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HONDA CRF230F STANDOUT FEATURES •6-speed transmission •Largest fork-tube diameter (37mm) •Most front/rear wheel travel (9.5 in./9.0 in.) K A W A S A K I K L X 1 4 0 G V S . H O N D A C R F 2 3 0 F V S . Y A M A H A T T R 2 3 0 P114 SHOOTOUT she did say, was just a little easier to control than the Honda while riding over slow, techni- cal terrain. She also said that both the Yamaha and Honda climb sandy hills better than the Kawasaki. (That's when she did notice the power but didn't know it at the time.) Our experienced riders tend to favor the Honda's slightly revvier engine over the Yamaha, though they thought the Yamaha had better tractabil- ity, again most likely because of the TTR's longer stroke. None of the bikes are eager to stall and when they did it was usually the case of operator er- ror. Over our testing, we found that all three bikes have strong starter motors and clutches ca- pable of handling a lot of abuse. Again, both the Yamaha and Honda do indeed feel much heavier than the Kawasaki but that really didn't prevent our THE TTR230 AND CRF230F ARE MOTORCYCLES THAT ARE VERY SIMILAR TO EACH OTHER, BOTH ON PAPER AND ON THE TRAIL. beginner—or anyone for that matter—from enjoying either one. She could still get up and down the trails just fine on the heavier bikes with a huge grin on her face. Our experienced riders always gravitated toward the bigger 230s first before head- ing out on ride; again, mainly because of those bike's bigger power, roomier ergos and stiffer suspensions. You can actually push the Honda and Yamaha's suspension a lot harder than you would initially think. But when it gets down to it, our faster testers feel that the Honda has the best suspension of the three bikes when ridden aggressively. All three suspensions, they said, are excellent for casual trail rid- ing. Living with all three motor- cycles is pretty much a pain-free experience. All three are built

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