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2 POKER RUN -Napa IIC, hosls their 6th Annual at Napa. TT SCRAMBLES-HI Boats IIC. al Dehesa Track near San DleCo. SCRAIIBLES - by Stanlslaws IIC . In 1I0desto Area. FIVE CLUBS POKER RUN, 2nd SUNDAY ,MARCH 13, _ PROFESSIONAL TT - at Alta- Annual by Oxnard II/C Clubs. TT 5CRAIIBLES - Oilers IIC. mont Speedway (Nort he rn Ca lif. ) Starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp, at at Dehesa Track near San Dleco. Disco Park lnc lot Vineyard and Hwy 101, Oxnard . For more InMARCH 14- 201H, 1966 TT SCRAMBLES-bJ Grlpsters IIC at Prado Park . 0 1sL 37 DAYTONA SPEEDWEEK.Daytona, formation contact Ben Stronc' u points e..nt. Small bikes at 8:00 flor ida. A.II.A. Professional and man, 4020 So. " J , Oxnard. Sportsm.. races. ZOO-mller Grand Phone (80 5) 483-7600. a.m. BIC bikes at noon. $1.2S donaUon, $1 entry fee. Take· Prix lIarch ZOth. side FWJ toward RI.erside to HWJ 71. Turn off 71 on Euclid toward Ontario, Co approx. 1 8/10ths miles to Pine, turn rlp t and eo to eery store at fork In road, tum rlcht and continue out pas t Womens Statll Prl son to track. SATURDAY, MARat 12, - SHORT TRACK-AliA Class cProflSslon al e ..nts atllonterey fa ir crounds at dark. "'0- TT SCRAMBLES-Eastside Cycle Park. Just east of Tucso n, Ariz. SCR AMBLES - by Hawthorne Gophers at Bay lI are Track . L ittle bikes practice at 8: 30, h...ywel Cht Ex pert and Amateur at 11:30. No. lc e Hea.ywelchts sUrt at 2:30. From 1000 Oaks (Ventura Fwy) take Hwy 23 North to Hwy 118 . Left on 118 acrosS RR tra ck , right on race trac k road about J,2 mile past tracks. TT SCRAMBLES-Prospectors IIC. at Perris. Donation $1, entry fee $1 plus 25,t for ambu, All IIchtwelp ts at 8:30 a.m. Heavy welpts at noon. no.lce h...les at 2:00 p.m. THURSDAY,MARCH30, 1966 INDOOR SHORT-TRACKliemorlal Coliseum, Portland, 0 ... N.R.A. sanctioned. First race 8:00 p.m. SUNDAY, M ARCH 211, _ AC A ROAD RACES - Carlsbad Raceway. Watch ror delalls. (the Voice of California) 1185 Eas' 19th 5tt_ Long leach. Califom ia 90106 or. 110. 491, Lon, lIoach, C: Beach, California. Chari.,. Claylon Edilor Sharon Clayton__.. __ Bu~inett SCRAIIBLES, So. County II/C at Dam. Dlst. 36 POKER RUN, 3rd. Wande rlust II/C , at Pleasant Hill. SCRAM BLES, lst F a a t hili Scrambles at Oakdale, S C R A II B L E S, 11th. Salinas Ramblers M/C at Salinas . PROFESSIONAL TT , San Jo.e Speedway , Dl st . 36. TT SCRAMBLES-Sportsm.. MC. at Prado Park. Gate donation $1.25. HARE SCRAMBLES-Lost Aneels LIptwel pts at 8:00 a.m, BIg MC. Start at 10:00 a.m. rain or bikes at noon. BIC bike no.lce. at shine. Hlp Vista area , limed from 2:00 p.m. Llcht welpt entr ies Utile Rock cutoff at Hlways 14 close at 9: 15, hea.les at 12:50 and 138. Runlaid out with flnlshe rs p.m. , no.lces at 2:05. Late entries and beclnners In mind. Catering will be charced$5 ..try fee. RI.e ttruck In pit area. Club also holding side Freeway loward RI.ers lde trophies for Castaic run June 1965. to Hwy 71. Turn oN 71 on Euclid FRIDAY, APRILS, 1966 IN DOOR SHORT-TRACKlllmorlal Coliseum, Portland, Ore. N.R.A. sanctioned. FIrst race 8:00 p.m. SATU RDAY, APRI L!!, 1966 INDOOR SHORT-TRACK A.II.A. sanctioned Class "A". FIrst race al 8:00 p.m. Lonc Beach Arena SUNDAY, APRIL24, 1966 POKER RUN-lat Annual "Hidden Destination" .... L Trophies ..d awards calare' Slart s at 8:00 10 10:00 a. m. at San Fem Valley H-D Shop, 16113 ·Sherman Way, Van Nuys. Post entry, $1.7S. Mall enlr les no later than April 17th, to Valleym.. MC. " Harkleroad, 675 Watson, Simi, Calif. Mall entry $1.50. M analEer Gil