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.." '" " Q. N ..... '" :; ::. ~ w Z w -' o >o l J' ,( , J J . (! i Ch sCloyton Sharo n Clayton Tom Culp . . John Beth ea David Swift . Art Fried man Ed Drechsler Barbara Richard Rheba Smith Marla Tarbet AI Duke . . . Paul Boudreau II I J aJI~1 I ••• Ame rica 's Nu mber 1 wee kly mot orcycle new sp ap er. You 'll .always see it first in Cycle News Larry Groves . Mario n Hatashita [Mfic:) MOTOR~~rgteE INDUSTRY ~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ; ;N;C;'~ C O;U L . Howie Fowler . CLEAN CASH As I p ick up pen and beer to reb bl e ove r tb is simple parch me nt, m y heart is lo ngin g for the dust y trail, to feel th e wind in face and feel my lips dry a nd crac ked from th e desert su n. Yes , I m iss t h e things you d escrib e in yo u r article abo u t clean ing up the dese rt . I always fe el g u i l ty a bo u t co mplime nti ng someone o n th eir effo rts to d o so m uch fo r so lit tl e, b ecau se I always fee l as , tho ugh I sh ould h ave been t he re to h elp and I wasn 't. l ean ' t th ink of a p roj ect by a gat he ring o r rid e rs th at is mo re welc o me to the industry th an th e one yo u des c rib e. Our co mpany will p led ge $3 0 0 t o the next ga the ri ng o f th e cl an . \Vh at sy stem you use t o entice part icipants is up to yo u but you mi ght use it for a party o f a drawing o r whatever turns th em o n. My heart goes o ut to y o u fo r your effo rts. If it is fo r beer , save one fo r m e; I su re would enjoy being there . T ED PE1Io,ON Lorain , Ohio Doroth ea Lang . Eleanor Duke . . Beverly Townsend Bobi Culp . . . . · . . • . PUbt; Business Manager · General Manager · Managing Edit or · . . . . . Editor · Assistant Editor · Advertising Manager .Adve rt ising Assistant · Circulat ion Manager · Circulat io n Assistant · Circulat io n Assistant · Product ion Manager · Prod uctio n Assistan t .Lab Technician · . . .. Typographer · . . . . Bookkeeper . Bookkeeping Assistant · . . . . Recepti on ist . ..Cycle News Prod ucts r c News West, Cycle Ne ws Eas t , News D ix ie ) : Tom Cu lp . Cycl e News West, P.O. Bo x 498, Lo n g Beach , California 90801. (2 131 42 7 ·7 433 ; L.A. 6 3 6 -88 4 4 . T EL EX NO. 673474 Su bsc rip t io n : One year , second class ma il 2 years second class ma il 3 years, second cla ss ma il . " Sin91e copy price 59 .00 S 15 .0 0 S18 .00 5 .30 WILD BILL FAN CLUB! In your October 12 issu e yo u p resented a rath er unusu al home-built rno torc ycle ass emb led by Bill Gelbke of Bos cobel, Wisconsin. Just th e p icture of th is mach in e inspired a fan clu b of modest , bu t sincer e, p ro p ort io ns. We ha ve "a me mbership roll , a n initiatio n fee o f 25f, an d m any heat ed d eb at es re gard in g t he weight of Bill's Beh emoth . LA REE J OHN SON Mo nster Machine Fan Clu b 546 Mesa Drive Co ro na , Calif. 91 720 INSIDE JOKE R eco gn izin g and adhe ring to the curren t p oli c y of m ain t ain in g acceptable noise levels, 3 95 is proud to announce that eff ective im mediately, Sund a y , Feb ruary 27, 19 72 , Ho pe's Homemad e Chili Can Carne will b e 'silenced ' , Your co-operation will b e greatly ap p reciated. HO PE E NGLAND Chief Coo k & Bottl e Washer 3 9 5 Cycle Par k HER E'S HOW WE NAMED T HE COLUMN: In rep ly to J.G. Krol of Anaheim: Sure Papa Wealey a nd Rod Breaker are real people. I've met them both. OLE POOP Wsqunav, Sweden It -sure is great to hear from you again , Ole. For those of you won do n't know him , O le and I were great racing buddies in the old country . In fact , Ole is the only guy I ever beat... Karl " Papa" Wealey. YOU MADE ME DO THIS! I entered th e Calico E nd uro, a nd I have never had so much fu n on a ride. Not that th e ride wa s that easy but watching oth er riders was great . There w er e so many green ies th at yo u co ul d not keep o n time . Not that th ey were slo w , b u t I had tears in my eyes from watching t h em. At one section there was a gal sitting next t o her b ik e on a big rock cryin g, she was u n hurt, as I wen t b y sh e was saying to her male com panion, "You m ade m e d o this, I d idn' t want to". T h e next section wa s d eep sa nd with a yo ungste r o n a Cop yrigh t €I Cycle News , Inc . 1972 all rights reserved _iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~iiiiiiiiii~iiiii~iiiii~iiiiiiiiii:l mini-end uro going 5 mp h with hi s fa ther rig ht behind h im o n a Hu sk y abo ut to se ize . Heading across th e d ry lak e speed varied fro m 15 to 9 0 mp h. Some rid er s even found t ime to d o tricks, st andi ng o n th e scat wit h o ne fo ot o ver th e head . The finish was d isappointing, th e rid e was over an d th ey ran o ut of Finis her Pins . A ll-in-all it wa s, .; ad vert ised, a fu n rid e. The o n ly so ur note were all th e p it racers on the roads aro u nd th e ca mp area. ' P.D. LE BO Ca rso n , Calif. SECOND FIRST I re ally must th an k Mau ree n Lee fo r her k ind remarks directed towards AJS in last week's "Scramb lin' Around". I and we will be helping in th e laying out and cleanup of the course t hat week end . We feel t his End uro is very impo rta n t as Larry has been a good hack co mpet itor and h e n eed s help wh ich we are ca pable o f pro vid ing. We wou ld lik e, however , t o offer th e Lin c oln, Ca l i f o rn ia, Sid eha ck Associatio n an al te rna te da te and pl ace - the Sal in as Ramb lers TT at Salinas Fa irgro u nds in A ugust of this year . We shall b e happ y to m eet th em up there. In ad d it io n, we in vit e them t o correspond wi th us p ersonall y to info rm us o f a ny oth er "good" runs t h ey have coming up a nd we will tr y to wo rk so me th ing into o u r sch edule . We also have so me really great ru ns dow n h ere, and if a ny o f th em wa n t to co me d own, we'd b e h appy to see they h ave a pl ace STUFF OFF, FELLA As holders of th e 1972 World Cycl e Stuff Champ ionsh ip we would lik e to personally extend o u r invit at io n t o all would-be challe ngers . We wo uld also like to give a special th anks to th e Cust om Trophy Co., 1825 Artesia Blvd . in Gardena. They have donat ed a fantastic p erpetual tr ophy wh ich is presently a nd probably permanently on display in o ur st ore. HOUSE OF H A ND LEBARS Long Beach, Cali f. last wee k of th e calend ar yea r by Cycle News, Inc ., Po st Office Box 4 98 , Lon g Beach. Cali fo rn ia . Also publishers of Cycl e News East, a nd Dixie Cycle News. Second Class Postage paid at Long Beach, Ca lif . Ed itoria l stories , cartoons, ph o to s, etc . are wel come . Addressed , st am p ed e nvelope assures return o f ed itorial m a tter . Reprin t in g in wh ole or in par t on ly by permission o f the publisher s . Ad vert isin g rates a nd cir culation info rmat ion will be sen t upon request. See S .R .D .5. VOICES OF THE WEST Ca n a s s u re h er that the wora " co mplacency" has b een com pl etely erased from th is co m p any's Funk & Wagne ll! T h e cu rren t co mp eti t io n b etween th e dis tributors of the vario us m o t o cross bikes is, ge ne ra lly sp eaking, both healthy and invigo ratin g. I th