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,e I I ~ • e .. • • • ORA GS frOm ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• froll page right , fue l mix o. k, and Banzai! Murra y t>o - This Week-Dr ag Boat s? And the rai ns camel Heavy and har d with no signs of l etting uP. Lions and Irwindale were closed and th e only faint ray of hope was with Fontana' s Sunday program. Th er e was a great variety of equi pment a t F ont ana, ran ging from Ariel Squa re F ours to Harl ey flathead s . P ersonalties were a b.mda nt s uch as Bob Slrke gian , To ny Dodge, Murray and Cook , and Nir a J ohnso n ; the re were actual ly enough to fill thes e pages many time s ove r and accompli s hmen ts would take on . equal space. Bob Sirke gian had his 650 cc BSA turn an el aps ed time of 12.10 se conds at a sp ee d of 112 ntiles pe r hou r. Willie Gore secure d an ela pse d time bra cket on hi s ol d fai thful Harl ey and the fastest street bike class winn er was Tony Dod ge, T ony defeated all come rs an d was looking for othe rs on his beautiful 650cc T ri umph that ha d drawn l ooks of res pe ct from au th os e who he ard the a mazing perfo rmanc e fi go ures of 12.45 seconds and 107.52 mil e s per hour. Bike vs. Carl The e lap se d time bracket number on e was secure d by Murray and Cook. J im bad onl y ooe opponent and tha t was an A modified roadster that was not willing to easily be defeated by a two wheeler. But defeated he was as Jim rod e the • Flustratlon" as thou gh on rails down the asphalt strip to a vic tory at 10.27 seconds and 148 mile s per hour! On a previous run Jim had taken the double through the lights a t 9.97 and 155 miles per hour. Spectacular Thrill Show W have observed that two fa ctors e help govern the cycles at dra g strips, one the sponsorship a nd the ot her. s pe cta to rs wanting to see a t bri ll s how. J oe Sntith's Harl ey provided the tbrills this day if you can cali avoi din g flying engine d ebris a thrill. Joe s ta ged for a run and drop ped his clutch to start wha t appeared to be an oth er low 10 seco nd, normal run. Sudd enly his engine disintegrated an d t hnt is no exa ggeration. T he engine c ases s pli t into s mall shrapnel and th e flywheels a nd pistons e tc. went their own s eparate ways. Thanks to all the Holy Gods . J oe was unt ouch ed by the explosi on. That second factor 1 mentioned abo ut s ponsors hi p will now be proven good or bad by his fine backer. Mr. Laldlaw of Laidlaw Harl ey-Davidson In Sa n Ga bri el. J oe Is or wa s a l ow te n-second conte nde r who performed before many thousands of specta tors e ach week an d If he Is bac k In a sh ort time a lo t of good a dvertis in g will be gai ned by Laidlaw. J eff Gough ha d a s iml lar disaster thi s day e xcept tha t he ran t he kick start er down to fir e a nd th e rod sepa ra ted. taking a good pie ce of lower end orld Inc. will ha ve J eff with It. Cycle W bac k In s hort orderl New Cycle Associati on Meets Th e first meeting of Moto rcyc le Dra g Racing As soc . was a great success In many ways. T he attendanc e was a bundant and e very person wa s not just mildly int ere ste d but fill ed with enthus ia s m. A temporary s teering committee was app oin ted to mee t and la y fort