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CYCLE NEWS PAGE TWO - - - Thursday, Octobe r 14. 1965 ======-~~::=.~~~ Fun on Funb ikes Continued Technical Contin ued ma l offspr ing frolic, then to the miniat ure train ride, back past the golf . course and ca rrousel and t hrough th e hills to Travel Town . On one side of the ro ad (nearest th e Dump) are h orse trails. Th e signs proh ibi ting bicycles, pedestri ans, motorcycles and their il k from usin g these funky paths are su pe rflou ous, for across the . way are bichin hills and t rai ls where motor- gold -colored 500cc eng ine. A boost in com pression from 10.5 to 12.5 was obtained by rep lacin g t he original sa nd cast piston with a For ged True one w hi ch weighs exactl y the sa me. Th e connec ti ng rod Clay or dere d made of Titanium, wi th the same d y - (Formerly Motorcycle Journa l) 1185 E. 19th S tree t. Long Beach, Calif. 591- 2088 Published by C & S Publishing Company P . O. Box 498 Long Beach, Calif. 90806 liThe Voice of California" Charles Clayton Sharon Clayton Gil Brown Da vid Shaw Dale Boller Rick Hutchins Eddie Pearson J oe Lopez, Roxy Rockwood, Car l Bartlett , Gordon Sou th Ple ase don't drool on the eq uipment, but after a hard season's scram bles racing , a refurbishing w as in order. Edi t or Busin ess Man ager Ad vertising Manager Competition Ed itor Chief Photographer ' Staff Rep orter Con tributing Photographer Con tri bu t ors Ad vertisi ng rates sent on request. Ad verti sin g prepared by ARThompson , 546 W. Colorado St., Glendale, Calif. namic balance as the or iginal, but having a 39% greater cross section to eli minate the stretching G-50s are prone to when over-revved. Intake an d exhaust are tun e d through a '1 'h " Amal carbo and alloy me gaphone for maximum power over a limited range. Consequently a n ew modified transmission, with close r atio gears, was fitted to match the 1600 rpm power range (5600 to 7200 rpm). There is no trace of kick starter, and this fact may give some cl ue to the abundance of thought that has been la vished on the bike. Motorcycles need only two kinds of start ing: button (for street cycles) or bump (for racers). Clay Jacobson's G-50, for all its satin and shine, is a racer still . Newly added Travel Town fea tures cu rio us, nostalgic and modern Ca lifo rnia vehicles. Griffith 's Carrousel a nd p igeons. bikes can frolic li ke the bear cu bs, almost to their hearts content. We hastened back to the F un Cente r on Victory Blvd. as fa st as our t wo wheels would carry us (50 m ph ), and agreed that those cycle trails looked inviting en ough to bring us back for an other chapter of "Fun on Funbikes, fun on." The cli mate in some parts of the Southwestern desert is so hot that the inhabitants have to live elsew here. • Ins CALIF. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLES SWEEPSTAKES 1. VAN LEEUWEN-TRI650 OPEN MAIN 1. DICK HAMMER-TRI 650 2. SKIP VAN LEEUWEN -TR1650 3. BILL RILEY-TRI 650 HEAT WINNERS DICK HAMMER &. BILL RILEY T RIUM PH 650 cc SKIP VAN LEEUWEN Western Distributor /JOHNSON MOTORS, INC . 267 W. Colorado, Eastern Dist ributor /TRIUMPH CORPORATION, Pasadena, California 91102 Towson , Baltimore, Maryland 21204

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