _n. Entry $1.25, AIIA·saocllon.d. Good ton. up forth.aBleOn." on April 23. POKER RUN, for .11 dirt rider.. trail rldor. and brush hopp... at Baillneer Canyon (2!h III1.s off Hwy. 33, 45 1111.. north III Olal). Pro_t.d IIJ Rld&e Rlclers Trill CluII, _ lact Bob Doll... ie Aprl~t St., Oak VI.w, Calif. for 1IIOf. Info. Ph• • 649·1960. RI_s lI.tllle 9:30 a...... donatio. $2.25, sp.rk arrostor roquJ rod, Approx. 45 mll.s of I.p tr.lIl. door trail .. bike tr.lls and 00 tr.lIs, If undor 21, ....rdlan's slpalur. roqulrodo Blk. . .bove 250" ltart at 10:00 LIllo, und.r2501 It 10:30. Ory amp, brine w.... HARE SCRAMBLES, pr."'. IIJ Jack Ross .t Pond_sa. 2-13 mil. 'oop .. all cl..... Start 10 ... Rlclerl .... 9:45 ... 15 "los East of 00 Avo. aJ" TID......s to Mof "'ry.NIIW ....... to all oIItrlos, No afflllollOll roqul..~ry $3.00 pl. _bor 0,," TllIph, prouIItal/oo after rac. at 12:30 Palo For loron-ll00 ull (105) 942-0131 Rala. shine or _ •• r,... SO. CAU F. TRIALS al lIIo Canyoa Crost Are. of RI_sld.. It will be IIm.d from tho CoIItr., AVL Tumoff III tho Rlversld. Froow,. This .111 be. Scottish TImo Trial .. You will be timed .s you lu... Il1o startlnc point ulltll rotum. Thoso polntl lost on tlmo will be .dded to ttl. polntl lost In til. SKtlOn. StarlInc tlmo 10 .m. Ovomlpt CSIIlpln.. ,OU A.C.A. 4th Ev..t SILVER CUP MOTO CROss. sl. In bY ftrst moto 10 .Il1o Eac:ll rldor wllf rid. In thr. n.ts, Amat• •11 cl....s plus 250" .nd SOOcc PlDf.lslon class. TDlpIIles knobiIJ tracllon. 2 loak... 3 nbr plat At Callalc Park locat. North of Los An s on H", 99, ~ mil. p.1I Honor F.nn. Tum loft ••d CO • Hisley Ca,. Road 5 mllos to track, 7th ANNUAL SHAMROCKS ENDURO. 3 loops 125 ..1I.s lIItal. Start 9:01 ... 15 mll.s No, III . .I..... Hwy 140 Sta1. lac:ll .. nal III at Clncos R."rant Trail blk.s us,45 1II ••s (1 loop). Uod. 100ec nllW ridlaYllod, lIuftl. .. U~ .-0IId0d0 IIaIl ..try $3 to TOil Collt., 7735 K,I. St., Tul...... Callt. 91042. Dudllno March 27. Post ..try $4,. Dr.wlnl for _bers II•• 29t11. .t Sun land Park In Soaland 1:30 p.1IIo .s HARE AND HOUND, IIm.d from Starts .t 11:00 "Il1o, . ." , f. 52.00. Sponsored IIJ Visalia Ramblers LC.. all Owaln at (209) 734-1622 for _ . dIII.lI .. SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 19&1 ..... 5/1-mIl.dlrt coursL P,aellc. 9:00 a.m.. It.rt 12:00 noon. Tak. Int.llat. 5 to IIaln St., Chul. Vllta, follow IIaln 5 mll.s to Browo FI .. d, watch for sips to lb. cours•• Gear tall. PACIFIC SO.·.EST CHAMPIONSHIP HARE .. HOUND, IIJ 111. Victors II/C. ABC TV wldo .orld of Sports will film til. raco, lb. blCCOIl H&H sine. Ble Boar. UlIIOd from Lucerno, 2 45 1111. loops, On. loop and separate start for trail blk... Lilian I Typ. start at 10 aalo BrIne a Itsnd or _Iblna to hold IIIIc:IIlao oprI ..t as no pit allWl will be allowed to bold blllol lor dud ..etao 1Iart. SlcnllP starts at 12 n_. Sat. April lib. TT SCRAMBLES, Capitol City lIolorc~l. Clubs, 121b Amu.1 .t P.rk, Sacramonto, C.llf. located lust oft tho river on tho road to .oodland. All Classn. practice starts at I am, AlIA san~1I onod, DIll, 36. SUNDAY, APRIL 16tll, 19&1 TT SCRAMBLES, at II Praellc. 9:00 SOlo, ftr. ra~ at - - . G tall for ... 5/I-I1II1. dirt coarso. Dlrdoos: Intorllato 5 to 1IaI. St., C1w1. Vista, 111. 5 l1li1.1 00 IIaIn to ero.. FI ..... Folio. sl.s to tho trac,," HARE SCRAMBLEs, Foothill H.wks LC. Start 10 • • sIIarp, sop••t. cour. for trail blllo.. RaIn or shlnL LllIIOd froll C.llfornl. City Golf Calif. City, Calif. SUNDAY, APRIL Dr•• _os TT SCRAMBLES, .t Sp.dwa,. AlIAUIIcllooodo S1enup at 9:00 ...... at - . Lo~ed 5 miles ust of EI Cajon, out Ja... cha R'" All ~I...... trophl es . ..,dod, $1.25 to rids. Approx. 3/1 l1li1. TT courso, ""'111"'- AlIA SPORTSIIAJI ROA 0 RAC E, C.I iliad Ra~-r. T.1lo P.I_r AIrport toraoff from Carlsbad, CO ust past .Irport ... JOU ...'t IIIIss It. Pits . . . 11:30 ..... Raclna for all classes froaI 50" to Opoo, Also proda~t1on cl... lor stroot ••cltInos. First r.c. 1:30 pli. SUNDAY, APRIL 38tll, 1961 TT SCRAMBLES, 5/S-mil. elrt courso at ...... Int.stat. 5 to IIaIn St. In Chul. Villa. 111. follow 1I.ln for 5 mll.s to Brown FI.Id. Look lor sips to trac,," Pra~lI~ 9:00 Lillo, ftrst ram .t 12:00 noon. Tall cur sugostod, TT SCRAMBLES, Fo.. Aces LC. pro_ts .t Prada Park. LI&lltwol&llts prsctl~.' _. rac. 1:300 All bl. bikes pra~c. 12:30. r.~.l Palo SIde Has w..c _ and L_s. AlIA . .~ lIonod, Dlst. 37 poillts .... SUNDAY, MAY 1111, 19&1 .ru. 6th ANNUAL PROSPECTORS ENOURO, In til. sconlc Afton c.yo_ Start 9:01 ..... A;'rox. 130 III'.....uffI. . . d lI. .s. DIIt r...lrod, Start and flal sh at lIart11a'l Ca" and Lallo, 15 min. Ult of Barstow on Hw,. 15. at H.rv.d R'" IIIfr.p. Food, ps, and tr. swl_lne for 0Y0fJ0" at st.rt, Camplne f.~IIII1.s. Follo-.» IIJ BarstowJoop R.scu. Squad. 1Ia11 $3.00 to ProSPKtors Lc., 16"51 IIarko! St., Gar...... Duell. . . . dnlctat Sat., April 29, post -try $4..00. Dr.w1nl for .... bors 1Ia, 2 .t TIIorabure P.rk In Ganloaa .t 1:30 PollIo M£ll Y4££1 ~ DAYTONA NATIONALS RESULlS

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