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P100 PRODUCT REVIEW I ALPINESTARS TECH-AIR T he ¾ length Tech-Air 10 is Alpinestars' latest in airbag tech- nology that can now be had by the everyday rider. The Tech- Air 10 can go under any suit (Alpinestars or not), so long as it's designed to stretch accordingly. This is a stand-alone system (hence the compatibility with multi- ple different suits), offering back, chest and hip protection whereas the zip-in Tech-Air Race covers only the top half of the rider's body. The company is claiming a 95 percent reduction in impact force transferred to the body with the Tech-Air 10. The electronic status of the suit can be checked via the wireless display on the belt. You can take that off and put it anywhere on the bike if you like to see it at a glance quickly. The system has 12 (nine accelerome- ters and three gyros) sensors to mea- sure impact, and the airbag will inflate between 20-40 milliseconds. You can get up to three deployments per airbag (although at that point, you might want to consider rider training as an option). Level 2 CE protection is used in the back and chest protector, with the suit itself constructed using mixed sections of stretch spandex, stretch mesh span- dex 3D mesh and lycra. You no longer need to wear an under suit if you don't want to, and you can pair the suit to the Tech-Air app that monitors the system and battery status, as well as trip in- formation, ride stats like GPS tracking, distance, speed, etc. CE Level 2 armor is used in the back and chest protector.

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