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PAGE TWO Thursday. Oc:tober 28. 1965 CYCLE NEWS PUBLISHED WEEKLY EXCEPT FIRST A ND LA ST WEEK O F CALENDAR YEAR. Parking Is The Problem @W@[1& m&f!ll@ by David Shaw Many people thi nk a college stude nt's most arduous tasks are passinI'( English and staying sober at fr aternity parties. Not so. Everyone passes En glish and no one stays sob er. A student's biggest problem is finding a pa rking spot on ca mpus in t im e for the 8 a.m. class. On the massive campus of the Un iversity of Ca lifornia at Los Angeles (UCL A), parking is so scarce a student last year filed su it again st the school and the city for prohi biting parki ng on nearby residential Hurrying to class. these students w ill find a parking place no p roblem . (Forme rly Motorcycle Jo urnal) 1185 E. 19th S treet. Long Be ac:h. California 591-2088 591·6 113 Publish ed by C & S Publishin g Company P . O. Box 498 Long Beach, Cali f. 90806 liTh e Voice of California" streets during peak cl ass h ours. Sh e won the suit - and th e r igh t to walk one mile to and fro m class every day. Other studen ts are n ot so energetic. . They pa y $30 pe r sem este r ($60 pe r year ) for the right t o park in a lot a quarter-mile fr om the center of ca mpus-provid ing they can convince the ad ministration they deserve a spot in the lot. University ad minis trators dole out parking permits with Charles Clayt on Sh aron Cla yton Gil Brow n Rick Hutchi ns David Sh aw Dale Boller Ed die P ears on J oe Lopez, Roxy Rockwood, -Car l Bartl ett, Gordon South Ed itor Bu sin ess Manager Ad ver tisin g Man ag er St aff Reporter Com pe ti ti on Edit or Ch ief Photo gr apher Contribu ting P h ot ograp her Con tr ibutors Adv ertising rates -sent on request. Adve rtisin g prep ared by AR Th ompson , 546 W. Colorado St., Glen dale, Calif. Published wee kly ex cept f irst and last week of calendar yea r in long Beach, Calif. Any pa rt of th is ne w sp aper may be used ,w it ho ut pe rm iuion as lo ng as cred it is g iven. Ed itori al con t ribut ions, certccns , pho to s will be pa id for o n pu bli catio n, w rite fo r our g enerou s co ntr ibu to r rat es. the glee ful gene rosity of Bart Markel let t in g a rider go around ' h im in the turn of any oval trac k in the country. Because parking places are as r are as literate Hell's Angels, many stu- Looks Like a Hat . • • UCLA reserves so me of the best pa rking lots for two wheelers . Protects Like a Helmet Now there 's a way to combine safety and smart looks in a protective hat to wear for motoring, cycling, and sports. Buco Helmet-Hats incorporate scientific design principles to help reduce head injuries from vehicle and sport accidents. If you don't wear a helmet , play it safe, wear a Buco Helmet-Hat. Send name and address for free color brochure showing all models and styles for guys and gals. Include ten cents for helmet research report. Dealer inquiries invited. • Outer shell of Butoron to help disperse the force of an impact. • ButoHte liner spec ially formulated to absorb impact energy. • Head suspension adj ustable for comfort permits ventilat ion. • Hold-down harness for sta y-on se curity, adjustable, sto res as part of t rim. • Secondary hold-down at rear for additiona l st abilizati on, fli ps inside when not in use. .. 0 S E P H B U E GEL E I SEN CO. , BOX 1065 NORTHLAND CENTER, SOUTHFIELD, MICH. *B u c o h el m e u a re covered by one o r mo re o f t he fo llowi ng pa t en tl : U. S. Pa t. 3015 103 , 299 1478'3012427,3012421 ,3116490,31 16411 , a nd 3137159. B r itis h Pate nt 905 351-ot h. r pate nts pend ing • .. .,. .. J ' •• dents have started r iding motorcycles to sch ool. Som e p ack small mopeds and Honda 50's in the trunk of their cars, drive t o within five miles of campus , park on a side street, unload and two-wheel it the rest of the way. Others make the entire trip by motorcycle. There are special motorcycle parking areas all over the central earnpus - r ight next to classroom buildings. Students are expected to shut down when they come close enough to disturb classes in session - and they generally do just that. They "ark, pick up a few books at a nearby loc ker and walk to cla ss. The advent of the motorcy cle on t he college campus has not been I!l'eete d with scorn, but with envy. No Ford-driving - or even Corvettedriv ing - student turns up h is nose at the motorcyclist. Particularly since a good many of the motorcyclists are girls - attractive girls. Admittedly , some students from high-income families have had to adjust to the sight of a half-dozen students of both sexes ambling into class with books in one hand and helmets in the other. And it is a bi t disconcerting for some to sit next to a girl who slips black riding gloves, not w hi te dress gloves, out of her pu rs e when the bell rings. Bu t since most of the students w h o ri de motorcyclists are non-conformists concerned more with practi cality than appearance, the no n-cyclists can't afford t o criticize. It is the n onconformist who is generally the in tellectual. And whoever heard of calling a guy a " hood" or a "jer k" when he has just outscored you by 20 points on a tough exam? The riders do have a complaint or two themselves, though. They wish bicycle riders would stop parking in their places, and they w ish the school would redesign the book lockers. Most loc kers are too narrow for helmets with bubble sh ields attached .

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