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Cal Expo Phew, It's Hot no lo nger cru ising but now b ash in g hi s Yamah a about the rou gh an d dus ty track in pursu it. T hen it hap pen ed. Near the lake on th e banked righ t-h ander, Lackey slid o u t and b lo ck ed th e track, giving 'J o nes n owhere to go exc ept in t o Lackey's back . Both riders lost quite a fe w seconds gellin g untan gled an d Jon es go t goi ng first, still ret ain in g th e lead having h ad it built up tremendously in th e first 15 minutes. La ckev, h ow ever , h ad a lo ad ed engine and fin ally go t it bu mp ed started to move into fourth . It w as an oth er J ones-La ckey affair in the seco nd m o t o , but in thi s Brad di dn't have to pla y ca tc h -u p and won go ing away , sellin g up the final mo to showdown , But the showdown didn't get a ch ance to develop as J ones pulled off th e track while running th ird, hindered by a broken front brake cable . li e got it rep aired an d re-en tered th e race four laps down, giving Lackey th e apparent win . Brad had gone in to the fin al round tied with R ich Th orwaldson (Suz ), who had a second and third in the in itial mo tos, but Ri ch got into tr ouble abo u t the same tim e J on es did and re-en tered the race alm ost a full lap down. This gave Rob Norgaard (CZ) the open in g he needed and he ma naged a second overall. Jones go t bumped all the way dow n to eighth after the Oly mpic By John Bet he a SACRAMENTO, CAL., May 14 , 19 72 Brad Lackey came through the ba ck do or to wallop his foes in the Open class wh ile Gunnar Li ndstrom had a wild scrim ma ge to take t he 250 Pro class a t to da y 's opening round of th e Nation al Cup Seri es promoted b y at th e Cal Expo Leisure tech Fa irgr o unds . Lack ey h ad his Kawasaki-pro to runnin g smoo th ly a t the sta rt o f th e first Op en moto, but the ga te had troubles fa lling a t the start so th e race was restarted. After Gary J ones (Ya m) aga in go t the lead into th e firs t tum, La ck ey foun d himself stuffed in th e middle of th e pack wh en he mis sed a shi ft o ff th e lin e. That 's wh en Lack ey began to p our o n th e gas a nd too k up the ch ase . By th e late st ages, he had moved up to second place but se eme d destined to not ca tc h J ones, wh o now appeared to be pacin g himself in the 100-degree temperature. But Lackey wouldn't give in and cu t the lead fr om eigh t sec onds down t o no thing in th ree lap s ove r th e .8 mile course and on th e powdery uphill in fro nt of th e grassy knoll, Jones go t sideways and Lac key shot by t o take a short-lived lead . T wo-th ird s of a lap la ter , Jones was '( ·.;-- . .. .. ', ' ',' , '~ '. ~ ~ ~!: .. " z: .- "~ ..... .' ."- . _. » 'f.;'.:.. . - .- • .., ... --' .... .......r.. -. .- 7 - -, . .' Brad Lackey - he got a haircut, too . .".:",011: . .. .".. e " , .. "r " .. - -. .- - " .. . ·. ;. .. .. .' ' Jimm y Weinert. D espite troubles he still took th ird . _ ._-

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