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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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2 LONERS MAIL PUBLISHED WEEKLY EXCEPT FIRST AND LAST W EEK OF CALENDAR YEAR. I _ 4S•• laa le. ba_ r ~ contlnuoaal, for 32 , ..... . \Mea • prof...l oaoal 1'1.... for 2S ".1". kea cOllDected with .otoreycle bu.lee.. for 22 ,..n.t o Tour . Iroup .0Uftd,. -)r1sht for. the va, liu rid, an.. YDS Y_ ba REBELS REGRET • • • Pl •••• prtnt t b b l.t tar Dr r.~1t. _ articl. to 1.t elM .,torc1cl_ publ1c ItDow our t •• U ... about cafteli llatioa of our race ~ 14. 1965. TlM 13 ..beb haw lD tbe pan ,.an baUt • 1004 rlpu taUOII for boldln& _tuand 1rC race l . w. try t o 11...... ryone the • • t we ·can 1. one d.a,. of raelq aDd lpara QO IKpeUI 1a Il~ tbe vimwn I JU lt r-.rd . ale, tropbyl . M . . . .ra of Dhtrict 37 Sporta e:-lt t •• we h . t I t I I GUt' dut,. to hold It l •••t NO ne. . . ,..r . ao otber rtdtin . .,. nJoy their aport of _tlnr ractzw.. wa wen lOrry to can OIJT " ' " . 14 tb race off ...... t 414 10 in tbe btunt of • • h t y. Prado P.rit b too hn end dlppery .m.n t o hoi• • •• f. r ae. _at. Baa thta ".en lebedu t,4 OQ _BOther tracK we _tabc: be... bean nl_ to chaQae the course aad lfOOU u_ hel• • IGOd: _d Ic,....I.. . At Prado bowe"ftr. _ did not • • • a D' . ., po.. nIe to ' r .... t • nee tbet would _ _ bMia • cuU.... or ••Jo,· -.ft t t o an,. of tbe rider• • Know So . Cal. ! roed.' aDd enjo,. off be. t t rtp. .....-at. . of club. u,.l... @)J@[1m I ou t a.u aillt'l')' t JPe Will I ftt ! (Formerly Motorcycle Journa l) Hlu Crowle,. r . ...."'. Cal U. You'll fit .---{;.c. 1185 E. 191h S treet. L ong Be ac h. Califor nia 591-2088 591- 6113 Published by C & S Publishing Company P . O. Bo x 498 Long Beach. Calif. 90806 1 . . . )"OUr H 111 CYCLE RBIS aDd I sure fi t JOUr "acr",U-,.,. I _ vrit ltll to Uad out what you an ad wbat 10U 1 he- • BooU 2SO Ser. .l.r and. njo, ca au l dirt .... trtala t )'pe rt.dbe. A,lao -oj o, Sunday .fterDOOft aafarla b t o tbe loca l -..mta1fta wUh chick aDd plcalc baab t . do: _t. Ca I n Sn u 13 lebel. HIe L".oocI. CaUf. PHONEY Why did 10U be... to pboDeJ' it up ...s ~ ll It • caat.. t yo. bad forsottn to l IIIlIOUDCe 1 Vb,4U'c J'IN u- tM pt. t o c:c.I' out aDd • •it It _. • a bcM.. t .itlt.lui . whlcb It oIrlrl ou d , _. . lait••d 10U try s ad COWl' 1.t up with s . .s k eXalH and _ lui ua doubt JOU" word f ro- . . OIl. You're welcome!---{;.c. ........... Weare happy to have played a part, however small, in your beginning enlightenment. Next time y ou write to instruct us on the art of journalism, please find the courage to sign your name.---{;.c. Charles Clayton Editor Sharon Clayton . . . . .. Business Manager Gil Brown Advertising Manager Carl Bartlett Product ion Manager Da vid Shaw Competition Editor Dale Boller Chief Photographer J oe L opez, Roxy Rockwood. R obert Ebeling. L arry Healey, Carl Bartlett, Go rdon Sou th, Walt Mahon y Contributors Advertising rates se n t on request. Advertising prepared by ARThompson, 546 W. Colorado St., Glendale . Calif. Publiahed weekly except fir st and 1a, t wee k of calenda r year in Long Beach, Calif. Any part of th is newspaper may be used without perm illion a. long as credit is g iven . Editor ial contributions, cartoons, photos w ill be paid for on publication, wr ite for our ge ne rous contributo r' rates . SAFETY BRAINSTORM CONTEST ae r ul.,. CaUf. "T he Vo ice of California" SaDdvtacb a arbara. CaUf. S.., J'OUr club .. 