h a prog ram of operati ons to pres ent at the next meet Ing in rega rds to elections , goa ls and etc. T he perso ns res pons ibl e for this firs t s tep i n committee work a re Mike Spika , M. Dis har oon. Bob Bra verman. Boris Murray a nd Bob Ebeling. News About Racing Dat es Due to some special meets and th e Chris toll s Holidays, there will be no more cycle rac e s at Fontana Raceway until after JanualY i s t, L iun s Drag strip will close for the Chri stmas and Ne w Year Holiday, but will run until and afte r that time. Irwindale Rac eway will IUn on Mooday , Dec. 26th and Jan. 2nd, Imt will continue the nonnal Saturday program ·wi th the addition ot new small bike classes. Until then, good racin g! (Results on page 12) II> co 0.. & Coo k won E.T. brac ket number one , turn ed a spee d of 158 miles per hour and accompli s he d al l this in only 9.90 sec onds , T his was t heir fastest miles pe r hour to da te a nd 160 Is next. Brack et number two had tbr ee e ntries , Sonny Rasla wskl , Joe Smith and Bob E beling. Two Harl ey- mounted and one on Tr iumph. Th e coins for odd man were flipped a nd J oe Sntith steppe d aside to let Sonny and Ebeling hav e at it. Luck was against Sonny as na ture ' s unsettled weather t urned cool and chan ged th e fue I percentage to a non-combustible ntix W hen the lights were gree n. Sonny bogged hard a nd E belin g drew a Qui ck le ad tha t took him through th e li ghts first. Joe Smith made a single run turning 10.67 seconds at 127 mile s per hour. How such an E. T. and sp eed ? Joe 's battery lead ca me off before th e lights and he went throu gh without power. The repai rs were hastily made. Ebeling a nd Sntith went out for the fina l rou nd. Thi s ti me Har ley- David son took no ba ck seat as J oe s torme d off the lin e In carpets of s moke to a ntid ten- second victory . ... ... to to ... "" .. r:.; ~ offerinl flnything to .~o~ds. \./ live flWflY Of frflde -FHEE V e: ... ... Q t> " .............••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• '\'IP I . SELL OUT 1 • Reliring from Mic Business. • 85 New cycles 10 choose from below dealer cosl. TOHATSU PARTS We've gat them all -fast COD service. Ocelot Engineering. 950 Kendall Ave•• San B..nardina. Ca lli. (714) 882·1019. : ·*10MA MOTORCYCLE CO.ic • I I. 6264 VAN NUYS BLVD., VAN NUYS ------------- • : AHA TD1·B new condo Take over 1966 YAM payments. 714-624-6995. TRADE: Sonic nOOR fiber glass tank & Bates short TT seat. will fit Triumph Tr·5. T R-6. Want fiberglass tank lor '65 TR-' (213) 882-1064. HONDA 2nd USGP - 1966 OSSA 175cc Beat dealer entries. three races. 800 street miles. Never dropped. Ridden on street. Per. lect condition. Modified. $850 Inv..ted will sell lor $600. Tel. (408) 356-7856. DISCOUNTS to $200.00 Fac tory Autho rized Dealer LONG B AC E HHONDA 65 HONDA SUPERHAWK like new. Wi ll sell or trade lor good Dirt Bike. Call 783-8640. Fou r Convlenent Locations 1966 DUCATI DIANA MKlII , alloy rims. Fl· glass seat. tachometer. Thruxtons. etc. 5 hr.. on whole bike! Never raced! Sacrifice. Call TUrner 2·9639 Code 714. 5105 Atlant ic 4328 E. Anaheim 11747 E. Carson 341 W. Pac. Cst Hwy GA 3-1433 65 BUL TACO METISSE - A·1 shape - need cash Immediately $525.00. Bob 37409024. 