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Cycle News Issue 2018 06 February 13

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P118 CN III IN THE PADDOCK BY MICHAEL SCOTT "C rossroads." It's a classic 1930s Robert Johnson blues song, reflecting how he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for an otherwise inexplicably abrupt acquisition of extraordinary talent on the guitar. MotoGP's own crossroads are a little different. But the common question is: who has sold their souls? Is it the whispering brigade of politically correct disinformation surrounding electric vehicles? Or is it the rest of us, with our infernal internal combustion engines? The crossroads have loomed for a while, with news last year that Dorna was planning an electric-bike class for 2019. In February it was flagged up with greater clarity, with confirmation of the bike chosen for the one-make series. It is based on the Italian Energica Ego, a 145-horsepower 150-mph road bike. One function will be to make Moto2 look more varied, since the new series dictates not only identical engines but also identical machines for all 18 participants in the "FIM Moto-e World Cup," to be run over some five races, all in Europe. And who will participate? There is an element of compulsion here: Dorna and the FIM forcing the thing through by THE SILENCE OF THE AMPS

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