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TEri YEARS AGO Kenny Roberts won three o ut of the four races he entered, leading th e Ameri can team to o ut-sco re th e Bri t- ish team in th e John Pl ayer Mat ch Races. The series was shorte ned to only four races when the Brands Hatch meeting was snowed. sleeted and iced outofexis tence. Final points were U.S. 278-U.K. 243;Dave Alda na, Don Castro, Ge ne Romero and Pa t Hennen were also high sco rers. With 500cc World Champion Heikki Mikko la injured and temporaril y sidelined. Husqvama-rnounted Kalevi Vehkonen roa red to victorv in th e first International mot ocro ss of the season held in 51. Aruhonis, Hol - land. Brad Lackey, also aboa rd a Husky, placed second ove ra ll . and Hakan Andersson finish ed thi rd . The 18-mont h sit -in strike ended at the Triumph motorcycl e factory in Meriden, Engla nd , wit h the March 6 agreement to sell th e factory to a co- operative formed by the Mer ide n fac- tory workers . The new co-op will purch ase th e factory bui ld ings and the machin ery to produce motor- cycle s: however , Norton Villiers T ri- umph (i'\VT) will retain all rights to th e T riumph name. as well as rights to a ll designs. patents a nd fut ure engi neering developmen ts. Al so pecu liar a bout the arrangemen t is th at ;\,VT retains ownership of a ll Triumph tooli ng. which it will lease to the co-op on a job- by-job basis. The co-op is under a two-year con- tra ct to manufacture twin-cylinder , Bon neville motorcycles; NVT will continue to produce th e Triumph Trident and th e Norton Commando model s at other facilities. Ronnie Wright took hi s 400cc mono - shock Yamaha to victory in th e Maywood Hare Scrambles, he ld in Lucern e. California. Wright edged out seco nd-p lace La rry Roeseler to claim hi s thi rd overa ll win in a row. After rid ing a 250cc Husky for the past few months, Bob Balent ine chal- len ged on an Open bik e and finished in th ird place. Bru ce Ogilvie cha nged to th e 250cc class th is vear, and fin- ish ed seco nd 250cc Expert - Roesel- er 's seco nd-overa ll earned him th e first 250cc Expert honors. Rex Staten put in an outstanding performance at the CMC motocro ss held at Saddleback Park in Irvine, California, to defeat Gaylo n Mosier, Jeff Vidic and Bob Hannah, Mosi er posed a serious second moto threat, only to break his handlebars on a downhill straightaway. Danny La- Porte dominated the fir st moto o f the l25c c Pro class, but Warren Reid put together a second-morn victory to top the cla ss. • BROC also leads the AMA Supercross point standings. And PJ- l Lubricants' RICK JOHNSON and KEITH BOWEN are current ly 6th and 8th in Supercross poin ts . Askfor Pjl. theexact hi-performanceblend ofoilsandlubricants thatfaaory race teams useon theiruiinning racebikes. . 3 SUPERTRAPP -RACING 1985 .. . IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING HOUSTON ASTRODOME (Feb. 8-9 1985) SHORT TRACK: RANDY GOSS - 1st TOURIST TROPHY: scon PEARSON - 2nd DAYTONA BEACH (Speedweek '85) DAYTONA 200: WES COOLEY * - 2nd RON HASLAM * - 4th JIMMY FILICE - 6th MIKE HARTH * - 7th BAnLE OF THE TWINS: GENE CHURCH - 1st ROGER REIMAN - 4th FREDDIE SPENCER at Houston The winners circle is getting to be a familiar sight for SuperTrapp. Which is understandable. Afterall, when SuperTrapp'goes racing we are not out fora good time, we are out to SMOKE THE COMPETITION. , Serious professionalism puts SuperTrapp in some pretty fast company: FREDDIE SPENCER, 1983WorldChampion and 1985 Daytona 3-Class Champion , joinsSuperTrapp in sponsoring RANDYGOSS (two timeGrand National Champion) and DOUGCHANDLER (1983 Rookieof theYear). Team Goss-Chandlerchallenges theGrand National Championshipunder the bannerof FREDDIE SPENCERISUPERTRAPP RACING. WES COOLEY, member of Super Team, 1979-1 980 SuperbikeChampion and 1981 Daytona winner. RON HASLAM, member ofSuperTeam, HondaUK factory rider and lead- ing contender inthe World Championship. Other SuperTrapp.powered riders include: Dale Quarterley, Rich Oliver, Jimmy Adamo, Jay Springsteen , Scott Parker, Alex Jorgenson, Gary Scott, Lance Jones and thelist goes on and on and on . So when you're ready to run with the bigboys, bolt-on a SuperTrapp and SMOKE THE COMPETITION. RACERS - Phone SuperTrapp Racings' Advanced Research Team (ART) for information on one-off hand built Racing Systems. Stainless steel, tapered head pipes, 4 into 2 into 1, you name it. Bring your banker. . 'TTT7 Motoworld,-Roxy Rockwood andLarry Coleman. Special Thanks to: Jerry Griffith and Denis Jones, Tom Tucker and Super Team, YamahaMotor Corp" Harley Owners Group, USA Network, MotorweekIllustratedand ~SUpe;~~D~:.~~:a?~~~~.~'!.~f:z£?~:rc~~r;::'~~~., CA 95616. 1916} 756·509 6 • SuperTrapp Umited Edition Supertlike Silencers used on HRC head pipes. Silence rs availab le from SuperTrapp Racing: $240.00 pair. BROCGLOVERWins- - Gainesville, FLsOOcc AMA National Motocross with PJ-l Lubricants. Special Thanks to Broc's mechanic Jon Rosenstie l .... « - o -- LC':l 00 0') ~ l-< 0.

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