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.................................................................................... ..., .. ~ '" 0. WANT ADS Ads Dffering flnything tD give flwflY Dr frflde - FI(EE .................................................................................... TREASURES AND TRASH' • , SELL IT. TRADE IT. DUMP IT OR ~JVE IT AW.4Y!I! Through. the Want Ad section. of Cycle News. you U reach the guys an.d gals who are interested In the stuff that mIght have been the object of . , your dreams a few months. back. Now is one of the few tImes that anyonf! WIU ever.glve you something for nothing. If you want to trade. or ~v.e somethmg away Cycle News will run your ad for free provldmg lt IS ten words or less. Got some kittens you want to unload on some poor. uDsuspectin,l( fool? Want to give away your mother-in-law? Do you have aJortyyear-old wife that you're willing to trade for two tweaty-year-olds? Put it in ten words or less and Cycle News will run your ad for free. Aside from the free stuff. Cycle News want ads get resalts SO if you want to sell some of those parts that are cluttering up the back of your garage. some used furniture you no longer need or finti a buyer for that used motorcycle you want to Bf!t rid Qf (dealer Dote) write it up. send it in. and Cycle News want ads will do the rest. NEW WANT AD RATES • •••••••••••••••••••••••••• ,... .... ••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••• 10 d 0 less plus address and telephone number $1 Ot) • wor s r , -• • 25 words or less, plus address and telephone number -- $2.0q. C.I-L•• 1 pl.c••• Imost n.w lor 5'10"- • PROGESSIVE DEALERSHIP 6' rider 150-165 Ib50 $40.00. Enlllsb r.clnl : Headline in bolll type -- $1.80 extra. FOR SALE Cloves $5.00. H.lllllts (4) B.II & D.,tou Centr.lI, louted In the Futest crowlnl PictUIe (supplied by you) ... $3.00 extra. $15.00, use 01 40 wi. cnt.d .'ft" $20.00• : • r•• In the u.s. (Orul. County). Musl retlr. : Deadline for all want ad copy is noon Mond Pbon.: HO H289. due to poor bulth. Good sbow room .nd • the ad will appear. • I.rl. outside dlspl., ..... Servlc. Dept. IIONTESA 166 1200 mi. extras $375.00. Can : •.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• th.t Is lull, .qulpped. Will consider . ,•• Phone: HO H289. ol.r. Writ. to Box S. ~ C,cl. FOR SALE: GoP. Hon~ S9O. Gins s••I. 6477 N. Lonl Bucb Blvd., Lonl ....k. 1.lrlnl. 25mm D.lorrto r.clnl urb. DUCATI 17Scc .xtru $225.00. HO 500289. Be.cb. C.lllomi.. rKlnl roll.r c.m. bl compo plslon, .110' rims, r.clnl tires. ·Sp.res" $340. C.n be NORTON & SIDECAR SOOcc slnll., des.rt ALL NEW GIS MATCHLESS 300 Ibo-500cc SHn .1 Willow 6th. T.I: 805-962-6769. TRADE - Luth.r p.ats. juk.1 lor Hon~ rll $100.00. HO 5-0289. slnll.. Ac. Blk. Sbop. 1100 E. Artesl. sldec.r. C.II 776-5795. LonlBe.cb, C.III. 1965 Monl.n 250cc $500.00. 1964 Montln '63 PICK-UP y.! ton Ford lonl bed••xc.llent 175cc $200.00. Both enllnes n.wl, r.... 11I TRADE - hnab. 80 FI.ttr.cker A-1 cond. $775.00. CM IIuncl HO 5-0289. EXPERIENCED BSA MECHANIC (37400737). w/ street ~rts, hm.b. 250 J& R huds. W.t 3 r.1I blkl trall.r. compo front wheel lor HONDA RAIN SUIT $10.00. L••th.r NEEDED ATTN: owners! Wllllr.d. m, .qult, Balbco Melless.. Pbone Mltcb 773-8844 .,$5.00. Pbone: HO 500289. Lal. modern sbop. top w.I.S .nd ben.flts. In noosc lor Monl.ssa 175·250 scr.mbl.r. Appl, In person to J., TUllis, South ~, llrne~.~~~-~~~~-- 447~342. 1966 TRIUMPH 500 Hon.,-BSA, 1212 P.clflc Cout Hllbw." COMPLETE set Skin Dlvlnl equlp_t. R.doado Be.cb. c.III. Br.nd new. jusl usembl.d from sblpplnl suit, extr. bnks .nd 18cul"ors. sp••r cans, WANTED TO BUY-us.d M.tlss.