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Cycle News Issue 40 October 10, 2017

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2018 SUZUKI RM-Z450 FULL TEST P64 BY THE CN STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIT PALMER E ver since Suzuki introduced the RM-Z450 with fuel injection for the first time in 2008, Suzuki has been slow to give its premier motocrosser a new look. It has, however, seen some pretty significant mechanical changes over the years, but it's pretty much worn the same dress all this time, making it hard for would-be buy- ers to get excited about it in recent years in spite it still being a very effective motorcycle on the track. Finally, Suzuki gave the RM-Z450 new threads and a number of important upgrades in honor of its 10th anniversary with EFI. (The first RM-Z450 debuted in 2005.) IT'S BEEN 10 YEARS SINCE THE SUZUKI RM-Z450 GOT A MAJOR FACELIFT AND SIGNIFICANT MECHANICAL UPDATES IN THE SAME YEAR. FINALLY! BUT IS THE NEW RM-Z450 AS GOOD ON THE TRACK AS IT LOOKS ON THE STAND? OOKING GOOD!

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