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M.D.N. SHOW ISSUE 't WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 15 through SEPTEMBER 21, 1966 VOLUME III NUMBER 36 r Sammy Tanner slides 10 vletory ASCOT 8-MILE NATIONAL STORY Pholo by Dellllis Greene 3rd Annual Tanner Tromp p , It • Sammy Tanner bounced back again to prove that he is the best half-miler in the west and one of the best ever-east or west. The red and white-clad redhead went into the National last Saturday night winless in the main event column since l,st July. His time trial, a distant 12th, did not help his canse when it came &0 picking pre-race favorites. But when it all started to count SPRINGFIELD 50 MILE NATIONAL it was Tanner again in typical·FlyCANCELLEDOFFAMACALENDAR ing Flea" style. making the rest of the field look like merely names and numbers to fill in the show. Sliding Sammy polished off his heat race for his 329th win and took measure of Guy Louis, Ralph White, Roger Reiman and Elliott SChultz with the fastest ten laps of the night. Sam was the only rider to cut five miles in the three-minute bracket. The final was a repeat of the previous two years with Tanner blasting to the outside and getting it over with in a hurry. Mel Lacher, the fastest Qualifier and opening heat [ace winner, led for over two laps before giving way to the elevenyear veteran and his C.R. Axtelltuned BSA single. From that point on it was all Tanner with the capacity crowd centering their attention on tbe race for 3rd between Bart Markel and Gene Romero. The new and the 'old matched wheels and throttles for 15 laps with Markel again thrilling the fans with high-groove riding and Romero cutting fat ones down the middle. Experience payed off for the Flint flyer, Markel, as he moved by and away from the sensational first year Expert· and aimed for second place Mel Lacher. Bart chopped the distance and then slid past on the 19th lap to wrap up second place money and national points-just about enough to insure his third Grand National AMA title. . One of the finest races ever run came in the opening Expert beat race when Markel battled Lacher for the win all the way and a second and more important battle took place for the Unal two transfer spots just down tbe track.. Tbe riders concerned, Gary Nixon, Dick Hammer,Dan Haaby and Mert Lawwill, put on a show that will not soon be forgotten. La wwill and Haaby were early transfer spot riders with Nixon and Hammer coming on strong. Gary bounced in and out of a transfer spot no less than six times before finally edging Hammer and Haaby for third. Hammer took fourth and last transfer on the last lap from Haaby for the biggest upset of Ibe night. Lawwill faded badly the last five laps and ran a surprisingly dis ta nt six th place. Another surprise came in the second (Continued on page 10) - - lVIM31VW a31va SSV13 aN033S ... .c .9 o a: A pair of Identical bikes seen al Lion's Dracslrip. DISTRICT .:rl SPORTS COMMITTEE MEETING DRAGS BILL BERRY PAYS A VISIT By Maureen Lee While in lhe calegory of Old Business at Thursday nights' District 37 sports Committee Meeting, a representative brought up again the subject of the Dirt Diggers. AJ; to why the Dirt Diggers charter bad not been renewed, it was because the club had stated that they felt they were not receiving any benefits from being an AMA club. AS individuals, AMA members may belong and compete in events run by other associations as long as these associations or organizations are not on the United states Attorney Generals' list of subversive organizations. However, dual sanctioning of events or clubs is not allowed. It was pointed out from the floor that Earl Flanders had said at a previous meeting that there was to be no dual sanctions, yet Bonneville had been dual sanctioned for years. Don Kemp of the Dirt Diggers asked for an interpretation of the rules and asked just where was it to be found? sports Committee President, Jean Carter said that it was apparently time for the introduction of guests for the evening, and introduced Bill Bagnall, publisher of Motorcyclist magazine. Mr. Bagnall spoke for a few moments and then introduced Mr. William T. Berry, Jr. the new Secretary of the AMA. In bis openin" remarks. Berry intro(Continued on page 20) - - - - - CYCU AUEY By Bob Ebeling Leo Payne and Harley-Da vidson take biggest share of purse money. Top money was received saturday and Sunday at the trophy booths of Irwindale Raceway and Lions Drag Strip by Leo Payne after being the quickest and fastest of eight machines at one and Top Fuel at the other. Irwindales big race of the program Saturday, was a heads up race of the eight quickes tqualifiers and the elapsed times were spac ed in such a way to provide some great spoke-ta-spoke racing for the spectators delight. The eight qualifie rs and their times were: Lea Payne (10.24) Sonny Raull (11.08) Sonny Raslawskl (11.11), Bob Ebellnc(11.27) Leo Payne (11.52) M. Disharoon (11.58) Joe Smith (11.82) Larry Welch (11.84) Because of the system used In mat.- cbing eliminalors, Leo Payne was scbedueled 10 race Leo Payne (bis Fuel bike vs street bike) whicb provided some speculation on bow the problem would be solved, but Ibe answer was quic.kly solved by Leo's selection of Bruce Miller to ride the street bike. Almost as quickly, the Fueler and Street bikes were fired and staged for round one.1.eo gave Bruce no quarter and defeated bim by quite a margin. The second race featured Sonny Routt's twin engine Triumph Gasser against M. Disharoon and his Harley Sportster. The four cylinders of Sonny's machine sang a merry tune as they reached the finish lights first. Tbe third race placed Sonny Raslawski and Joe Smith's Harley-Davidsons on the starting' lirie and when the christmas tree starting lights flashed to green Sonny pulled to a quick lead and held to the end. Round four had Bob EbeLing on Triumph and Larry Welch aboard his HarleY for a display of Larry's quick reflexes as he pulled a quick lead with a big hole shot. Unfortunately, the lost footage was made up before the final lights as Ebeling's Triumph passed the Harley for a win. Four left in contention and the elapsed (Continued on page 14) - - - 90806 "!le:J '1I3eas 21101 'PAIS 113eas :Ju01 'N LU9 SM3N 31JAJ

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