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B QUICKSPIN I 2022 Beta 200 RR P92 I s bigger really always better? Sure, holeshots, wide-open straight- aways, and sand washes will always demand more horsepower for most of us. And like that the old say- ing goes, "there's no replacement for displacement." But that's not always true. The Beta 200 RR is proof. We automatically associate off- roading with 250s, 300s, 350s, and 450s, but 200cc can be the hot tick- et. True, 200s aren't for everyone, but they are for way more people than you'd think; unfortunately, many of those don't know it because they haven't even ridden one yet. We, however, are big fans; in fact, our Editor Kit Palmer recently chose the 2021 200 RR as his "motorcycle of the year." For 2022, we chained him to his desk, so other staffers could get a chance to ride the 2022 model and share their own opinions of the bike. We already know what Kit's are. WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY RYAN NITZEN B >WE RIDE THE 2022 BETA 200 RR B B B

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