10 CYCLE .DlS . Vould J'OU aend _ an ,.dUb le toto 011 )'OUr clu" Do you haw loo4looklna Ilrla In )'OUr club t ha t would llka t o t.. . , r td toc pert_r! Vby no _et tna. ! ADd no oq'ou'tloll! 1 _ tMnk.tac )'OU to ,d.aace f or the ' botofor-tlon. P'l oyd v, hUb Or .age. c.l U • DeoDb r iDk !ditor-CYClZ "!liS To COWl' tbe Stat. of CaUfonta or ,wn 14. Anal •• County. US.OOO woul dn ' t 10 w ry far but t hat au. could be . ,.n t wI'}' ... 11 for the a.fa t r of tb• . ,t orc7clb t tr. wl1na t he atr•• u of 'eU. Ca r dena. Par-.oat 60 DowMy by ttdna an tbe c.huc\ hoi.. that . re . . ., eaouab t o .t,rt • trGnt . . . . 1 . .h Ie. Tben . n _ abahs t hu . lDCbe. bel. . tbe nun su rface . Collar, cou l ' be _ l _ d .. t o a t ..l _ _1. h .. U t o "1'1. . tbe COWl' up t o . tre.t 1 1. I ca n po i n t out cbuc. hote_ I n t M ,. u tbat haw 1M• • t ben f or ,.ara. bur1 1.D1 .U l . COWl'S t.a • 1004 . ...a .U _lao. tr. b be en ter f or new rlclera . Dd 1.., a lnor. Oft . U c.r • •• " • ..... t.d 111 ~r 11tb 1. Utl of CTCU: ..,5. A.lria ~ S ~. Jen Cer ..... <:'Uf. t'" TURN YOUR MACHINE INTO A J & R "SLEEPER " ---- ~l Add this tuned exhaust to your 80cc or 250cc Yamaha, 80cc or 150cc Suzuki, 90cc or 175cc Bridgestone or Hodaka or 175cc Ossa. Pick up speed and horsepower but be quiet. First t ime ever, a quiet expansion chamber that fits like :-- ---- -- -- - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - - - - -~ 1 0K. send me the J&R specia l pa rts wh ic h ORDER BLANK I stock, chrome plated. $35.00 . I I I I r I have checked by return ma il for wh ich I enclose ( toral ) in check 0 money order O· californ ia res idents add 4% sta te sales tax . J& R pays sh ipping c ost s. I I I I PR ICES U.S. CANADA (U.S. Cu rrency) I I J&R "FIREBAll" DECALS Each $ .50 0 $ .55 HODAKA expansion chamber tuned exhaust system . header pipe induded Blacl< $25.00 0 $26.70 Chrome $30.00 0 $31.70 SUZUKI expansion chamber tuned exhaust system . (uses standard header pipe) Black $25.00 0 $26.70 Chrome $30.00 0 $31.70 Specify with or without heat guard brlcket Bracket $ 1.00 0 $ 1.00 YAMAHA expansion chamber tuned exhaust system . header pipe ind uded Black $20.00 0 $21.70 Chrome $30.00 0 $31.70 HODAKA sport head s $17.00 0 $18.1 0 SUZUKI sports head and alloy gasket. $17.00 0 $18.10 Extra gaskets $ .50 0 $ .60 YAMAHA 80 sports head $15.00 0 $16.10 YAMAHA YDS 2 & 3 twin sports heads (Send tracing of bolt pattern .) P~ ir $34.00 0 $36.20 I ;!l YAM AHA 55 and 80 shift lever Black $ 4.00 0 $ 4.80 Extr rubbers $ .50 0 $ .60 Chrome $ 4.50 0 $ 5.30 a DIE CAST ROTARY VALVES '.4, 'h & Full Race S J)OCify 3mm ( I" -) or 'mm . (~. ') ......, . WmW£5 $ 4.00 0 $ 4.20 HEADER Plf'ES. flanged and upswept but without expansion chamber or brackets. for HODAKA. SUZUKI. YAMAHA Black $4.00 0 $ 4.80 Chrome $ 4.50 0 $ .5.30 XC SILENCER. fits all our Black $12.00 0 $12.80 expansion chambers Chrome $15.00 0 $15.80 YAMAHA downsweep expansion chamber with built in silencer (Uses standard header pipe) Chrome only $36.00 0 $37.30 RAYZOIL Exd usive two·stroke blend Quart $ 1.95 0 1/5 qt. $ .75 0 YAMAHA downsweep expansion chamber with built in Chrome only $35.00 0 $ 2.75 $ 1.05 silencer $37.50 ~ ~ .;: I I I I I I 75¢. I I I OFFER SPECI AL D IS CO U N T S TO YOU . WE HAVE ALSO ELIM INATED THE