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Cycle News 2023 Issue 34 August 29

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RIDE REVIEW I 2023 MOTO MORINI X-CAPE P80 I 'm in a car coming back from a lovely seaside dinner on the Sicilian coast. It's dark, what little streetlights there are illuminating the road are vastly outgunned by the four-wheeler's copious light beams, and then this red flash rips past us at god knows what speed and into one of the waiting alleyways. I ask my guide just what it was that scared all of us half to death. "Oh, it's just another guy thinking he's Valentino on one of those Moto Morinis," he says. "Those things are everywhere. People here don't have much money, and they can afford them, so you see about 15 of them to every Ducati here." The thing I take away from what he just said is the affordability. Bikes these days are getting more expensive by the minute, and if some kid in the back alleys of Sicily can af - ford one, surely, they can't be that bad? BY RENNIE SCAYSBROOK I PHOTOGRAPHY BY RYAN NITZEN ONE OF THE ORIGINAL ITALIAN GIANTS OF TWO-WHEELED PRODUCTION, MILAN'S MOTO MORINI IS BACK AND READY TO PLAY IN ONE OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE SEGMENTS IN MODERN MOTORCYCLING.

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