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VOL. 52 ISSUE 20 MAY 19, 2015 P43 really wasn't sure what I was go- ing to do, pit-wise. As I was going out on the start of my second lap, I'm trying to calculate if I can make three or if I can do two or whatever, and I know he can usu- ally go a little bit more than me." Graffunder decided to err on the side of caution and pitted after two laps. That was all that Burson and his FMF/Precision Concepts 430 RR needed—and it decided the race. "We'd already planned to go three laps and I didn't know if he [Graffunder] could," Burson said. "I saw him pull into the pits be- cause I was one second behind him, I think, so I got the lead and I just tried to pin it that lap and put down a really fast lap. "When I pitted, I looked back and didn't see him anywhere so I just rode out from there." Once out front, Burson was untouchable and enjoyed a pace that pulled him away with each lap. Graffunder needed one more pit stop, of course, and had to settle for second. "After seeing how fast Burson was, I couldn't run that pace," he admitted. After getting into third place early aboard his Bonanza Plumb- ing KTM 450 XC-F, Coy spent most of his race battling with Burson's teammate Axel Pearson. "We went at it for a couple laps and he [Pearson] made a mistake the last lap and I was able to come out on top," Coy reported. Nevada's Justin Wallis came back from a first-turn crash to take fifth overall followed by Steven Godman, Ryan Smith, Dorsey, FMF 250cc Pro winner Joey Fiasconaro and Open A winner Taylor Stevens. Looking back at how he predicted this season, Burson observed, "I kind of planned it out, which ones I needed to win. We have two more desert ones and one more tree one so I've got to limit the damage at the next tree one then try to win the final two and hopefully someone gets in between us." He knows it won't be easy, though: "Cory's good all- around." Mark Kariya PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK KARIYA (Above) Just a few weeks after sustaining serious facial injuries in a crash, Joey Fiasconaro took his customary place at the top of the FMF 250cc Pro box, the fourth time he's done so this year. (Below) Despite riding the last two laps with a flat rear tire, Colin Elliott managed to snag the lead on the last lap and win Super Mini in his first try at the series.

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