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• , . ... ... . -c ~ a.. N .... ~ - N :;; ::; CIl :: w z W ..J mOTO-CR OSSCLdSS U >- U for Race Entrantl CLASS CONDUCT ED BY John DeSoto CLASS SPONSOREO BY American motoCrol/ Club Inc. and JohnDeJoto Cycle Product! THIS MOTOCROSS ESPECIALLY FOR : BEGINNERS · NOVICES· JUN IORS· AND THOSE WHO HAVE NEV ER RIDDEN IN A MOTOCROSS . SPEC IAL CLA SSES FDA OVER 35 AND UND ER 16 . JADDIEIACH P RH S 1. DOO R PR IZE S FROM K & N CYCLE PRODUCTS . R IVERSIDE. AMC M EMBERSHI P REQUIRED - 55.00 PER YEAR . BIKES MUST HA VE SI LE NCERS AN D J NUMBER PLA TES. GATES OPEN AT 6 :30 A.M . CLASS BEGINS A T 8:00 A .M . RACE STARTS AT 9 :30 A .M. ENTR Y - BY ADVANCE MA i l. $5 .00. MAll ENT RY CLOSES 3 DAY S BEFORE EVEN T . PO ST-ATTHE PARK ON R ACE OAY, S l D.DD NO POST ENTRY FEE TO N EW RIOER S F IRST TI ME OUT . SEND M EMBERSHIP APPLIC ATI ONS & ENTR Y FORM S TO : $1 GATE • American moto C toss Club lnc.e p.o. Dox bbJ. EI Ioro.Ca. 92630 MOTOCROSS' RAWHIDE Ap ril 1 THE HONDA-750- • .W.. AMC INFO I J I (71 4) 83 0-7646 'MOT OCRoss RAWHIDE April 1 YO. It• • AN ENGUSH ARISTOCRA T. DESCENDANT OfA LONG UNE Of WINNERS• fROM THE ORIGINATORS Of PRODUCTION STREAMUNING SLEEK, AERODYNAMIC RNEST QUALITY RNISH GOOD AIRFLOW TO ENGIN RIGID AT HIGH SPEEDS MAXIMUM WEATHER PROTECTION REINFORCED AT STRESS POINTS Namiled by RoI y Rockwood. Seethe big names In professaonal racing get it on at action-packed dirt lracks from coast to coest . Flat track elliCltement at Its best Admission $2.00 at the door. York. Pa. • louisville. Ky , • Terre Ha ut e. Ind . Troy . Ohio . Columbus. Ohio . San Jose, Cahf. and more, A ISOUQU D JOU MEV THE SUWWER WAVES OF KAUAI GET UP BEHIND AND'GET OUT IN FRONT WITH AN AVoNAIRE! ... Complete _of hardware and 19 1/2" blade inc luded in price. $199.50 in Black o r W h ite. From all Honda Dea lers. o r w rite t o: .. -: \ NEWPORT HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL 15th & Irvine in Newport Beach March 24, 27 arid 28 7 :30 pm

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