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The1993 CR250R. LuckY lorde", I We almost included an airsickness bag. Unfortunately, it added too much weight. But we made other improvements. To the one bike that didn't need any. The machine that has won nine out of the last eleven Supercross Championships. Realizing that some day even the 1992 champion, Jeff Stanton, will have to land, we recalibrated and refined the suspension. Both front and rear. Then we reinforced what was already abulletproof frame. And that's not the only reason air traffic controllers will be in apanic. There's one more. It's called the CR 125R. The engine has more horses. The frame, "93 models are also eligible lor lhe remaining 1992 POSIL~ evcn~" Sllce;r;~llinnsand availability subjecllnchange withuul nulice ror alree producl brochure sec your Hnnda Dealer or wrile, American Honda, Dept. 92, P.O, Box 7055, No, IInllywood, CA 91609-7055, CR isa Honda trademark, © 1992/\nlCriean Honda Motor Co" Inc. (1O/92) N

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