1966 HAR LEY DAVIDSON KR Roadracer-Ige. brakes, "Fairing· Road RaCln~tlres. $1200. Plus eltra gear. Phone: 714-58 3820. End of The Year Clearance Sale 1967 Montesa, brand new, $725.00. 1966 Montesa, Keith Mashburns flat tracker, with all the extra gearing. $650.00. 1964 Matchless single. brand new engine, $825,00. 1963 Triumph Cub, $295.00. 1961 BSA Gold Star. $450.00. Steve Hurd Motorcycles. 1405 Dlymplc Blvd.. M ontebello. Calif. 724-0466. TRADE 2 Rail M.C. Trailer. For single co. Lucas racln~ mag. & BSA rear wheel or something. Call H 1-1164. SELL-196S Bultaco Sherpa ·S· scrambler. Rod Lawrence. (805) WH 8·1476. TRAD E 1965 Bultaco Sherpa· S· Scramblerlor wall to wall carpeting. Joan Lawrence (805) WH 81476. CE RIANI F ORKS & RE A R UNITS You've heard about 'em-we've got 'em! Units lor street, scrambles, road racing, d....t, lightweight. dragster.. Literature now available. Steen's, 1635 W. Valley, Alhambra Calif. 283-8229. ' "TRADE -Have new 4:00119 Peril II Uni versal Want good used Bell Helmet with lace shieldSize 7·1/ 8·7\4. Phone days. 462-6369. nights and weekends 644-1511.· 1964 GREEVESod..ert bike. Challenger pistan. Barnett Clutch. last and reliable , extras, $465.00. Two 1-3/8 Inch Grand Prll carburetor.. $40.00 each. GA 7-6464.2220 Cota Ave. Long Beach. Calli. 1965 YAMAHA YD5-3C 250cc, xlnt. 2400 mi. $495. OR 3-4061 eve/wknd. SELL-1964 Triumph 5OO cc. El cellent conditlen, Make offer 761·3231 5-7 p.m. BENELU FLATTRACKER, 250cc Custom buill, lactory engine. Total weight 16S lbs, 28-30 H.P, Call alter 6 pm. $600.00 Phone (213) 752-7008 1965 PANTHER - 650cc single ex. condition 3.500 actual mil.. $650.00. Call 247-3068 or 255·2122. LEATH'ERS padded & lined, Jacket 36· . pants 29· Il ke new. 94 E. Market #7. Long Beach. phone 423-2490. CULVER CITY CYCLE CENTER - 10248 Culver Blvd.. Culver City. Call1ornia 839-9000 COMPRESSION RELEASE FOR ALL 2STROKES. We also specialize In tuning and rebuilding BULTACOS. FDR SALE: " SP RITE" motorcycles · 250cc trial S/scrambles models· kit lorm. Demo machines also available, Save Money. 1446 N. Euclid Ave., Ontario. CallI. 91762. Call alter 5:30 pm. (714) 984-8737. '65 DUCATI Scrambler-helmet and full padded leathers. Many extra parts and carbs - new tires, new seat. Engine bored and ported ready to race (lights Included) $550,00. Call 526·1566 after 6 p.rn. Want to trade ·HODAKA RACER" In excellent shar: for a fad condition Greeve.. Call 444-731 before :00 p.rn. and 444-0083 after 6:00 p.m. Ask lor Terry. TRAD E 1966 Triumph. street II' scrambles 500cc model SCH lor SOOcc ? bike. Call Pete 714-847-68 72. TRIUMPH TlooSC (5OOcc) very clean. stocks, 1965. extra\ chrome $795. Phone 352-2342. See at 9704 IJunga yo. Blvd•• TIlunga. Cal. c FOR SALE-2 rail bike trail er $30.00. Phone 281·7143• TR6-FULL DESERT exce llent condition! . Sacrifice for Immediate sale $525.00. 16632 San Jose, Granada Hills, Cal. Ph. 363·7925 FOR SALE-1966 Montesa la Cross. excellent condition. call OL 1·1992. CYCLE NEWS needs a Gopher (Go·lor) this, go-lor that,boy. Needs to be last and accurate, with average or above driving record, take eare 01 mall etc. Call 423.Q431. TRADE 1~" G.P. Carb. complete and Trl· umph Rldget Frame lor 2 1·3/16 or larger TT Carbs. Harold Warthen. 