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mud hole. Well, I was the only one to manage to lay the bike over there while trying to get through (ha-ha)! It was nothing major, no damage to the bike or me, but made for some good fun for the crew to talk about. When we got to the top of the pass, it was a stunning view, and it was also HOT. We stayed up there until it was almost five o'clock, and we were cooked. It was a long day, mostly because the heat made it feel harder than it was, but still a lot of fun! From there, we made our way back into Moab, where we had a house lined up; it was nice for all of us to be in one house. We unpacked, unwound, cleaned up, and went to dinner in town. DAY 3: 246 MILES 6 hr., 5 min. The next day started out the same. I had a quick run followed by a coffee stop at a local spot within walking distance from our house. We got a chance to break out the Boxo tool kit to make some adjustments on the bikes and give everything a once-over since the bikes were brand new, checking to make sure everything was tight. We left, and we went straight to Slickrock Trail. Slickrock is world-famous for its terrain and trails, ranging in difficulty for all skill levels. Nevertheless, we took our Tigers there. This was on the punch list for the day, and Simon wanted to be sure that we were there in time for when FEATURE I RC'S SUMMER ADVENTURE 2023 P108

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