Beowe.. ... Adverti8in~ Man_Iter Sandie BrawD. __.Cir cu la tio n Man_lEer J . ck Byrd SI.rr .,r CONTRIBUTORS: Carl Bartlett. Dale Boller, Wes Conley. ~f ike Crowl ey, Bob Ebel ing, Robert O. Fee, Dennis Cree..e. Larry Haley, Bob Kri ps , Joe Lopez, Maureen Lee, Walt Mahony, Roxy Rockwood, Earl Boeseler . Gordon South. Published 50 weeks a year in Lon>: Beach, California. Entered as 3rd class mail at Lon>: Bcach Post Office. Any part of this newsp aper may be used without permission as long as cred it is given. Editorial contributions. ca rtoons, photos will be paid for upon publication. Self-addressed, stamped envelope assures re turn. Sin" le Co py Pr-ice S u b"cr i p l i on~: 1 5c O ne Year 3rd class mail.. $5.00 i\ d H~· rl i ~ i n ~ r llt ~ will be se n t un rrque"t. Apr il 1, 1963 - Monday es Anderson 's letter con c erning W The Hilltopp,er's ·" Nat ional Champs hi p Fiasco ' pretty well says how I felt after the " ra ce ". I rid e a trail cl ass machine and finish ed in about the same position that I was in when I (an d over 200 others) became lost . Th e boy who won that class will probably never win an othe r race but but he also was probably lost like the rest of us. If he wasn't lost then he wasn 't playing "follow-the-Ie ad e r" and found the course okay. About 20 others found it qui ckly. T hey may re tu rn the entry fee but what about the ne w piston I ne e d now or the bruis es an d scrapes of many of the rid e rs . Akso, I not ic ed that some of the familiar face s wer e missin g th e followSund ay - may be th e~' had n't gotten over it yet? Rich W alden Ban nin g ! would like to c al l to your attention and th e DIs tri ct 37 Sports Competition Committe e' s happenin gs on F e b. 27, 1966. Ther e wa s an e ve nt held on th e P erris Track for li ghtw ei ght s only . The c lass of 100cc amateur was co mbined with the 100cc ex pe rt class. This was very unfi ar to me and many other new come rs . ! think that the rule stating that there will be no novice class under 250c c is not up to date, it was probably made before the 90 and 80cc machines became popular. I thillk tJiafthe Dis tri ct 37 Sports Commit te e should loo k into developing a IOOcc novice class.And anyone who thinks tha t there aren 't en ou gh people who race 100c c mach ines to mak e a class should go out to P erris some Sund ay . Dis t.37 Ne w-comer Bob William. Jr. Alt a Lorna EDITOR Sounds like a good Idea . Sports · Committee , please note. The &IorJI of two I/OURg racera (later btl a doird) who foumeved from Ca1ifornia to the Eiut. growing up tJ10nIl the UlaI/. c:matirIua. We nr/Olft OUt' voamit heroa, 6till1n ArizDn4• • • 81/ Jim Nit:h.oWrt, Manv (Mark ) Me.DOrttJd and Jim AIhrnoN joined the guy I had stayed with the other night, he had some mail for us. One letter was from my mommy and the other was from Mark's mommy. In my lett er was a couple of checks , $96 income tax returns and $50 which was in my wallet which was found. J erry was crying becaus e Mark told her we were leaving in a couple of days and she overheard Jim and I talking about Mark running allover Lhe country leaving a string of broken hearts acros s the nation. Now Mark thinks he's a big lover. W he ell isn ' t. I am. - J.N. DAY OF SPORT AND REST W had more pancakes and flicked more e bottlecaps. This is how we spend our leisu re time. In other words, we s pend about 90% of our time nicking bottl ecaps , W e went to town and M ark bought a pai r of sho es and Jim and I bought a pair of thongs e and some groce ries. W didn't do much of any Importance , but come to think of it , we never do really. But anyway, nothing of any int erest happened, we didn' t even fight. and we went to bed earlv. (To be continued next week) lIarch 31 , 1963 - Sunday ASHM OR E BECO MES A HERO We had hot cakes. I made them myself. I thought they were pretty good but they ark. didn't go over too good with Jim and M We went up to a swimming hole where this girl that M ark was with last night was La meet us. She was to bring along two of her girl friends . We laid around in L sun he listening to the wireless. Ji m Ashmore made some friends . Thes e friends of his happened to be a herd of white rock toads. They seemed to take a likin g to him, maybe becau s e of their close mentali ty rat e. Anywas. one of the toads fell in the wate r and see med La be in nee d of res cue so Jim. without a second of hesitation, took off his shi rt and dove in after him. W wai ted until 3 o'c loc k and decided e to leave because the girls didn't s how up. On the way down we ran Into J erry. We didn' t really run her over. we just saw her walking up the road. She said that there was a traffic jam and cars couldn't get UP the canyon. We drove her down to her car and picke d UP the othe r two girls. then drove down to the sto re and got some gTU b. then went back up the cany on and picnicked by the stream . Mark was with J erry, ! was with s ome girl named Patches and J im was with a girl named Vema. W finish ed the root e beer which we had left from the other night. At 7 o'clock J im and I took Pa t and Verna home because her mother s aid she e had to be home at 7:30. W went back UP the canyon and brought J erry's car down La her and Mark. When I got there ! s aw CYCLE PARK A REALITY FOR SO-CAL FANS LONG EDITORIAL THE MOTORCYCLE DILEMMA By C. Clayton Motor cyc lin g, li ke Caes ar's Gaul, is divid ed into thr ee parts : street riding , trai l rid in g an d com petition. Each part is further s ubdiv is ible by rid er prefere nce until th e numbe r of s ub categories e quals or e xceeds the numb er of motor cy clist s curren t ly enjoy ing the s port . As a re sult, motor cycle-land is th e ultimate ha ven of the vehicul ar individualist. No one need bear th e s lightes t re s emblance to his fellows . One re sult of th is indi vidua lism is th e wid espread feelin g amon g motorcyc lists that the prob le ms that harass the " oth er guy " have no be ar in g on hat doe s it matt er to th e sc rambler if one 's own enjoyment of the s port. W street rid ers are encumbered by new re gulation s ? His knobbies will neve r to uc h pavement; it do esn 't affect him . And what doe s th e street rid er care if a TT course is z one d out of existenc e as a "public nuis an c e." He wasn 't planning to go there anyway. After surveying literally hundreds of cycle enthusiasts and busin essmen up and down th e s tate . we have been reluctantly forced to the conclusion tha t th e only people pr imar ily conc ern ed with the fate of a l1 motorcycle riding in California is the s t af f of Cycle News . T o paraphras e J ohn Donn e , no motorcycle ent hus iast is an island . What affects one part of th e sport affects us all. sooner or la ter. It is this in terdep endanc e . whether we li ke i t or not . tha t ma ke s the problem of the othe r guy our problem. T a ke the trai l rider ' s pli ghL for e xample . Last week on this pa ge we hin ted at some of the problems fac in g trail rid ers in Cali forn ia. ~ - w we s hal l try to list them in the hope that by spellin g

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