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What's New? '92 Japanese-R-~ - * * '92 AUSfral,an RR Grand Prix. G VIDEO * '92 Mala YSlan RR Grand P . . rand Prix . pamsh *,'92 SRide!" RR Grand Pnxnx * THEATER, * The Race?" . nanna ,Order from the greatest selection of motorcycle video tapes available - FREE SHIPPING! d_ "IAI CO'i8fIlI8 from ead! cirait. 105 minutes from GP Video. (_)'92~._Prill 52 milKtteS from GP Video. (#961:)'92 _ _ • _ Prix (#147)"W" 0". b. This video captwu all the Main Street mania race SOD Honda-4 dicing Mth GiilCOOlO Agostini on the MV in the 1967 Isle of Man IT - Classic racipg at its trlltX action. hill dimb thrills and the great American road to Sttr'gi$, induding scenes filmed in Grand Teton best. 69 minutes from Powersports Video. 8l'ld Yellowstone national patlcs. 77 minutes by Pocatello (#114)~_ Media Group, from Progressive Design. Complete coverage of the 19MTraM·Atlantic challenge (#120) _ Easter Match Races features the biggest collection of (#12A) TIoe W_. 51_ Experience Ride America - I brand new series of road racing stars; Roberts. Spencer, Lawson. Mamola. Hi{;1tights of the most exciting suptl'Cl'OS$ duels e'llf, motorq'de videos. Ride t'NO rA the greatest motorcycla Baldwin. Codey, Rallley, Aldana. Sheene, Haslam. Includes 1986 Anaheim Su~ertroSS (RJ va David Bailey), roads in the United States with multi·1IW8I'd winning McElnea. Grant. Crosby, Gardner, and more! 69 minUtes. 1987 LA Coliseum (RJ passes entire field to beat Guy film and television director Peter StIlT and his guests. from Halmar Video Cooper)_ and 1988 Ponfiac Supen:ross (RJ vs Jeff Wart!. Get California's Highway 1 and Colorado's "'Million (#115) _ _ .. tlIe Ri"I as Ward gets stuffed rno the MotoviLIeo cameraman). Dollar Highway" lor one low piU! From Jigsaw Horne 60 minutes from Motovideo. This 4S-minute video takas you baclc 33 vears, to Video. SC8nttS of the old 14-milt NlWburgring circuit. with (#121) _ -1IiPnJ 1 Geoff Duke's fabulous ....cyIinder Gilel'l battling the This 60 minute video takes you up the Iegend8lY mighty BMW of Welter Zefltr. aim footagt 01 lhe northem California COIst via Highway 1, from the Golden frightemng Northern Ireland Ulster GP course, From (#55) ID _ 6 ... $tIodIeoIa' Gate Bridge on up. for a breathtaking 130 mil. journey Hilmar Video The original by Motovideo. 3D millllles. in your own living rooml From Jjgsaw Home Video (#66) _ _ ........ (#116) I\ocilll iIlD - , (#122) _ AlII.: "no Ifwy." lhe Music 'Videor All new MX trash & born footage Experience the wonder and beauty cI Colorado's Million Four famous British cin::uits & legendary 'hemes;John Sunees on the MV at BrooIdands in '58, challenged featuring !he latest most o~ous over-the-edge DoUII' Hijjlway in the· fall colon season with 13Gmishaps ever set to the music IX! videlJl:aSSlrtm. Great mile mountain road exanton through the hean of the in '59 at Silverstone by • 19-year old Hailwood; 17 brands of bikes race at Oulton. end the '58 Isle 01 emenammem tor III all8S1 from Motovideo. 35 minute•. San Juan Mountains. From Jigsaw Home Video M8l'l IT. 55 minutes from HIlm8l' VIdeo (-)_ (#13O) .... T....... The third in 1be series fi'om MotovidltO, featuring 30 minutes of crashes from Supert:ross, Enduro, and Manufactunng 01 the clanlc pre-uRil Triumph Motoa1l$S. molOn::ytle. 30 minutes from MotlWideo (#105) 51 T1IilIs, . . . . . . _ '90 (#78A)I989 BiI

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