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(Formerly Motorcycle Journal) PRICE : 15 CENTS VO L. n NO. 33 THURSDAY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? DEATH VALLEY COMES TO LIFE 3,000 Enter Worlds Biggest Road Run 'Way out beyond the scrambles courses, ou t past the hare 'n hound country, in between the shift ing sand dunes a nd the purple mountains li es Dea th Valley, the mecca each ye ar for every activ e r oad r ider in the state. The st ory of the ann ual Death Valley Run is like the story of motorcycling in Californ ia - it just grew and grew . This year 3,000 riders sent in th eir entry fees in time t o be eligL ble for the mountain of a wards that were given out by the D.V. Commit tee led b y Dick Hutchins. Honcho "H utch" and his hard-working crew set up a beautiful run this year, as they have for 10 years past. At le ast 5,500 riders attended, we would guess. One Inyokern County S he riff we spoke to said for the last two years d e pu ties have drawn lots to see who wo uld get to work the Dea th Valley Run. "It's so m uch fun," he said. Clu bs and individuals from California, Nevada, Arizona, Idah o, I lli nois a nd as far away ' as Mon tr eal , Canada came to t a ke part in the fun . Th er e w ere the t radi tio na l contests, presid ed ove r by t he Com mit tee, a nd w e noted happily t han only one u n ifor m club wo re the traditional " Gestapo" garb. Mostl y their cost umes rese mbled color fu l march ing band u nifor ms. If the number of enthusiasts a t the Dea th Valley Run keeps increasing at its prese n t rate, we wonder if the d eser t will become to o small to hold them all . S hould this e ver become a problem, the Com mittee will no do ub t solve it, as they have never been stumped in the past. E ven if they have to line Dea th Valley with bunk beds all the way t o S tovepipe Wells . (P hotos and Con te st R esu lts page 7) "Just where in the Football League rulebook does it specifically say we can't be motorized?" Loo k out for the "F ear some F oursome of the L.A. Ram s def ens ive line! As if t heir ove r half-ton of combined bulk we ren't impressive . en ough for their offen sive n umber s, now they . have h orse~o:v er . Actu ally the team pa r k their Hond as before ven tu ring on the gr idiron , but usu ally they manage to overcome the opposition anyway. From left are: Chuc k J ay, Dick Dor r esteyn , oops we mean: Lamar Lundy , Rasey Grier, Merlin Olsen and David Jones. . F or news of other Ram 's doings (M.C., not F .T.) , turn to the California Calendar on page 12 . TONY HERE FOR TRIUMPH-BSA BLDG. CEREMONY Princess Margaret To Attend? At 11:00 a.rn, next Tuesd ay- an honest-to-Betsy m ember of t he British Royal F a mil y w ill arrive to lay the cornerstone for the new co mbined Triumph-BSA headquarters in Du arte. Recently wedded to Brit ain's Prin, Earning his kee p in a straig htforward way, the Earl of Snowdon . (continued on page four) SCRAMBLED BRANDS CONTEST WON BY U.S. NAVY James E. Brammer is $5 richer for havin g kept close track of AMA Na tional Champions and the brands th ey w on on this ye ar . His w as the only correct entry among earliest postmarks in our "Unscramble the Brands" contest announced in th e Oct. 21 issue of CYCLE NEWS. Brammer, a sailor servin g at the Lon g Beach Na val Station , postmarked his entry Oct. 21, the sa me date the conte~t was ~nounced. Other entries which could have tied Brammer either om itted one national race or left a brand unscrambled . Of the entries postm arked Oct. 22, tho se which were correct should r ece ive Honorable Mention and free m embership in the Successful Cycle News Proofreaders M.C. These we re se nt in by : Mr. Blackie Br uce, Norwalk Mr. Keith Hu mmer, Canoga Par k . Mrs . George B. Meiferdt, J oliet, Illin ois Mr . Bob Wa tkins, Tor rance Congratulations Mr. Bramm er, your prize can be claim ed at CYCLE NEWS as soon as the next subscription comes in . And if all the unsuccessful sharpshooters will kindly turn to page 10, th ere th e correct answ er appears. We hope. CALIFORNIA STATE T.T. CHAMPIONSHIP RACE Ed di e Mulder bo u nce d back after a bad spill in the dash to close ou t th e 1965 Ascot T .T. season with a fl ag to fla g w in in the big 20-La p California Sta te T.T. Ch ampi onship race Satu rday nigh t at Ascot. Edd ie came close to m issing his second big title of th e year w hen he got off his T r iumph h a rd in the first turn of the trophy dash. A lert flaggers untangled him b ut he missed the da sh. Mulder was in command all the w ay in the 20-lap champion ship race. Dorresteyn made a b id midway in t he race to ov ertake the flying Mulder but a sour engine dropped hi m back to third. Hammer was sec ond. Besides w inning the state title, Mulder also took the h igh poin t honors for the sec ond straight year. J im Nicholson added to h is all aro u nd laurel s by win ni ng the a mat eur fi n al f or Harley-Davidson . Two nea r -crashes nearly cancelled his hopes but his closest challenger, Ge ne Romero d id n't pr ofit by Jim's errors. Romero wo n his heat for his 13th straigh t win before losin g the track t o Nicholson in the r ed -h ot opening lap of the final. Finding h im self pushed back in last pl ace, Gene r eal ly poured it before crashing. The be st r ace of the night was for the novi ce state title. H onda-riding h alf miler Ron Krusem an, for t he fi rst ti me this year in TT racing, w on his hea t, then ca me back to wi n the dash ove r Rich Thor w al dson . It was all Kruse man in the final unti l his e ngine started tha t tell tale m iss that sl owed his pace. Ron still held off repeated challenges by Thorwal son a nd loo ked li ke the winner, on on e cylinder , unti l the fi nal lap when R ich eased pas t t o win by a narrow m argin .

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