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Cycle News 2014 Issue 03 January 21 2014

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FEATURE P58 BIENVILLE LEGACY V4 PROJECT MASTER CRAFTS J.T. Nesbitt gets to build exactly w BY ALAN CATHCART PHOTOGRAPHY BY PHIL HAWKINS W e've all had the same dream, haven't we? It's the one where a total stranger comes up to you with his checkbook out, and says he'll bankroll anything you want to do – or even better, if you're a creative kind of person, to make whatever you want. As if…. Except, this particular dream actually did come true for Louisiana motorcycle designer J.T. Nesbitt, and the Bienville Legacy that's been taking shape in his New Orleans studio for the past 18 months is the result. And after making its public debut in 90 percent completed form at the City Bike Night street party in Birmingham, Alabama organized by Motus owners Lee Conn and Brian Case – suppliers of the V-four engine that powers the Legacy – it's clear that Nesbitt is in the process of creating something completely original. It's something that owes nothing whatsoever in terms of concept or execution to any motorcycle built before, beyond having two wheels and an engine. Oh, and the girder fork from one of his previous concoctions, the über-minimalist Confederate Wraith, which JT conceived as a tribute to his design hero, visionary Kiwi John Britten. Nesbitt, 42, is a fine arts graduate who as a student assembled a motorcycle in the art facility of Louisiana Tech, then closely avoided being kicked out of there after he rode it up and down the second floor of the building. "I needed to make sure it'd run okay before I stripped and painted it!" He later practiced sculpture in between waiting tables and bar-

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