-no cr.... ..etn./I•• box. Perfecl lor depth CUP••tc••nd Jobnson 5Y.! junk-send Inlormatlon 10 Molorc,cl. d"'nl old.r blk. $575.00. St.en's. 1635 W. Hp out bo.rd motor In runnlnc c0n1053 N. 6th S\,. Port Huen.m., C.III. V.III, Blvd., Alb.mln, C.III. 283-8229. dition. Sw.p lor older model Ho Obv 61". '64 H-o XLCH low mlll.ll. orilin.' stock '66 HODAKA, o.serl, stock enlln•• 4 tillS, wi II consld.r others. R.L Collins, 485-2522. condition $1095.00. Pbon. 322-1606. sp.r. ~rts .nd plUIS. All str••t .qulpm.nt, CERIANI FORKS & REAR UNITS IIc..s•• I'rllnls. I.ntutlc runnlnl .ad ... TRADE-1962 40" Trlu..b. b.lmet, luther, You'v. .bout 'em-we'vi COl '.m! Units FOR SALE-1956 Trlumpb scrMlbl.r 650cc lI.blllty. Greev.s $300_00. Will deliver. boots .11 ealrL For skI bo.1 or ? 221-5083 scr.mbl.s, ro.d r.clnl, de_I, lor 20 br. on 1961 enc'n., A-I cond. SH 10 3IPJohn H.cock. 117 Muir H.II. C.I Pol" San Ro,. IIchlwellbt. dllllster50 Llter.tur. now .""preclat.. F.tutlc ..., .1 $450.00. Pbone: Luis Obispo, C.lllornl.. .bl•• Sleen's. 1635 W. V.II." Alb.mbr•• 213-961-1167. Cal II. 283-8229. WILL SWAP on. 1962 J.n 557 250 lor . , HONDA SCRAMBLER 250 Imm.cul.t•• tr.d. SlMIl Ir.1I blk. In loocIles In SUZUKI MECHANIC NEED lor sb.rp Ickup or W.con. GA 6-4038. Nur N.w '66 BULTACO SHERPA 175 $625/ .nllne .nd tr.ns.-1966 LIe., C.L. n,lor Jr. Good opportunlty lor mM. 4 oll.r. 693-5607 (Wblttler). 2125 R.lslon Av... S.nb Su~~, C.III. 1953 FORD Customlz.d Pick-up with 1956 c,cl. expo b.lpful. C.II Sund., 249-3410, Olds. .nllnl - H,dro-bod, lib n.w. n.w DRAFTED-must sell 1966 Suzuki X-6. XIn\, HELP! N.ld 3 or4 spd. tr.ns. lor 3 whe.1 tires. Ixc.lllnt condition. $500. Cb.rles HONDA 590 Front lork us.mbl,. wIth wh••,. condition. (714) 827-7464. Mu st.nlo Will Mf C p.rts (BSA. Triumph Whltesld•• Pbonl 674-0109. tire, .nd br.k•• $40.00. Pbon.: 353-0866. Montess.) for nm•• Eml •• Pbon. 447~342. DRAFTED - 1965 HO~Q des.rt or TT. IIoWACULATD A-1 condItion Bullaco TSS Hn. 8 wh••1 us..bllu 16-17-18 In. Also twen"'four mm urbur.tor, cbro.....llo' cr.nk125, 6 spd., Avons, 1.lrlnl. Smith's T.cb., bubt 01 Hond. 150cc p.rts Md 50cc 4-spd. sb.rt. Factory portlmlnc, .xp.nslon cbmber, top end. exlr.s: cyl•• hud, pip., c.rb.. _line p.rtl.lI, dlsusembl.d. lor 1 TRADE - Beer B", relrll••lor. Holds y.! kec lork br.e-. Plus .11 orllln.1 equlpm.nt. Exwlndscr.en, 6 sprkts., 7 rlnl s.ts. 3 lorl.d Pbone: VE 9-0635. or \4 kll - lor runnlnl 50cc or 11 FR 4-293l. c.llent condItion, Md very FAST! 10753 pistons!!. lools. 475-1554 .lter 6 p.m. Fuerl. Drive, U M.n. Phon.: 44+7316. TRADE - 1954 PKk",d tor 15' hw. WILL TRADE-IIovl. C.m.r. found.t Cb.ck62 TRIUMPH 650 - D.sert bike - .xc.llent or ? Dick, 757·3285. er Cbse lor the complete d.scrlptlon from condition - $550.00. Phone 805-244-2715. 305cc HONDA HAWK buk.1 Job. or • nonthl owner. C.II 375-2727 or writ.: Rt. 1 runn.r C.II .v.nlnlS: 246~786 O' Box 584, C.lllomi •• TRADE-I bn•• I.w wbeel us.mbll.s 1.,_ 244-2593. VALLEJO WINNER! MontlSu Diablo $450. Inl .round 16-17-18 Incb. Will for , '66' BSA 650cc Hom.t th.n • thounnd Mlttlss. - .11 m.Jor modlllc.tlons Barry Sulkln.3973 Benlle, Ave., Culv. City" 1966 YAMAHA (YD5-3) scr.mbl.r musl s.1I miles $895.00 Incl. IIpts. I.cb, IIcens•• Pb. 5625. Pbon.: 447~342. C.lllornl.. ' Exc.lI.nt condo HE 5-7934 $500.00. HO 4-5865. str.... -------- .------------_ _--------------'_ .. _-----------_ $1 & $2 WRITE AD HERE ENCLOSE CURRENCY ... NEW RATE Name•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Address •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FREE WANT ADS ..:.;... MAIL TO: WANT ADS, Box A98 TRADE-Ho~k. r.clnl .rp.nslon CMDlber.nd B....W. 1.lrlnl with plnstrlplne-Ior Blk. Tr.II.-or 1 lor 6'3" rlder-c.lI FR 4-2931. Ten Words - $1 Twenty Five words' $2 Headline in BOLD TYPE $1 extra Picture $3 extra. If you have something to give away C~ty•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• State •••••••• , trade etc. want ads are free to yOIl l ... _ LHg Beacla, Calif. -----------------~------~--------------------~ * * -tc * ~ * -tc * -tc RESERVED fOR * -tc •.YOUR WANT ADS * * : : -tc * *********1t it ~ THIS SPACE

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