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~ 0 '" '" '" e, .' ~ ~ M .... Cl ~ c: ..., ~ '" ~ W Z W ...J U > U Brad Lackey No.1 USA Motocross Rider I wou ld like t o t hank t he following compan ies and ind ividu als for their support dur ing the past 1972 A MA Motocross Racing season: 1972 CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR JUNIOR. NOVICE. BEGINNE RS " ONL Y" BRAD L ACKEY AND JOHN DE SOTO WILL BE THERE TO CROWN THE WINNERS ! SADOLEBACK PARK Sunday ,.Jan. '14, Final Round sa 5700 r..'!All MAll ENT RIES TO 00 POST " I N TE A N A Tt O ~ A l PRODUCTIONS" P O. BOx 663 H Ta RO. CAllrORNIA, 91630 Kawasaki Motors Corp. Castrol Oil CompCllY Torsten HalmCll Racing Products BellHelmets IMPAC Industries A&A MCIlufacturing Uri-Fifter Koni Shock Absorbers Miss Lori HagmCll Mr.- Steve Johnson . ~OR fMOR,..A TlON 714 B30 ~48 NO AHll,A,TlOl'l REQUIRED SPECTATORS $100 JEFF JA ~ES OFFICIAL AN!'IOUNCEA Sinc e r e ly your s , A LL ENTRANTS WILL RECEI V E A T IC KET FOR THE DRAWING FOR A N EW 1973 KAWASAKI 250cc D IRT BIK E Meet Miss Molly Blue of HRL Lull1cants Buslivarna and CZ owners: have we got a Mi.uni earlJuretor eonve rsion .it for ~ou! Valerian 's. The origi nal Mikuni carbu reto r conve rsio n kit for Hu skys ancfCZs. And the only o ne th at really works! The kit that improves efficiency. torque characteristics and fuel consumption . Stops loading up. Eases startups. And gives more docibility. The kit that comes with a complete range of jets good from sea level to 8.000~ The kit you can bolt on in less than an hour. The custom-desig ned kit that looks like it's "factory installed:' Orde r a whole kit and kaboocte . or just the parts you need..(l ncluding our very own manifold kits.) Call (2 13l 47 5-4 54 1 today. Or mai l the coupon . - - --- - - - ------------ - - - - - --- Sirs : Wo u ld li ke 10 or d e r the foll owing 1 2 360·400 CZ - 34mm 4 • 5 360 HU'lky -32mm 1 r e p lac e 36 mrn 0 PRI C E' 6595 6595 400 Hus"-y- 34mm to re place 32mm 6!)9!) 12 13 400 H\Jslle t o ent er. Limited entries . Use any stan dard en t r y form . Mail in y o u r entr y and a In fo rmat ion sheet w ill b e mailed b ac k t o y ou . Y ou may m all entri es f or b oth roun ds t ogether . 15 16 17 360 DESCRI PTION ·· Typt'! Sll t?': ~1 u s l\ y - 34mm 10 -ectace 36m rn MX K Model Gas Tank 1.5GAL Cheney Style MX Gas Tank GUARANTEED 1.7 5 GAL UNBREAKABLE GUARANT EED Nylon pet cock s UNBREAKABLE Yellow , Blue or Silver Ny lon petcocks Reg. S49.95 Red, White , Blue. Yello w or Silver ~ .' Cap not included ~&iii Cap not included ~ T - Fittin g~ Chrome Gas C ap eg. S1.90 To f it eithe r tank • • . shown above ~ Reg.S3.95 ~ o $59.50 FREEl With purchase of a BELL STAR or SUPER MAGNUM your choic e of ON E of items 1. 2 or 3 below . 125 P,'nl on -32mm 1. Set o f PR E STON PETTY FE N D E R S FRONT & REA R Front S5.95 ~ Rear S7.45 ~ 2.MICRO-TIM E 3.Carrera Goggl e s .T u n e r & REVOL UT IONARY MX G loves : , NEW T IM ING ~ . ~ DEV ICE ~ M X L E AT HER erease stUD COO Ittotasl e rch d rg(' M y eccccor n u m ~ . 's MAIL TO: , If)) I(llt,l{l VU I~" P O R T E D NAME BankAmerlca:a '-ADDRESS -- CI TV li.~ TELEPH ONE STATE u",.'.,., ,"' ,,--- -:. ea-=coo--=- T~~w~~c~!~v~!!t~:r~dtd. sal es - Service - Accessone s - Parts - Rivetts Champion Leathe rs HUSOVAANA· JAW A/ CZ , SUZUKI ' PENTON ' MZ , MONTESA • ZUNQA?P· MINI.T AAllS Black or Cream S,M,L ,XL lIP Los Angeles. California 90064 - Telephone: (213) 475-4541 open mond ay t hr o ug h sa tu rd ay TORCO O IL II ~rJml' GOATSK I N LEATHER - -- - _ ~ . ,o~ _~o'

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