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Cycle News 2015 Issue 17 April 28

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P72 RIDING IMPRESSION 2015 ZERO DS STORY BY RENNIE SCAYSBROOK PHOTOGRAPHY BY JUSTIN DAWES N oise is something I gravitate towards. I make noise. My friends make noise. Noise gives us feel- ings, assurances. Makes us human. Silence is harder to identify with, more difficult to dissect. Silence can mean serenity, calm. Silence can be a peaceful- ness companies like Charmin try to impart to you when their business is anything but charming. No noise could also mean danger, that something isn't right. As I sit at the traffic lights on the Zero DS, its electronic motor emitting abso- lutely no sign of a sound, my peripheral hearing starts to pick up the muffled noise not of the car engines surrounding around me, but people's radios. First I decipher the bumbling rant of an unrecognized talk- back host, then, wonderfully, the classical stylings of Beethoven and his timeless Ode to Joy, followed by Taylor Swift's Shake It Off – all of which I can live with. But then my spidey senses tingle with immediate danger, an evil lurking amongst QUIET AND STEALTHY, THE ZERO MEETS RENNIE, WHO IS ANYTHING BUT QUIET OR STEALTHY. CRANK UP THE SILENCE

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