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.... .co '".. LODI TURNS ON LIGHTS 0.. Now that Summer's heat is on the California central valley , some of the best two-wheeled action anywhere in the state can be seen and enjoyed Friday evenings at the Lodi Cycle Bowl southeast of the town of Lodi. "" The season's July first opener, shown here , attracted riders to '" the lighted TT scrambles like mayflies . One hundred and seventy-six = ..... V) of them. They performed for a crowd of 1430 spectators in a total of ~ 36 events, including 16 main events. ... :c: tz:I -J ~ u Number one sc rambler Ray Huff must have pu t the wren ch es to his BSA as promis ed last week . be caus e he "moved a little dir t - winni ng th e open Exp er t fi n a I . Nex t _to get breathed on. Huff ' s Bultac o. He fi nished second to Rog er Goldthwaithe in the 250 Expe rt c la ss as the i r duel continue s . Clos est rac es we re th e 60cc Novi c e, won by Bill Sargenti with his best rid e i n a lon g tim e . The 90cc Novi ce also was a thriller with first and second plac es a fight all t he way . The a bov ementioned 250 Expert go was a drive to th e wall betwe en th e two le ader s and t he 650 Novi c e main was practically a 3-way ti e. Mel Clewett and Rodney Norgaard wer e closely match ed for 650 Amat eu r hono rs . - And J a c k De lay again won the whee lie co ntes t , despite tweaked fo rks from an e ar lier crash. Friday night IT startin g J uly 22nd, 1966. Holiday Magi c Cosme tics is donatin g the beauty treatment to prove that their product s can eliminate the abuse that smooth complexions get from exposure to sun, wind , dust a nd racing speed. W beli eve that thi s is another first e for Lodi Bowl, located on M e Road ors just SOuth of L odi. Rac es start at 8 p.m, Fridays. Photos by John Ramos RACING BEAUTIES T O GET MAKEUP Lodi lovelies will be treated to a comple te facial and makeup job after competing in the ladies rac es at the Dave Stoddard won 125 Nov. class. ... Above and below: Sp ills and thrills highlight weekly Lodl show. Our Lodl Lovely this week Is Pert Debbie Vincent, who doesn't ride , but "loves motorcycles.~ She allended three races In 48 hours the week that this photo was taken so that qualifies her as a first rate fan. Measuring out at a pe rfea 36-22-36 and 5 foot two, the brown-haired beauty halls from Las Vegas, Nevada • Fred Sumrall, Ray Huff and Don Stover mix It In open Expert contest. Above: Bob Bruce. Below, Jim Rice In spects the wreckage. ..

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