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1979 BrItI8h champions Adrian Clarke and passenger Mlck Bailey. bike. Turns abo call for this 180 in technique. The monkey weights to the inside, not the outside of the direction change. Like roller-disco or learning to chew gum and be president at the same time, the chair can be mastered with enough effort. Mike Griffitts and Martin Belair, two retired national trialsmen, got the hang of it after a day's session. The duo had to rely on continual communication. however. Pilot to bombardier-two minutes to Berlin-prepare to tum left. And how does the World Champ ride his three-wheeler? He tries to ride it the same way he rides his two- wheeler. Boldly. Straight over boulders. Floating a tum. But the third wheel, like a chaperone at the Soph Hop Ball, tends to put a damper on the artistry. While sidecar trials or just plain old three-wheeled puttering may not exactly be an idea whose time has come, it is beginning to kindle some interest in the states. Those air subscriptions to the English Trials (I Motocross News jetting over have helped increase the trials community's awareness. Chairs are now being imported and also built here. The Tryals Shope is importing the BKS and abo developing their own. Side Strider, an outfit that has been building quality street rigs for years, is fabricating a right side chair for sale. Burbank Yamaha/Montesa will also sell transplanted it. And in Colorado, Englishman, has a Allen Carpenter, is building units. A national organization, AOTSCA (American Observed Trials Side Car Association), already been formed. They held a sidecar national in Kansas City on Nov. 18. With all this interest in tri-wheeling, we may soon be seeing some new bumper sticken showing up around the areas where balance, 'traction and cleanliness are the The Tryals Shoppe Route 4. Box 43 Cookeville. TN 38501 615/526-4829 Burbank Yamaha/Montesa 1801 West Burbank Blvd. Burbank.~91506 213/1145-8738 Allen Carpenter T.N.A. Moton 00Arapahoe. Unit B-1 Boulder. CO8030% 303/449-7380 Side Strider. Inc. 15838 Arminta. Unit 25 Van Nuys. CA 91406 2131780-5542 Something like: ,Trials riders do it with all four feet up. bywords. • 211113 O'NElL AVE. HAYWARD, CAMi4I SEATS-TANItlHIWING AIIMS'EXHAUST PIPES HONDA·XR600 RACING FRAME KITS YAMAHA· TTIiOO· 250 2-5TROKE RACER INQUIRIES INVITED 141515821333 . •" DURALU8. to YOKOHAMA MIKUNI eH_NO.HIN r.U8AKI . ~- '. _ (2"13J34&.a3al Service. Motorcycle SBles 1 Parts • Accessories 7ead 'n 7zavd 1537 E. Wol"u1. CA 9'106 213-795-2711 1 * ~ MOUNTAIN VIEW J DISTRIBUTING 415-989-188~ UTfI LaOBoa.N aT.-'••OU"TAIN VI••.CA.~ fF9] THE RELIABI.E ENDURO CLOCK cOuflTDOWN ENe. wloR"a-t$IS.n 22102c:o_St. $99.95 ...... C.. 81303 Addt2... _ A_I Only CA Add"''''' Tell WORKS MI RACERS AND KITS C.t.'og$'.oo "1NHEN ON!Y THE BEST WIll DO" mugen CA, 92345 In4)244·6405 ~6878 '1 MUGEN U.S.A. Co., Ltd, Santa Fe Ave. E.Hesperia • Garland Suzuki -, LargestParts Inventory in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Overnight delivery via bus available in most parts of Texas, Oklahoma. &Louisiana 300 Lavon-Hwy 78N Garland. Texas75040 214-494-3374 Hand Washable Stay Soft Othman Distributing Co, , 80x 356 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 18051 544-6181 -Riding -Racing ·Street GLOVES Dealer Inquiries Invited Pacific Coast Sportcycle HONDA SUZUKI TRIUMPH BMW (213) 326·3810 LOMITA, CA 15

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