MIDDLE-MAN DISTRIBUTOR TO BRING MORE PROFITS TO YOU . .. WRITE US AND SEE . .. YOU 'LL GET QUICK SERVICE AND MONEY MAKI N G ACCESSOR IES . YOU CAN COUNT ON US. DEALERS, WE DO z;o ~ NEW J& R 'SLEEPER OIL' NOW " R A Y Z O I L" I S A VA I LA B L E AFTER 17 YEARS EXPER IE N C E A N D TESTING. BLEN DED W ITH 25 DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS. TH E FINEST TWO-STROKE L UBR ICA N T YET. C O MES IN QU A RTS A ND 5 OZ. BOTTLES (FOR 1 GAL. G A S). $ 1.90 A ND c:; r I I -------------------------------~ 1857 Merced Street EI Monte . ca liforn ia 9 1733 CYCLE SAFETY BOOK Bo oklets and pamphlets on motor.cycle safety are issued a bo ut as regu larly as statements from professi onal politicians . And they're usually just about as full of pablum . A ne w booklet recentl y released by the Au tom obile Club of Sou th ern California .and t he United Sta tes S uzu ki Mot or Corp. is a pleas ant excepti on. however. T his GO- page book, "Freedom of the R oad," goes beyond the customary trite admonitions to ride slowly, stay out of traffic and be careful in the rain. It has dozens of intelligen t. helpfu l r ec omm endations for the ne w motorcyclist. "Watch out for fatigue ," the book advis~. "T he exhileration of this new experience ca n ca m ouflage a weariness that slows yo ur reaction and percepti on t ime." "When yo u see a sto p ahead, or a down grade , shift back in to a lower gear," the book suggests elsewhere. "The compression of your engine will materially ai d your braking. It will also save brakes an d rub ber .' These are just two of many wo rthwhile ti ps..' But safety tips, as such, are only one pa rt of the booklet. Also included are thor ou gh easily unde rsto od explanations of the fu nction of every part on a motorcycle, recom mendations on h ow to have fun on a mo torcycle (i ncludi ng a special 14- , page section on trials r id in g) and several short quizzes on motorcy cle safety a nd a vocabulary test which contains some definitions we never heard of. The book is very well illustrateda nd · not just with pictures or stock cartoons. There a re diagrams, charts. and sketches as well as excellent photogra ph s and pointed cartoons. (One of the best cartoons is a twopanel layout on defensive ridin g. The first panel shows a r ailroad train. its engine sna r lin g with shark-li ke teeth as it chases a car. "Statistics show that trains are n ot afraid of autos" it is ca ptione d. The second panel shows a jagged-tooth ca r chasing a motorcycle. It is ca p tio ned "And autos a~e not afraid of m ot orcycl es." P erhaps the primar y weakness of this othe rwise professionally assembled book is Suzu ki' s attempts to capitalize on its own na me. E ver y one of th e more than 100 motorcycle photos are of S uzu ki . I n 10 of these. th e name "Suzuki" is clearly readable. In mo ,t of the others. S uzu ki's ins ignia, a big "S" is distinguishable. But even this failing is not as gross as it might have been-and usually is. Suzuki is mentioned fewer than a half-d ozen times in th e t ext, and the boo k is unquestionably aimed at promot ing sa fe ty not selli ng S uzu ki. F or you r copy, see a S uzu ki dealer. visi t your local Aut omobile Club office or write the publishers (Consultan ts to Ma nagement Inc.. P . O. Box 1293. S tud io City. Calif. I Best of all, the book is free. • .. •

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