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III III " '" '" e, N .... C> o N " .., c ~ ~ w Z w -' U >- U " Lackey Wins Open Class Moto-Cross." Week after week, the headlines say it. He won at Hangtown, April 2. Yuba City, April .23. Cal Expo , (AMA) May 14 . Saddleback Pa rk , (AMA ) May 21. And at Carlsbad Raceway , (AMA) May 28. . His bike? A prototype Kawasaki. Wha t's it like? We aren't saying, yet. Why not? Because Brad's bike is being used to test new concepts. In equ ipment. In design. We w ill tell yo u this . Whatever works for Brad will be worki ng for you . On your 1973 Kawasaki. And you can be sure of th is : Any improvement we make on our production bikes will have stood up to the toughest tests. The test of moto-cross - sheer, gruelling pun ishment. And the t~st of Brad Lackey - an agg ressive expert ride r w ith the guts and stam ina to roar and bounce h is way to a m o to -cr o ss champ ionship. Remember . .. every time Brad Lackey comes out ahead on a Kawasak i ... so do you. Late News : John DeSo to sig ns to ri de Kawa saki proto-type in TRAN -AMA series w ith Brad Lackey. Every -me Bra La ey comes ou ahead on a Kawasaki •••50 doy u. , .. • awasald Kawasaki Supe r-Bike Internati onal Road Race , Laguna Seca , Monterey, California, Ju ly 21-22-23 , AMA Nat io nal Event. Get free discount tickets at your Kawasaki dealers starting June 15.

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