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Cycle News 2022 Issue 34 August 23

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RIDE REVIEW I 2022 RIEJU MR RANGER 200 & 300 P100 USER-FRIENDLY W e know what you're thinking—what's a Rieju? (We pro- nounce it: Re-yay-who.) Simplified, it's the original Gas- Gas. When KTM acquired the rights to the GasGas name in 2019, the small Spanish manufacturer Rieju, which started out building bicycles in 1934 and produced its first motorcycle in 1953, stepped in and acquired everything that KTM left behind, includ- ing the GasGas factory and all the tooling. Rieju didn't have far to go since both Rieju and GasGas are based in Spain. In a nutshell, Rieju picked up where the original GasGas platform left off. Looks can be deceiving. The Rieju MR Ranger 200 (left) and MR Ranger 300 (right) look like full-on racers but instead are toned down for trail riding. Not everyone wants a race bike for trail riding. RIEJU'S ANSWER FOR THOSE WANTING SIMPLE YET GOOD- PERFORMING, EASY-TO-RIDE TWO-STROKE TRAIL BIKES THAT STILL LOOK COOL AND WON'T BREAK THE BANK

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