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~ w Z W ...J U >U by Ed Drechsler Have you ever dreamed of ridin g a 25 0 cc enduro bike with the stu mp-p ulling torque and handling of an h onest-to-goodness tri als bike ? Th en co me along and read on. J ohn's Racin g Cy cles, 2255 Harbor Blvd ., C osta Mesa , Cali fornia set up . a brand new Bultaco 250cc A lpi na for thi s test. Deliver ed to us in impeccable cond iti on, th e Alp ina featured " Big Sky f i be r gla ss sea t and tank B lue " co mb inatio n acce n ted with a silver st ripe an d go ld pi n stripin g, a very comp atib le colo r co mb inatio n. T he mach in e is n ot stree t legal in Cali fornia (an d so me othe r St at es we suspect) , possibl y because it is provide d with an adequa te set of quic k de tach lights, front an d rear, to ex te nd th e trail or en duro ride r's day, an d th e ot her things can b e tacked on easily. T he sile nc er/spark arres to r co mbo is mo re than ad equate and the res ulta n t so und emiss ions are close to being pleasant, bu t th e sp ar k arresto r d id not bear th e co veted U.S. Fo rrestry appr oval info. Afte r ooh ing and aah ing for a while, we p laced it side b y side with a new 350 Sh erpa T trials machin e fo r a fra me co mpariso n. Jus t as we suspec ted, the fra me geo metry an d fron t suspension of the two bi kes are exactly th e same . There is a minor difference in one or two gusse ts , bu t engi ne moun t and foot peg placem en t rem ains the same. Both have a 52.3 inc h wheelbase, 11 inc hes of ground cle arance and an o verall length of 79.3 inches. The A lpina's sea t is m ore heavily pa d de d and its 2.6 gallon gas tank . m akes th e Sherpa T's loo k tiny. T he fro n t suspension is the same, but the re ar sh ocks diffe r. T he Alpina has a larger, more h eavy du ty type shock. Wo w , a bike w i th the weight d istrib u tion, perfect balance and suspe nsio n of a winning trials mach ine , gea red an d outfi tted for co w tr ailin g. The b ack sec tio ns of Saddleback Park w as chosen as tes t si te for the cow Because of its tri als blood , the Alp ina is at home in feet up plank ing. ' tr ailin g p orti o n of o ur evalua tion of the Alp ina. T h e terrain is perfect in determining rid er an d machin e ab ility. Hal f of th e delib erately chosen washes we re b lind , with no apparent wa y o ut. That's wh at we were looking fo r. , Ary,o.!l.e,~ "caD I • t~d e, 1~ ..:. c; '? ~.t r"<>,! (co wtriaIer?) on a fire roaa , but b y o nl y

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