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... "., i!l, ~ Q. -, ,... N ~ NMf Fi . ::;: ~ ~ ••• THENO DA-750· w Z W AN ENGUSH ARISTOCRAT. DESCENDANT OfA LONG LINE Of WINNERS. fROM THE ORIGINATORS Of PRODUCTION ..J U >- U STREAMUNING SLEEK, AERODYNAMIC ANEST QUALITY ANISH GOOD AIRFLOW TO ENGIN RIGID AT HIGH SPEEDS MAXIMUM WEATHER PRDTECTION REINFORCED AT STRESS POINTS Na rT8led by Roxy RocKwood . See the big names in professional racing get it on at ecnon-cecked dirt tracks from coast to coast. Flat track excitement at its best Admission $2.00 allhe doo r. York . Pa. • loUIsville. Ky _• Terre Haufe, Ind . TroY. Ohio . Columbus. Ohio . San Jose. Calil and more. Also • UQUID JOUR KAUA.I EY mE SU......ER WAVES OF GET UP BEHIND AND GET OUT IN FRONT WITH AN AVONAIRE! Complete set of hardware and 191/2" blade included in price. $199.50 in Black or White. NEWPORT HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL 15th & Irvine in Newport Beach March 24, 27 and 28 7 :30 pm P Drawer T .D. .Walnut Street. Narwa d. New Jersey.D7641. Ph ne: [2D 761-1195 ll 1972 250 111e Lightest Most PowerfUl Enduro Available By the numbers (and the names) • 225 • 28 COLORS: Yellow (Chrome) pounds dry .. . and that's the lightest! horsepower SAE makes this a cross country and endur o machi ne. inch wheelbase for maximum stabrlity and best handl ing . • 55 Blue (Sky) Red ( Flame) • 8620 • 4130 frame steel the choice of factory racing teams t hroughout th e world ! • CERIANI forks the best there is! • BOGE snock absorbers shock absorbers const ructed to Cooper's specifications with progressiv e Springs and proper dampening, • MIKUN I carburetor cleanest running , easiest start ing of all carburetors. • REGINA , gear steel the finest gear steel usable for this purpose. chain the choice of European moto cross riders . • COOPER design by the oldest active motorcycle distributor in the U.S.A. (since 1946) , All of Frank Cooper's expert ise and experi ence have found expression in this great performer so you know it' s right for riding , . . right for winn ing! Cooper 's expert engineer Brian Fabre. has spent mont hs work ing close with Moto Islo to produce the greatest enduro for the U.S.A. 110 E. San ta Anita Ave.• Burbank. Calif . 9 1502 End u r o Speedome te r No t Sho w n manufacture Moto Islo is an important division of the famed Grupo Industr ial Saltillo (GIS) in Saltillo Coahu illa, Mexico. the largest producers of motorcycles in Mexico - producing more than 30 ,000 motorcycles per year. A fierc e pride has built a great strength! APACHE LIMITED -IMPORTER- Area Code: 213 /849-6066 or 843-4633

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