2222 W. Campbell. Apt. 1, Phoenll. Ariz. 1965 GREEVES Challenger, gaod shape $450.00. Terms available. TE 3.3280. '64 BULTACD 200cc Sherpa T.S.S, spec. All engine work done by Steve Scott. Class ·C· tires. Tom (213) 883-4658. 1964 GREEVES 36A 250cc. Challenger piston. Alpha crank, expansion chamber new , rings. paint. brakes and tires . Sacrifice at $450.00. Phone 596-7266 or see at 2170 Faust Ave., Long Beach. Calli. TRADE-Honda 50 bored. stroked. Webco cam and valve springs, scrambler handlebars. gaod tires, extra gears and other.spare parts, fast and a good dirt bike lor a Honda 5-90. or trade lor? (213) 728·1993. Ask lor Frank. 1966 500 cc TRIUM PH DESE RT Big carb., ported & polished etc. Street parts also. $825.00. 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. HA 1-1012 Alter 6 p.m. 596-0128. TRADE: 36 hole, 19 Inch. M ontesa rim, 30mm Ama l Carb, lor center mount 2~ to 3 gallon llberglass petrol tank. (714) 984-8737. UN BEUEVABLY IMMACULATE BULTACO 6 speed. TSS 125 lor cash/Hodaka or Suzuki trail. Spares galore. Eves. or wknd.. 475-1554 · I · · · · · · · ·TYPE · ·extra · · · · · Words · Sl · · · · · ~ r H ~adline in BOLD · · Sl · · ·· - · Ten • I HON DA ME CHANIC WANT E D Busy Honda shop In Los Angel.. need two lull·tlme. experienced Honda mechanics. Elcelle nt pay and good working conditions. Please submit resumeS to: BOI H. Cycle News.6477 N. Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, Calilornia 90805. TRADE-Hodaka headlight. taillight. battlll'Y. switches. stock silencer. J&R tuned p lpe~ stock head lor small fibreglass tank, 17 knobby tires. other Hodaka parts. II' 4.0018" trailer tire .. John Koenig, BO 2S1. Ballston I Spa, New York. FOR RENT-ONE BEDROOM HOUSE In Long Beach. close to Ireeways. maximum privacy, minimum upkeep. good vibrations. Integrated neighborhood. No garage. $80 per month ($75 on one year lease). Contact C&S Publish ing Co. Phone 423.Q431. j71!f1 Full Factory Warranty. Free Delivery SWAP 14' Ski boat. 35 HP motor w /lge. wheel trailer runs good. For late model 175cc Dirt Bike. Call 8:30 to 5 p.m. MA 409673 Steve. WI LL TRADE 65 T R.6 new Triumph Fiber Tank. Paid $57.00, lor 65 Stock Tank. Phone AT 8·1487, WI lliam J. Ja rl. GIVE GIFT SUBSCRIPTIDNS TO FRIENDS AND RELA TIVES TIUS CHRISTMAS. SEE PAGE 16 FOR SPECIAL GIFT PRI CE (only $6). $AVE ON BRAND NEW BU LTACO METISS • 250cc • $499.00 Call DA 5-1790 • NEW 250 CZ with less than 50 miles, also '66 Greeves Challenger In excellent condition wit h extra sprockets and parts . 714-883.Q820 alter 6 p.m. P icture S3 exira, Twenty Five words · S2 • Add~ss......... .... . . ........ .. .. ...... . .. • • • • : City••• • •• •• •• • •• •• •• •• •,• • • • •• State •••• e •••• : · WRITE AD HERE ENCLOSE CURR ENCY I • Name • I I I I : •• •• • •• • • •• • ••• •••• •• • •• •• • •• • • • •• • •• • • • 2· $ 1 & $. : • • ••••• ••••••• ••• • ••• •• ••••••••••••••• ••• •••• •• •• • • • • ••••• •• •• •• ••• ••••••• ••••••••• •••••• •• • ••••• •• • • I I ••• • • ••• •• •• • • •• • • • • • •••• ••• •• ••• • ••••••• •• ••• · I ...•••. ....... •.............. ................ I : ~ MAIL TP: . _ _ WAN T ADS, Box 498 ~ I I . I • ~ _. L ong Be uh , Calif. I ~ [oJ ~ [oJ -J U ;:.... U

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