in k I am honest e no ugh to kn ow w heere we (AJ S) stand in So uthern 'Califo rn ia at th is m ome n t ; a nd takin g a realist ic leaf out of th e Avi s ad, I can ass ure th e Gentl em en o f th e O pposition th at " We are going to b e No .2 , first !" T h is is substa ntiated by a rem ark from our yo u ngest emplo yee when w e were r ece n tly showing a p ro sp ect ive deale r o ver our warehouse. He as ke d h ow many people worked at N .V .C. The lad replied, "Oh , all o f t hem." MIKE JACKSON General Manager Norton Villiers Corp. Paramount, Calif. PEN IN GEAR I just finished reading R uss Sa nfo rd's arti cle r e g a rd in g the Pre sid en t's Pro cla ma t io n. This is the straw that broke th e cam el's b ack. I have not voted fo r 20 y ears because I firmly b elieve th at it is rigged anyway. You j u st get a choice of who is going to put it t o yo u. But I w ill vote next tim e. I am (censo red ) sick a nd t ir ed of all this (censored) about off-road rid in g so a select few can h ave it all . (About 13 0,000 t o b e clo se.) I had pl anned what I was go ing to say in this letter, but when I started thinking about it I got angry so I'll give up for now. But one (c enso re d ) thing is fo r sure: I'll b e vo t ing this t ime. J. M.JO NES La Mirada, Calif. Be sure tha t you are st ill registered •..Ed. HACK HOSPITALI TY We n o ted wit h interest the letter fro m the Li ncoln, Cali forn ia, Sid ehack Ass n. c h a ll e n g i n g t he South ern Cal ifornia. Sid e-h ack Association to meet th em at th e Dirt Diggers' North Hangt own Motocross on April I & 2 . Although we would like to ac cept their ch alle nge , w e are u nab le to do so a t this time. As yo u know, April 2 is the d at e of the Larry McClellan Benefi t E nd uro sponsored b y the S tumpjump ers M.C. t o stay befo re t h e race . NANCY: F. PE RSON Se cretary Southern Ca lifornis Sidehack Assn. NEGLIGIBL E DAMA GE. A couple w eeks ago I p icked up m y Sunday L.A . Tim es a nd, 10 and behold , they were again cru cify in g m o to rcycl es. T h e article made it so und as if the BLM was afraid to co m e close to the desert o r we would an nih ila t e them. T hen I picked up m y Co N and dis c overed th at Tricky Dick was also crucifyi ng us moto rcyclists . Chuck Cla y to n, who I believe is associated with MIC, and Russ San fo rd works for CMIC b esid es M.O .R.E., and both th ese me n warned vehemently to get off our duffs a nd write letters. So I wrote letters. No w I get my new C-lI: and al l of a sudden MIC is in favo r of the President's Proclamation. Actuall y , when I first read the bill, I though t t hat it m us t be referring to forest areas because the BLM is regu lat ing the desert and everything seems to b e go ing okay. T hen in today 's Tim es I see that th e Cali fornia legislatu re asked for a rep o rt on fo rest use by ORV's b ecau se they had u nders t o od that " increas ed use had result ed in distu rb ance of the nat ural wil d erness." T he resu lt in g study b y the Department o f Conservat ion a nd th e Lands Commission stated th at present regulations, ad o p t ed in 1969, we re adequate and th e forests have su ffe red only "negligible damage." What I would really like to know is what the big wigs think of this bilI. I'm agreeable to so m e regulation a nd if the o ffenders are punished it w ill ge t some heat off the legitimate land users. The only problem is, I can visualize th is turning out like taxes. When th e in come tax was first proposed, some wis e legisl ator said " If we allow this to st