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N e "n m e, M .... "' d WHEN YOU'RE THAT CLOSE IT'S ..... .... "..,..-.....,........"""" N .ci " L1. ~ W Z W ...J U >- U ., (Continued from page J) fast 60 MPH first turn and took th e lead of the better kn own ahe ad professionals. F or a lap and a h alf, he held off Brad Lackey but the n, as qu ickly as h e start ed , he began to slow up an d drop b ack as Brad t o ok o ver th e lead. Marty Tripes h ad th e fac to ry CZ ab out a hundred yards behind Brad in second , fo llow ed by J immy Weinert (Kaw ), Bob Gr o ssi ( H us ), a n d th en Pierr e Kar sm akers , Brad maintain ed the lead fo r seven laps but th en Marty be gan m ovin g in on him and Pierre w en t by Bob Grossi. Grossi w as going quickl y but was hav in g a hard ti me with th e tr ack an d was co ns tan tly ge tting o u t of sha pe . A t on e p ain t , he crested one of th e uphi ll j um ps, landed side ways ยท and almos t st alled the Hu sky . Over rou gh gro und; he see me d to be spend ing more time o n the fr on t wheel th an th e back . By lap ten, Marty h ad rea lly m oved in on Brad and in an o th er lap o r two would p robabl y have passed him , bu t just th en th e cap fell off th e fuel tank. With gas dren ching him an d th e bike he was forced t o slo w up . Jim Weinert found himsel f in second behind hi s Kaw asaki teamma te, with Marty o u t o f th e act ion . Brad easil y took th e maLo win ah ead o f J im, wh o wa s foll ow ed fairly closely b y Pierre ; th en Tim Hart, Rich Thorwaldson, Bob Grossi and Mike Run yard. KARSMAKERS' MOVE They hadn't heard of Bill y Pay ne (27) down in Dixie before thi s series. T hey know who he is now. Th e se cond mota was totally

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