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VIDEO THEATER (#1231) 1.1 CIIf. sa. ~ C'IiIlIl Sixteen of 1110 best ridel1 in 1110 United Stat.. race on CaIifomia', Iongnt spe.dway 1rad< in 1110 24l!1 runnino of d1is pmtigious ll'III1t 70 minutes from RAZ Video. (#1340\) 'Ii casa. 5WIcIr ~ C'IiIlIl Sao 1110 ClIZY 1llllD+cc _ ZI_ sidacaI1 race on 1110 long Glen Hoion 1I1ck. Wab:h .. ~ Yamaha. SlIzuki.llucati. MoloGurzi and HIItoy ~ ~d .... race to docida 1110 CA SlIla Speedway Sid_ ChampionsIIip. 6D minut.. from RAZ Video. (#231) 1.1 ..... ~ ....... FiI1t and ....., division junior ridII1 vie fur Jr. NalionaI Championship honcn at 1110 now Lab Pafris. CA.ract< 70 _ from RAZ Vodoo. Ascot and cavorad by ItlOl'1l d1an 13 com..... Med. by IlnlCl! Brown while filmino "On Any Sunday." F.aturos Mort lawwill Skip Vanleouwon. Dalles 8Ikar. 3D minutes from KWH Marketing Group. video trInSIat.. 1110 bool< into 14 sections to m'" you visualize widl crystal-elear understanding d1a an of povemont tachnique. 107 minutes from Stroot Smarts V..... (#lll) "I1Ie ......... VWeo" FoI1ow 'Tho ChicIlen" Jeff MatiIlSlYich. es he shows through his unique slyIe of ridino and racing ' - you con impmve your biIPro>. 2 hours (2-tap. packagel from PllWIf1POI1S Video. (#1c.) 1 Twill 0111Io WriIt The definitive road riding & rocing instructional vid.o by Keith Cod. of 1110 California Superbika School. This (#20) GaWooI . . . . 'an 01""'" (#1D6A) 50 4D0.1lOD enthusiasts desc.nd.d on Daytona for th. 1991/5Oth annivel1ary of Bib W ~ See d1a "Main .. Stroot" & HIItoy see.. from d1a year aver. 60 minutes produc.d by Pancom from Pmg..ssive Design. • (#117) . . . . 11!1O" SDlIo ~ The 50th Annivel1ary Hills Motor Classic drew over 3DD,DDD peopl. from all 50 states & 38 foreign coontries. this is the "Official Vid.o" of d1a Rally and covers ~ well. 75 minules produced by Pocatello M.dia group. from Progressive Oe~gn. (#111A) . . . 1.1: o.cas witII MelIIrcydes With 1110 '91 Sturgis Bika Rally as backdmp, "Dances widl Motorcycles" upIores the fascinating worid of bikino .nthusiasts Woyne Crane provides comm.ntary. music by Cra.denco Clearwater Revival. 75 minutes. pmduced by Panacom. from Progressive Oe~gn. (#1171) . . . 1.1: T1lo DllIclaI VIdeo This video captura, all 111. Main Stroot mania. race 1rad< action. hill dimb mrills and th. Am.rican road to SIIJIgIs. including scenes film.d In G ...d Teton and V.llowston. national pat1ncos to dune buggies .. driven by ovel'/bOdY from Indy 500 wi"""" to movie 11II1. F.aturing Parnelli Jones. Jame, Garnor, MoIcoIm Smith. and 1tlOl'1l. 4D minut.. by IlnlCl! Brown F~ms. from KWH Mar1ceting Group. (#146) 1970 AICIIll00 ~ J.C. Agajanian', 10th annual IlJO.lap classic held at e _It (#7IA)1_ . . GI' c:...,IaIIIa A review of -th. '89 FIM GP Road Racino 'Slnon woridwide, .. lMsoo I.ods fellow Americans ~ (#55) • CneIt ..... s,ectaaIIar and ~ to swoop 13 US wins in 15 munds. Tho original by ~IO. 3D minut.~ (#141) 1.11l . . . . ~ FlIIII From P-.pom Video. (_) . . . . . . Cneltlllll . . . . Tho lost lOCI held at Long V.terans Stadium on 3/ 'Tho Music Video!" All now MX ""'" & bum footage 2/91. turned out to be d1a most important speedway (#718)"" o.,s: 1_ GI' . . . . Follow Woyno Rainey's march to 1110 title, from SuzuIia I.aturing d1a latest most outrageoos over·lhe·edge .vent of Iha 1991 .. osen. dot.nnining which four N. to Phillip lsIarod in 1I1is 105·minute b~ of an mishaps over sot to d1a music on vidoocasset1e. Great American ridll1 will go on to compete in Iha WoOd amuaI review. Probably 1110 best IIiko GP Raview over1 •nte1tIinmont fur all_I From Motovideo. 35 minut... Finils. 6D minutes from RAZ Video. From MoIovidoo (#1M) CneIt 11III ..... (#1_) ~ Ice WeliII C'IiIIlIa 1991 (lI7IC)'Il GI'......, ...... ...,..., Tho third in 1110 sari.. from Motovideo. faaturing 3D The best ridars on ice from d1a USA and the worid Wayne Rainey dominates 1110 GP Sarios fur his 2nd milodes of crashe, from Suporaoss. End.... and meet in Tuaan, Arizona me.t to IOC. for 111. I.C.E. ~ World Charnpionahip. EJa:e1lant summary Motocross. WoOd Championships. 6D minut.. from RAZ Video. (#77) 1_ ........... HIJ Es*It Tho 64l!I Annual ISUE from Walldum. Wost G.nnany. 6D minutes from P-.pom Video. (#95) I'aria Ta DoUr 1_ For 21 days end 241 biI

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