art, o ne d ay w e may have ta xes as exorbitan tly h igh as 5 p ercent! " Well, I now pa y 25%, so yo u kno w what I m ea n . R egu lation now, no land at al l lat er o n. Unless, of -co urs e, you are a strip miner or so me thing. Please get the wheels that have access to Washinglon to fo rmulate o ur unified policy. You ca n ' t tell us to get together as o ne, and th en give us two o pposite directions to go . While 'I'm on my so ap b ox, let me say that in my opinion, M.O.R.E. is a very underf ed mo torcycl ist that M.O.R. E. is p art California. DAVE BROWlI: Alhambra , Calif. TIRED O F REVI SIT ED HE ARING IT , I'm writin g co nce rni n g yo u r issu e of 2 / 29 . I must stro ngl y disagree with the let t er titled, "Tired o f Hearing It. " Yo u sa y Sp illway is a m o to cr o ss tr ack, th at 's righ t, motocross! T o say th is o ne would th ink you h ad never seen a real motocross course. In a re cent interview wi t h factory Mai co rid er, Wern er Schutz he says , " th e big difference is th e sand, th er e is no t m uch sa nd in Eu rope." S p illw ay 's two fee t in th e stu ff. Af te r all Europe is wh er e it a ll st arted, isn ' t it? Up o n a recent visit to Spillway Park I unfo rtunately managed to break m y wr ist while lea d ing the last m o ta . While being treated I was informed o f th ree bro ken legs an d tw o b ro ken arms b efo re me , a nd n early as bad every S u nday it ran . I think we all b etter take a better lo o k a t what a real moto cr o ss cou rse is, a nd leave Sp illwa y fo r th e b ra ve at heart!! ! D AN WIL FO NG Van Nu ys, Calif. WHAT MAKES TH AT? YOU THINK I Having read yo ur new sp ap er 's "New·._ i Stuff & Th in gs fo r Cycles" for m any mo nths, and th en p ick in g up o n 'Pap a Wealey's "The Lates t Poop " , I've co m e to th e conclusion th at they ar e written b y th e same person. Can this b e true or do yo u h ave two crazy writers on yo ur staff ins tead of just o ne? By th e way, has anyone ever seen Papa Wealey? M. BEESO N Paramount , Cal if. Here's the truth behin d those stra nge scrawti ngs: Every Frid ay a naked native bo y de livers both co lu mns in an enve lo pe and sca mpers off before we can sto p him. The envelope has th e return . ad dress', " Hot el Wadadodah, Groat , Isle of Plano" . That's where we send h is ch ecks, so, evidently, that mus t be where Kart Wealey is stashing himself...Ed. PIT RA CING DANG EROUS COULD GET I was told at th e Four Aces Hare Scrambles that R escu e 3 was no longer serving d esert racers due to uncontrolled pit racing . Now, you never see J.N . Roberts o r any of the t op riders sh ow ing off in the p it s. It is alwa y s so me yo ung rec tal orifice who can't ride we ll eno ugh t o m ak e eve n o ne point towa rds an earned number. . The District 3 7 sp o rt s co mm it tee should ta ke this matter up b efore there is vigilante action. The next pit ra cer who blasts thro ugh the Invaders' cam p is going to get a co ld can o f Coors (gu ess where) from me , personally , and Kookie, number 735 ¥.., has sharp te eth. I don't se e why th ese p it rac ers should deny the rest o f us R escu e 3 . WES A NDE RSO N , SR. Trailb ik e 69 Los Angeles, Calif. COOL DESERT PEOPL E, HOT MINIBI K E A b ig " t han k you" to whoever put the fire o u t o n my son's m inib ik e at the Four Ac es Mo o se Run. Who b esides desert p eople a re so willing to hle p each other o ut wi th out expecting a thing in return. T hanks again . ALTHOMA S No . 84x Desert Knights M.C .

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