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TEAM 7 RACING'S VALERIE THOMPSON AND DENIS MANNING P114 Interview The irony is that Team 7 Racing has been told in the past that the mono- coque carbon-fiber design of the BUB 7 streamliner wasn't safe. "We couldn't enter Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats," Thompson explained. "They wouldn't allow our bike because it doesn't have a roll bar and 'it's not safe enough. It doesn't qualify for our specs.' Well, maybe you should now take a look at our specs because at 340 miles per hour I crashed it and I'm walking away from it. What person's ever done that before?" The Dark Side Denis Manning has been involved in land speed racing for more than 50 years. No name is more synonymous with the quest for speed on two wheels. In that experience comes the grave knowledge of what can go wrong in the attempt. Only hours after the crash, as his "lucky number 7" streamliner was Valerie Thompson gets tucked in for what would be the fateful run. "We're right there. It's at our fingertips. We just need a perfect world and a perfect day. –Valerie Thompson The BUB 7 liner gets out to a clean start in the early morning, mere seconds before the crash.

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